News: Ladies Over 60’s

South Ramsey O60’s encounter two close games

Games commenced on Tuesday 9th May with some good scoring, with the closest game of the day being South Ramsey hosting Nobles. With the away team Nobles coming out on top by just 8 points and drawing 3-3 on games. The closest game was South Ramseys Judy Kelly 21-19 against Marilyn Ellison. Nobles Paula Firth and Libby Andrade both won to single figures to help secure their team the win. South Ramsey 91 v 99 Nobles (3-3)

In the second games of the week, South Ramsey had another close encounter. But this time coming out on top, winning by a close 7 points when they visited Finch Hill. Again games were drawn 3-3. Mary O’Conner (Finch Hill) won 21-1, but South Ramsey dug deep and all their winning games were won to single figures and reaching 18 and 14 in the other games gave them enough points for the win. Finch Hill 89 v 96 South Ramsey (3-3)

The rest of the result were: Castletown A 116 v 72 Douglas A (5-1), Peel Sunset 94 v 107 Marown (3-3), Onchan A 105 v 60 Castletown B (5-1), Port Erin A 123 v 62 Port Erin B (5-1), Mooragh Park B 46 v 113 Ballaugh (1-5), Port St Mary A 80 v 102 Mooragh Park A (2-4), Mooragh Park B 82 v 108 Port St Mary A (2-4), Castletown B 64 v 126 Port Erin A (0-6), Port Erin B 85 v 106 Castletown A (2-4), Ballaugh 92 v 108 Peel Sunset (2-4), Nobles 87 v 102 Mooragh Park A (3-3), Marown 115 v 70 Onchan A (4-2)

Full House for Peel Sunset O60’s

Peel Sunset played hosts to Port Erin B 126-45 (6-0) Where they only gave away 45 points. Linda Wilson was top player for the west side winning 21-2. The only player to reach double figures for the Port Erin team was Kay Primrose Smith losing 14-21 to Terry Berry.

Ballaugh played Marown 71-116(1-5) The lone winner for the Ballaugh side was Pat Mason 21-11. Joyce Ogden and Philippa Taylor both won by single figures 21-2 and 21-8.

The home teams weren’t having much luck today. When Port Erin A welcomed Finch Hill 77-124 (1-5) Sue Rickets (Port Erin A) just beat Ann Hon 21-19 to put a stop to Finch Hill claiming a full sweep. Whilst Port Erin A’s Jean Thackrah 18-21 and Jenny Cain 19-21 just didn’t quite got over the finish line.

Mooragh Park B had a visit from the south with Castletown B 99-106 (3-3) where they drew on games, but just lost out by 7 points for the match. The closest game being Frances Radcliffe 19-21 Shiela Preston.

Onchan A welcomed Douglas A 88-105 (3-3) which was another draw in games with Douglas A taking the win by 17 points. Maureen Payne (Onchan A) just held off Paula Garrett (Douglas A) 21-20

Port St Mary A travelled the furthest today to play South Ramsey where the visiting team won 86-115 (1-5)  These games were a lot closer. With Edwina Reid taking a 21-9 win.

The closest game of the day was Castletown A v Nobles 108-106 (3-3) with Nobles level on 3 games each claiming all the points they could, but just lost out by 2 points for the match. This would have to be the game of the day, with all players reaching double figures. 

Douglas A hosted Port Erin A 67-118 (2-4) Unfortunately the Douglas A side were a player short and the southside took full advantage.

Marown v Mooragh Park B 119-50 (5-1) Francis Radcliffe was the lone winner for Mooragh Park B.

Mooragh Park A had South Ramsey pop over the other side of town for 93-96 (2-4) This was the closest game of the day with South Ramsey winning by just 3 points. Gillian Jopson won 21-20 Maureen Hamilton

Port Erin B 109 v 95 Onchan A (4-3) This had a couple of good wins for both teams and also a couple of close games.

Castletown B with a player short hosted Peel Sunset. The Peel side held onto this advantage to come off eventual winners 67-121 (1-5) Linda Dobinson held onto a win for the home team.

Finch Hill 98 v 114 Castletown A (2-4) Finch Hill dug deep against the strong Castletown A team and all managed to reach double figures in their games. With Jan Osborne 21-16 and Elaine Vincent 21-14 winning their games for the Finch Hill side.

Port St Mary A v Ballaugh 99-60 (4-2) Port St Mary A were in full control of this game winning all their games to single figures, as did Julie Reilly for the Ballaugh side.

Close win for Nobles by just 3 points

Onchan A v Nobles 79-82 (3-3)  With nobles 1 player short they had to dig deep, Paula Firth and Sue Gawne helped the case by winning 21-3 and 21-5. The game’s finished drawn at  3-3. But Nobles took the overall win by just 3 points.

Marown took advantage of castletown being a player short to take the win against Castletown B 115-68 (4-2) Judith Moore for Castletown B just lost out to Joyce Ogden 21-19. 

Port Erin A v Mooragh Park A 101-107 (3-3) This was another close game of the day, with the Visitors Mooragh Park A just edging the win by 6 points. Rita Callister for Port Erin A just lost 20-21 to Karen McGurgan. Mooragh Park’s Janet Monk won 21-6 and Port Erin’s Caroline Whitehead 21-09.

Ballaugh hosted Port Erin B 121-73 (5-1) Ballaugh were close to a full house, but Susan Inch from Port Erin B took a 21-16 win to put a halt on that.

Iris Kermode also stopped Peel Sunset winning all their games against Finch Hill 121-85 (5-1) with a 21-16 win over Peel’s Cath Parker. Beverley Wilson gained her first O60’s win for the Peel side.

The third 5-1 game of the day was at Mooragh Park where the B team played Douglas A 58-109 (5-1) Mary Bruce was the lone winner to single figures, as were Paula Garrett, Pauline Cowley and Lin Ruscoe for Douglas A.

Castletown A v South Ramsey 77-110 (2-4) Anne Oates for the home side won 21-9 and Sue Peach managed to just hold off Moira Anderson 21-17. The Ramsey side winners were Ann Gale, Gillian Jopson, Sue Collier and Elaine Moore.

Later in the week Castletown B v Ballaugh 107-114 (2-4) This game could have gone either way with lots of close results. Castletown B winners Linda Dobson 21-19, Pat Rigby 21-11 and Ballaugh’s Maureen Trustham 21-14, Michelle Cubbon 21-12, Julie Reilly 21-20, Brenda Bowyer 21-19.

Mooragh Park A v Castletown A 99-112 (2-4) Where Castletown A fought to the end with both Elaine McElroy and Hillary Kermode both winning 21-20.

Douglas A hosted Peel Sunset in a very close set of games with both teams having a 21-13 win and a 21-2 win. But with Lin Ruscoe for the Douglas side winning 21-6 and Shirley Corrin from Peel 21-9. Douglas A took the win by just 3 points.

Marown v Port St Mary A 112-90 (4-2) Phillippa Taylor was on a roll this week clocking up a good 21-4 win to help her team take the win. The rest of the games were a lot closer reaching double figures.

Finch Hill were all over Onchan A winning 115-62 (4-2) With Lil Smith and Ann Hon for Finch Hill both winning 21-2 and Mary O’Conner winning 21-3. Maureen Payne for Onchan just managed to hold off Jan Osbourne 21-20

Port Erin B v Mooragh Park B 115-76 (4-2) Mooragh Park B winners were Fances Radcliffe and Gillian Malpass. Gwen Tuck and Kay Primrose-Smith both had good wins for the Port Erin side to help secure them the overall win. 

Nobles were unfortunate to be a player short for the second time this week when they were hosts to Port Erin A who took full advantage. Sue Gawne for Nobles won 21-6. But Jenny Cain Port Erin won 21-3 and they secured the win. Nobles 83 – 101 Port Erin A (3-3)

Marown Ladies O60s reach maximum points

On Tuesday 18th Ladies O60’s games saw sunshine with Marown hosting Douglas A  126-79 (6-0) Lyn Ruscoe and Sue McCourt for Villa both reaching 19 in their games. Celia Joughin and Lynda Cadamy at Marown both winning to single figures.

Castletown B v Port Erin B 120-85 (5-1) with Wyn Collister Port Erin just losing out to Pauline Moore 21-20. Gwen Tuck was the only Port Erin side to take a 21-15 win. 

Finch Hill travelled up to Ballaugh where this game ended a close 94-78 (4-2) to Ballaugh. Lil Smith and Sue Caley were Finch Hill’s winners 21-6 and 21-4. Ballaugh’s winners Julie Reilly 21-11, Rose Waterworth 21-6, Alison Millard 21-18 and Brenda Bowyer 21-1.

Peel Sunset’s visitors were Mooragh A 119-77 (5-1) Janet Monk 21-14 taking the only win for the Ramsey side. Mooragh Park B team played home to Nobles where they had to give Noble’s a game. 51-114 (2-4) Gill Malpass 21-16 and Mary Bruce 21-14 were the Mooragh winners. Nobles won all their games to single fingers. Onchan A v South Ramsey 97-99 (3-3) This was the closest game of the day won by just 2 points. Wendy McDowell just losing out 20-21 to South Ramsey’s Sue Collier.

On Wednesday 19th Port St Mary A hosted Castletown A 80-96 (2-4) Margaret Tasker at Port St Mary A had a  21-0 win and Hilary Kermode Castletown A won  21-2.

Thursday 20th was also blessed with sunshine and saw Port Erin B host Marown 70-120 (1-5) Where Sue Rickets at Port Erin stopped Marown from scoring another maximum of the week by winning her game 21-15. Nobles v Peel Sunset 109-96 (3-3) Paula Firth at Noble’s just lost 20-21 and Carloine Corlett 18-21. South Ramsey hosted Port Erin A 108-72 (5-1) Caroline Whitehead at Port Erin A was the lone winner for the southern side winning 21-3. Douglas v Ballagh 96-108 (3-3) Where Julie Reilly for the visitors just lost her game 21-20. Mooragh Park A played visiting team Onchan A 108-62 (4-2) where all but Lynn Mayers 18-21 Anne Bannan game were won to single figures. Finch Hill scored maximum points against Mooragh Park B 126-42 (6-0) with Lil Smith winning 21-1.

The final game of the week saw Port St Mary A v Castletown B 113-50 (5-1) Susan Kerruish 21-8 put a stop to Port St Mary A claiming all the games and giving Castletown B their only win of the day.

Maximum points for South Ramsey O60 Ladies

South Ramsey didn’t have far to travel to Mooragh Park where they scored maximum points 41-
126 (0-6). Sue Collier, Judy Kelly, Elaine Moore and Jill Quayle all won to single figures. Mary Bruce was the highest scorer for Mooragh Park.
There were two close games this week Castletown B v Finch Hill 96-94. Unfortunately Finch Hill
had to give a game away (3-3), and Port Erin B v Douglas A 97-82 (3-3). Castletown winners were
Linda Dobinson 21-11, Elaine McElroy 21-10 and Sue Kerruish 21-10. Finch Hill winners were Mary
O’Connor 21-8, Elaine Vincent 21-15 and Iris Kermode 21-10. Port Erin winners were Joan Rider 21-
11, Sue Rickets 21-8 and Sue Wilshaw had the Walkover. Douglas Winners Kay McKierman
21-10, Lin Ruscoe 21-9 and Gillian Christian 21-15.
Marown hosted Nobles 119-96 (4-2) Sylvia Kennaugh held off Rosie Winkle 21-20 in a very
close game. Dee Lewis also won her game for Nobles.
Castletown A traveled to Onchan. Onchan 55-121 Castletown A(1-5) where they were held off
scoring maximum points by Wendy McDowell for Onchan winning 21-16.
Ballaugh v Mooragh A 117-88 (4-2). Ballaugh’s Brenda Bower won her game to single figures.
Port St Mary A hosted Port Erin A 50-100 (1-5) where Margaret Tasker was the lone winner for
Port St Mary winning her game 21-4.

In the second games of the week for the O60s Ladies, Finch Hill 68 – 98 hosted Marown where
Marown took the win. With Finch Hill winning just two of the games and all the games were won to
single figures for both teams. Douglas A v Castletown B 110-115 (2-4). Castletown B won by just 5 points with some very close games, both teams taking a 21-20 win and Castletown having a 21-19 and 21-17 wins. South Ramsey v Peel 120-57 (4-2). South Ramsey’s Moira Anderson had a 21-4 win to help
keep peels points down. The winners for Peel were Terry Berry 21-7 and Val Allwood 21-11.
Castletown A v Port Erin A 120-57 (5-1). Port Erin’s Jean Thackrah took the only win for Port
Erin 21-15, whilst Castletown’s Kath Kinley, Sue Peach, Kim Foy and Barbara Young all won
their games to single figures. Nobles v Ballaugh 122-99 (4-2). This was a great game for Nobles as they only dropped 4 points in total. With Libby Andrade and Marilyn Ellison both scoring 19 against Ballaugh’s winners Rosie Waterworth and Michelle Cubbon. Port Erin B v Port st Mary A 67-124 (1-5). Port St Mary only dropped 2 points in this game with winners Mavis Franks, Brenda Hawkard and Margaret Tasker all winning to single figures, Steph Swift just managed to get a win 21-19 beating Edwina Reid.

Family Fortunes for Moore and Kennish

South Ramsey Bowling Club hosted the Over 60’s any combination doubles competition sponsored by Corkhill and Callow Funeral Directors with a healthy entry of 24 pairs taking part on a superb surface on a glorious day. The competition was being played for the second time in its current format and was previously known as the Pro Tours Gold Cup.

At the quarter final stage Marown duo Lynda Cadamy and Joyce Ogden inflicted a heavy 21-6 defeat on home greeners Anthony Kelly and Richie Davies, while Chris Price (Port St Mary) and Les Brookes (Finch Hill) also won comfortably 21-10 against Ballaugh pair Pat Mason and Fred Waggett. In the other half of the draw Janet Monk and Steve Parker didn’t have far to travel from Mooragh Park as they overcame Paula Firth (Onchan) and Kevin Firth (Douglas) 21-17, whilst siblings Elaine Moore (South Ramsey) and Andy Kennish (Peel) seen off Derek Allen (Onchan) and Bernard Thackrah (Port St Mary) with a 21-13 win.

In the first semi-final Cadamy and Ogden got the better of Price and Brookes with a hard fought 21-18 win, while Moore and Kennish claimed their place in the final with a 21-14 victory over Monk and Parker.

The final was extremely well contested with Moore and Kennish being kept to singles early on, with Cadamy and Ogden scoring three doubles they built up a four-point lead at 14-10. The fightback from Elaine and Andy got underway when they levelled matters up at 15-15 with 17 ends played, having still not scored more than a single throughout the game. End 18 in the match was a key point in the match as they scored a three to lead 18-15 and then exchanged singles with their opponents over the next four ends to lead 20-17. Cadamy and Ogden weren’t done there as they capitalised on a poor end to score three to level things up at 20-20. With the mark being set along the edge of the green Kennish played a good second bowl which was good enough to secure a 21-20 win.

At the conclusion of the competition the presentation was made by South Ramsey Committee Member Geoff Collier, who thanked Corkhill and Callow Funeral Directors for once again sponsoring the competition, the club members who helped with the running of the competition and the Ladies for the refreshments provided throughout the day. Tim Pressley from Corkhill and Callow was then introduced to present the prizes.

Parker Wins George Hawkins Trophy

Bowling conditions could not have been better last Wednesday 18th when thirty-five bowlers competed at Mooragh Park in the 2nd George Hawkins Memorial Trophy.

Watched by George’s family throughout the opening rounds we saw some tremendous bowling with lots of games going the full distance.

The losing quarter finalists were Philippa Taylor against Brian Colquitt 13-21. Janet Monk against Steve Parker 17-21. David Callow against Mike Skelly 6-21 and Geoff Porter against Ray Skelly 15-21.

The semi-finals saw Brian Colquitt and Steve Parker playing a very close game with Steve winning 21-17 and in the other semi-Mike Skelly and Ray Skelly played well against each other but Mike won 21-14.

In the final Steve and Mike both played well but Steve managed to get in front and left too big a gap for Mike to fill.

Congratulations Steve on your win 21-14.

The prizes were presented by the sponsors Beryl Hawkins and family members in memory of George. Steve recalled his own happy memories of George and thanked everyone at North Ramsey for hosting the event and in particular he praised everyone connected with the vast improvement of the green and its preparation for this competition.

Maximums again in Ladies Over 60s

In the ladies Over 60s league last Tuesday morning, Castletown A scored a maximum away to Mooragh Park B with all games bar one being won to single figures. Peel won five games to one at home against Port St Mary B with the lone winner for PSM B being Lesley Corker winning to 17.  Port Erin A put in a strong performance away to Castletown B winning five games with Rita Callister and Steph Swift (PE) both winning to single figures. The following day, Port St Mary A hosted Mooragh Park A. Although Mooragh won four games to two, Port won the match by 11 points helped by Mavis Franks and Wendy Kennaugh (PSM) both winning to single figures. Last Thursday morning saw Onchan A record a maximum against their B team with Lynda Clarke and Dee Lewis (A) both winning to single figures. Port St Mary A also scored a maximum away to Mooragh Park B with the closest game being between Margaret Oxley (MP) against Wendy Kennaugh with the latter winning to 14. Ballaugh were at home to Peel winning four game to two and by 13 points. Closest game saw Brenda Bowyer (Ballaugh) just crossing the line to win 21-20 against Mary Moffatt,   Marown A also had a four-two win at home against Castletown B with Lynda Cadamy, Joyce Ogden and Mia Moore all winning to single figures for Marown. Port St Mary B played host to South Ramsey on Friday morning with the South ladies getting a full house. Closest games being Ann Gale and Moira Anderson (South) winning to 18 and 16 against Edwina Reid and Lesley Coker respectively. 

Ladies Open Age: Castletown A and South Ramsey ladies had good home wins last Wednesday night in the ladies open age league against Mooragh Park and Castletown B. Sisters Madison and Shannon McMullan both played well winning to 18 and 19 respectively for Mooragh with Alison Kearsley, Tracy Moore and Hannah Drewett all winning to single figures for Castletown. In the South v Castletown B match, best game of the night was between Sue Collier (South) and Linda Dobinson.  Both ladies played exceptionally well with Sue just getting the point needed to win 21-20. Ballaugh won their third match away to Peel by five games to four with Barbara Graham, Maria Dinsdale and Christine McDonald for Ballaugh all winning to single figures. Home derby between Marown B and Marown A resulted in a win for the A ladies by six games to three. Closest game was between Emily Cooper (B) and Philippa Taylor with the latter eventually winning to 18. Onchan were in strong form away to Port Erin winning seven games to two and by 60 points. Douglas hosted Port St Mary with five of the nine games being won to single figures. Best game of the match was Michelle Cowley (Douglas) just losing to 18 against Chris Holland.   

The Ladies Association Triples competition took place on Saturday at Marown attracting an entry of nine triples. Getting through to the final were Margie Tasker, Trish Bull and Mavis Franks (Port St Mary) against the Marown trio of Lil Smith, Jayne Smith and Rosie Winckle. The PSM ladies got off to a very strong start to lead 20-7 on the 11th end. Not ones for giving up, the Marown ladies pulled the deficit back to 16-20 courtesy of two fours and a single but it was a little too late with the Port ladies scoring the point they needed on the next end for a well deserved win. The presentation was made by Gill Morgan (Ladies Association Competition Secretary) who thanked Marown for hosting the event and providing excellent refreshments throughout the afternoon and to all who had entered.  

British Ladies Crown Green Club Championship: Last year’s Open Age winners Castletown A, travelled last weekend to the 2022 British Crown Green Ladies Club Championships held in Whitchurch, Shropshire. Championship was played in groups of four in a round robin format with the Castletown ladies playing their games on the smaller of the two adjacent greens. In the first game they came up against Pensby, but despite winning five of the eight games they lost 89-97 on chalks with the winners for Castletown being Hilary Kermode, Alison Kearsley, Kim Foy, Kath Kinley and Anne Oates. In their second game they played Wharton Cons and this proved a much tougher affair with only Hannah Drewett and Stella Watterson triumphing in a loss of 81-101. Unfortunately this meant the Castletown ladies did not progress any further but must be congratulated on their overall performance. 

Another maximum for Onchan A ladies in Over 60s league

Onchan A Over 60s ladies were again in fine form last Tuesday morning scoring another maximum away to Port Erin B.  Three of the six games were won to single figures with the closest game being Gwen Tuck (PE) against Paula Firth with the latter winning to 18.   Port Erin A also scored a maximum away to Onchan B with Caroline Whitehead (PE) just pipping Libbi Andrade to win 21-20.  Closest match of the morning was Finch Hill home against Mooragh Park A.   Although Finch Hill took five off the six games, they won by only 15 points.  On Wednesday morning, Port St Mary A hosted Castletown B winning five games to one dropping only three points.   On Thursday morning, another two maximums were scored, this time by Ballaugh and Castletown A. Ballaugh were at home to Mooragh Park B with the closest game being Elizabeth Morrison (Ballaugh) winning to15 against Irene Goodall.  Castletown A were in excellent form at home against Port St Mary A. Castletown won two games to single figures with Anne Hollingworth just crossing the line for Castletown winning to 19 against Mavis Franks.  Its not very often there is a match that finishes three all in games and equal on points, but this happened when Onchan A hosted Peel with all games going into double figures.  On Friday morning, Port St Mary B were at home to Port Erin B. Four of the six games were won to single figures with Steph Swift for PE just edging it 21-18 against Elaine Hawkins.  

In the Open Age League on Wednesday evening last week, Castletown A had a tough battle away to Port Erin.  Castletown won five games to four and by only two points.  Linda Dawson and Tracy Moore (Castletown) both won 21-20 against Jean Thackrah and Rita Callister respectively, as did Jacqui Elliot for Port against Kim Foy.  Another match which finished all square on points was Marown at home to South Ramsey.  Marown won five games to four with Kim Hargraves and Elaine Moore for South, plus Joyce Ogden for Marown all winning to single figures.  Castletown B also had a good home result against Douglas with Rachel Palmer (Castletown) just winning 21-20 against Jane Lothian. 

Preliminary round of the Jean Kelly Knockout competition was held last Thursday evening.  Mooragh Park, Marown A and B, and Castletown A, all won their matches. Therefore, quarter final line-up on Thursday 28 April is : Mooragh Park v Castletown B; Port St Mary v Marown A; Castletown A v Onchan, and Marown B v South Ramsey.

Callow & Moore Win Corkhill & Callow Over 60’s Any Combination Doubles

South Ramsey Bowling Club hosted an Over 60’s any combination doubles competition sponsored by Corkhill and Callow Funeral Directors with 16 pairs taking part on a superb surface on a fine day.The competition was last played for in 2011 and was previously known as the Pro Tours Gold Cup.

The quarter finals had the husband and wife pairing of Steve & Judy Kelly (South Ramsey) lose out 17-21 to Peel pair Dougie Allan and Gordon Corrin, whilst Elaine Moore (South Ramsey) and Kevin Firth (Douglas) were defeated 18-21 by Marown duo Philippa Taylor and Lynda Cadamy. The home green pairing of Richie Davies and Bryan Corner were well beaten 10-21 by Chris Price (Port St Mary) and Les Brookes (Noble’s). Rounding off the quarter finals South Ramsey’s James Moore and Bill Callow ensured it was the end of the road for Derek Allen (Onchan) and Lee Dawson (South Ramsey) with a 21-16 win to take their place in the next round.

In the first semi-final the ladies Taylor and Cadamy coasted through their game against Peel pair of Allan and Corrin only losing three ends, winning 21-10 to reach the final. Joining them in the final was home pair Moore and Callow, who themselves only lost four ends winning 21-13 against Price and Brookes. 

The final was extremely well contested with Moore and Callow taking three singles on the first three ends to lead 8-5, only for a swift response from Taylor and Cadamy to win three consecutive ends, scoring a two, a four and a single to lead 12-8 after six ends. Moore and Callow stepped up a couple of gears to take the next six ends scoring 12 points on the way to lead 20-12. Taylor and Cadamy hit back with a three and a double to make the score 17-20, only for Moore and Callow to score the single chalk they needed to take the victory.

At the conclusion of the competition the presentation was made by competition secretary Kim Hargraves, who thanked Corkhill and Callow Funeral Directors for sponsoring the competition, the club members who helped with the running of the competition and the Ladies for the refreshments provided throughout the day. Tim Pressley from Corkhill and Callow was then introduced to present the prizes.