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Isle of Man Juniors were on fire in the heat in Manchester

The following thirteen juniors travelled to Heaton Park on Saturday 20th May to play in the BCGBA ladies section run Junior Championships, Emily Cooper, Grace Cooper, Emily Jacobs, Katie Jacobs, Graiagh Smith, David Manley, Aalish Moore, Sam Quayle, Dylan Marsh, Erin Quayle, Alex Hampson, Lacey McMullan and Bailey McMullan. With only five teams taking part there was only one group and the first round saw IOM A play IOM B. The result shows just how how well match all of them are with the B beating the A team 81-79. Grace, Emily C, David and Lacey winning for the B and Graiagh and Katie winning for the A.

The second round for IOM A saw them change greens which will have had an impact on their match result when they were beaten by a strong Yorkshire side, 32-90. The IOM B stayed on the same green as their first match and did well against Warwick & Worcester B 45-81. David and Erin both winning their games.

The third round for IOM A was against Warwick & Worcester A. Alex Hampson helped keep the opponents score down with a 15-0 win. Dylan Marsh came back from 0-10 down to just lose 14-15 on the last bowl of the game. Thanks goes to our super supporter Shannon McMullan for her encouragement. Final match result was 50-75. The IOM B team sat this round out.

The forth round was the final match for IOM A against Warwick & Worcester B and with four winners, Dylan, Sam, Katie and Graiagh, Alex dropping 3 points and Aalish dropping 7 points the team won 80-51. IOM B were up against the strong Yorkshire side but came away with a great score of 67-75. David winning his third game, Grace and Emily C winning their second.

The fifth and final round, IOM B played Warwick & Worcester B and there was only 1 point in it. Winners were Grace, Bailey and Lacey. David got 12, so only dropping 3 points all day. Last game of the day saw our youngest bowler Emily Jacobs have an epic battle. 3-9 down to 12-12, then unfortunately losing the next three ends to ones. The match result was 79-80.

Yorkshire were the overall winners, Warwick & Worcester A second, with Warwick & Worcester B, IOM A & IOM B coming joint third.

Thanks goes to BCGBA Ladies section and Yvette Gregory for running the competition, IOMCCGBA for expenses, Tina Hampson for all the organising of the teams on the day, Andy Kennish for travel and all parents and supporters.

Castletown A Ladies in Action in Warrington

The 2022 ladies open age league winners, Castletown A, flew the Manx flag on Sunday 23rd April 2023 at Tetley Walker Bowling Club when they represented the Isle of Man at the 2022 Club Championship. Castletown were drawn in Group 3 with Winnington Park, Bamford and Pensby. Playing on green 1 Barbara Young started the match off against Winnington Park on what turned out to be a nice running green with some interesting marks. The game score 4-15 did not reflect the quality of the bowls and near misses. Up next was Stella Watterson who had a flying start, but then her opponent got the jack and starting clawing back. Stella came away with a 15-9 win. Third to the block was Tracy Moore who found the green true to the jack line, she came off the green with a 15-5 win. Hilary and Anne Oates were up next and both came away with wins, 15-7 and 15-3 respectively. Sue Peach was sixth up taking away another 6 points for Castletown. The final two games from Kim Foy 15-10 and Hannah Drewett 15-9 sealed a win for Castletown 100-73.

The second match of the day was against Bamford. Castletown put up a good fight and won four of the eight games but they were beaten on points 94-102. This was Bamford’s second match win putting them top off the table on 4 points. In the third match Castletown needed to win to have any chance of being able to progress to the semis, but only if Winnington Park were able to beat Bamford. Castletown put up a good fight against Pensby and the match could have gone either way on the last game on the green, unfortunately it didn’t and Pensby took their first match win 96-101.

The winners of Group 3 were Bamford and they went over to the Monk Sports & Social Club greens to play their semifinal against the winners of Group 4, St Oswalds, who were a last minute entry after Coundon withdrew. Group 1 winners, Castle Private played against Group 2 winners Wrockwardine Wood in the other semifinal.

The final was contested against Wrockwardine Wood and St Oswalds with Wrockwardine Wood being triumphant and taking the title of Club Champions winning 96-79.

Castletown did the island proud taking 290 points out of a possible 360. They would like to thank BCGBA Ladies Section for running the competition and the IOMCGBA Ladies Section for their financial assistance in getting them across for the event. Valuable experience was gained and we celebrated true Castletown Style.

The 2023 Ladies Section Leagues have Started

Wednesday 4th April 2023 saw the first of the Open Age League matches being played. Last year’s league winners were off to a flying start taking the highest score of the night with 185 away to Ballaugh, who were all playing well after their warm-up led by captain Michelle Cubbon. Michelle took one of Ballaugh’s wins against Stella Watterson 21-19. The other Ballaugh win went to Maria Dimsdale against Hilary Kermode 21-19. Alison Kearsley had the best win for Castletown against Rose Waterworth, the only game to single figures, 4-21. Match score ended 2-7, 133-185.

The revamped Marown A team paid a visit to Port St Mary. The only win for PSM was by Margaret Tasker who beat Rebekah Kelly 21-8. We saw the return of Lyn Bolton to league bowling who beat Nicola Cain 9-21. Jayne Smith clocked up the best score beating her mother, Chris Holland, 2-21. Match score ended 1-8, 95-176.

Marown B, captained by Lil Smith, hosted Port Erin. Strong performances by Marown B ladies saw four games won to single figures. One of these wins was by junior bowler Grace Cooper 21-7 against Susan Inch. Match score ended 5-4, 159-128.

Another junior bowler named Grace (Gawne) also had a win for the newly formed Nobles team against Ann Gale 5-21, when they went to South Ramsey. Nobles took another two games to make the match 6-3, 161-125 for an on form South Ramsey side.

Douglas hosted Peel and saw the first league match for Jo Masson who’s score of 5-21 against Joyce Kelly did not reflect the way she played. Strong performances also from the two juniors, Erin Quayle 7-21 against Gilly Clark and Katie Jacobs 10-21 against Shirley Corrin. Peel took the match 3-6, 122-161.

Castletown B, who unfortunately were a player short, were able to give junior Olivia Johnson 21 points. The other five juniors in the Mooragh Park team took another 88. The adults in the team did well too winning the other three games. Winners for Castletown B with Rachel Palmer against Victoria Johnson 21-18, Charlotte Peach against Bailey McMullan 21-17, and Judith Moore against Lacey McMullan 21-11. Match score ended 3-6, 105-172.

Thursday 5th April 2023 saw the first of the Over 60’s League matches being played. The newly formed Nobles teams l took the maximum points of 126 against Castletown B whose score of 39 did not reflect the performance. Finch Hill also took the maximum points available against Port Erin B who scored 62. Last year’s league winners Castletown A had a solid performance winning 4-2, 108-91 against Peel Sunset. Despite winning four games Onchan A lost out on points 100-90 against Port Erin A. Ballaugh didn’t have far to travel to South Ramsey where they took two games one being by Michelle Cubbon in her first over 60’s match. The closest match of the day was between Mooragh Park A and Marown, with Mooragh Park A winning 5-1 games but only taking an extra 5 points, 108-103.

After a four-year break Lin Ruscoe returned to play against Margaret Tasker when Port St Mary went to the Villa to play Douglas. The match score ended 1-5, 78-117.

With 15 teams in this league Mooragh B have yet to play.

Jayne Smith no longer a Non-Winner

The ladies section kick started the 2023 season by holding the Hands Trophy Non-Winners competition at Port Erin. With a good entry of 24 the format decided upon was a straight knockout. The standard of bowls was really high even after the six month break. The diversity in ages was also good to see with the oldest player, Rita Callister, playing the youngest player, Grayse Blencoe, proving this sport is for everyone.
Quarter-finals saw Jayne Smith beat Tina Hampson 21-9, Lynda Wilson beat Libby Andrade 21-11, Jo Corkill beat Tracy Moore 21-10 and Sylvia Kennaugh beat Marilyn Ellison 21-16. In the semi-finals Jayne put an end Lynda’s winning streak 21-18 and Sylvia to Jo’s 21-18.
The final was a game of two halves with Jayne running away with it to be 19-9 in front. Sylvia then regained the jack to come back to only two points behind at 19-17. The last end was a show piece with Sylvia lying on for one Jayne took the jack with the last bowl of the end to secure the elusive two points required to take the title and her first open competition win. The irony of this is she is no longer a Non-Winner. Congratulations Jayne. The presentation was made by the competition secretary and a very proud mum, Chris Holland, who thanked those who stayed until the end, Port Erin for the use of the green and the catering. Great start to the year. Good luck to all.

Castletown Ladies Doubles

On Saturday 18th June Castletown Bowling Club held their ladies doubles competition. With a new trophy to be won the format was changed to make it a more inclusive event.

With 17 pairs entered four groups were formed and they played round robins, with the winners of each group going on to compete in the semi-finals and final.

Group 1 saw Paula Gamon and Kellie Maddrell triumph over some strong competition. Group 2 winners were Margaret Tasker and Trish Bull. Group 3 Caroline Whitehead and Paula Firth won all their games to pip homegreeners by 1 point to progress. Group 4 winners, with the best overall score were Sue Gawne and Lynda Cadamy.

In the semi-finals Group 1 and 4 winners had a close game with Paula Gamon and Kellie Maddrell winning by one point on the last end, 8-7. Group 2 and 3 winners also had a close game with Caroline Whitehead and Paula Firth taking the game 10-8.

In the final the battle of the Paula’s began with Paula Firth leading so well it was very difficult to beat with Caroline Whitehead and Firth the overall winners 14-2.

The presentation was made by Kathryn Kinley, competition secretary, who thanked all who helped make the day the success it was intended to be. 

Young Guns See off Marown Duo

Wow, crown green bowlers are hardy. 17 pairs braved storm Hannah on Saturday for the Cringle Fours held at Castletown. Between the entry fees, raffle money and donations £200 was made for Manx Blind Welfare Society. Despite the horrendous weather there was a great atmosphere on and around the green. The green was running really well and considering the amount of rain that had fallen no puddles developed.

Losing semi-finalists were Wayne Roberts (Port St Mary) and Lee Dawson (South Ramsey) who went out to Marown pair Neil Withers & Paul Dunn. Also losing out in the semi-final were another Marown pairing Colin Kelly & Juan Killip who had a close game against the eventual winners Sam Clague (Castletown) and Glenn Boland (Noble’s).

The young pairing of Clague & Boland would have been outside favourites to overcome the experienced Marown pairing of Dunn & Withers, however they stormed into a 15-8 lead, and then led 18-12 only for the Marown men to pull the score back to 16-18 before the young pair dug deep to take a well deserved 21-17 win. Both pairs won eight ends in the final, with the difference being that the winners scored a three and four early in the game, whilst the opposition were limited to scoring no more than two throughout the game.

The presentation was done by Phil Taubman, club Chairman, who thanked Noel Cringle, the sponsor of the competition, and Shoprite for their voucher. Sam and Glenn accepted the trophy, thanked everyone and congratulated the amount raised for the charity. It was great seeing the young pair win, especially Sam who is coming back after been very poorly.