News: Ladies Over 60’s

Victory for Marown

The last remaining ladies over 60s bowls match was played on Thursday at Port St Mary in sunny but blustery conditions. For the past few weeks teams from across the Island have been competing for a place in the final of the JMS Veterans Shield and the successful teams were Marown and Finch Hill.

Both teams have players who are extremely talented and experienced so it was predicted to be a very close match. In the first half Margaret Scarffe for Marown played Moire Turner for Finch Hill with Moire taking an early lead in the first 4 ends but Margaret fighting back to take the jack scoring valuable points for Marown until Moire reclaimed the jack to pull ahead and at one point was 5-14 up. Margaret responded with true grit and determination to reduce the lead but the game ended with a win for Finch Hill 13-21.

Alongside them another game was in progress with Elaine Dewhurst for Marown up against Iris Kermode for Finch Hill. Elaine got off to a slow start but then dominated the game with some great shots scoring 2 points on several ends. Iris, trying her hardest, just couldn’t catch up once Elaine pulled ahead and the game finished 21-7. Also on the green were Shirley Whelan for Marown and Elaine Vincent for Finch Hill. Both players had a good game with each of them scoring maximum points on several ends but it was Shirley who pulled ahead after 10 ends having consistently won back the jack to maintain her lead and preventing Elaine from catching up. The game ended 21-12 and another win for Marown. At the halfway stage Marown led by 2-1 but its points that win prizes and Finch Hill were ahead by 5. (75-80).

The second half was crucial for Marown. Philippa Taylor and Rosemary Winkle knew they had to win to single figures and they didn’t disappoint any of their supporters. Both opposition players had some great shots and really played well to try to gain points but the experience of Philippa and Rosemary proved too much and both games gave Marown the single figure wins they needed.

The final game was between the team captains Celia Joughin and Jan Osborne and with the excitement mounting from supporters lining the green the players went end to end in a very close game that could have gone either way. Finch Hill had provided strong opposition for Marown from the start and this game was no exception. Each of the captains were a credit to their team and fully deserved the “all but across” cry from the markers. Final score 21-20.

The match ended with Marown the winners 138-130 and this years JMS Veterans Shield champions.
Presentations were made by Janet Latham who explained that the origins of the JMS are from her family initials and the trophy will be continue through her grandson who bears the same initials. Thanks were given to Port St Mary bowling club for hosting the match and all of the many supporters who came to watch.

This report concludes the summer fixtures for 2020 but bowls continues to be played throughout the winter in the Outdoor League which starts with a Round Robin on Saturday 3rd October.

Payback Time in The Semis

With the play offs for the ladies JMS Veterans Shield completed and all the mini league matches played, their only remains one match to complete this year’s fixture list.

The quarter finals for the JMS saw Ballaugh, Peel Sunset, Port Erin A and Mooragh Park all beaten in matches that witnessed some tremendous bowls take place.

The semi-finals were played on Thursday 10th September.

Castletown A travelled to Marown who were determined for some pay back following their 5-point defeat against Castletown A in the mini league championship final played recently. However, Marown were on their own green, which for every club is preferable. Shirley Whelan, Rosemary Winkle and Philippa Taylor all scored maximum points and kept their opponents to scores in the low teens while Elaine Dewhurst had a very close game against Ann Hollingworth and just piped her to the post 21-20 these good scores tipped the scales to give Marown a clear win and a place in the final. 106-97 (4-2) both teams off scratch.

In the other semi-final Onchan were at home to Finch Hill but had a mountain to climb, even on their own green, to beat their visitors who started the match with a 60 point advantage. Onchan played really well and won 5 games but were up against experienced players especially Lil Smith, who won her game alongside Jan Osborn and Sue Caley who scored into the high teens. These high scores combined with 60 points took Finch Hill to the final in a match that ended 116-154 (5-1).

At the time of writing this report the venue for the JMS Veterans Shield final is still undecided but wherever it is, one thing is certain, it’s going to be a great match between Marown and Finch Hill on Thursday 17th September.

Castletown A Crowned Ladies Over 60s Champions

Conditions could not have been better for both Over 60s ladies teams when they took to the green, at Nobles, for the champions place in the Mini league on Tuesday 1st September.

Castletown club had already won the Jean Kelly Cup last week and have been showing excellent form in their group matches and semi-final match.

Marown fielded a strong team of first-class players and the match was always going to be close.

In the first half Castletown won all 3 games. Hilary Kermode, for Castletown played Shirley Whelan Marown. This was a close game from the start but Shirley managed to get ahead and it looked as if Hillary would be beaten but she kept her cool and came back to pip Shirley at the post 21-20. Sue Peach played Elaine Dewhurst. Elaine preferred to play long at first and Sue struggled to reach but once Sue got the Jack she controlled the game coming back from 7-14 down to win the game 21-14. Ann Hollingworth played Margaret Scarffe. Ann had problems at first getting used to the green but she quickly adapted to the conditions. Both players showed their considerable skill and experience and the game was a pleasure to watch. The game ended 21-12 in favour of Ann.

At the halfway point Castletown were ahead by 17 points 63-46.

Next to the Jack were Joy Stephens and Celia Joughin. Marown player Celia got off to a flying start but after 6 ends Joy started the fight back. Both players won some great ends but knowing that every point would count increased the pressure on both players, however Joy stayed focused on the prize and won the game 21-15. Barbara Young was next up, against Philippa Taylor. The Marown player has had a good season and is always difficult to beat. Her recent form came to the fore and she dominated the first few ends. Barbara played very well even when Philippa played difficult long shots over the crown but in the end Marown won convincingly 8-21. Last to go was Anne Oates, captain of Castletown against Rosemary Winkle and this was another close game with both players taking some great ends. Rosemary preferring to play into the corners on long shots but Anne responded well with great skill and determination. Following the previous games Marown were closing the points deficit and Anne knew she had to hang on which she did to end her game 16-21.

And so the match ended Castletown A 108 Marown 103 (4-2).

President of the Ladies Association, Sue Gawne, made the presentations, first to runners up Marown and then to the Champions Castletown A. She thanked Nobles club for hosting the competition and sponsors Manx Paving and Slate for their continuing support saying also that the standard of bowling had been excellent on both teams. Both captains thanked the Association and everyone who had helped and contributed to a great morning of bowls.

Rain delays play in semi-finals.

Storm Frances proved too much for bowling greens on Tuesday and the decision was made to delay the semi-finals by 24 hours. So, in much improved conditions players from South and Middle came together in two very close semi-finals on Wednesday.

Port St Mary A and Marown played their match at Port Erin’s Breagle Glen and it was a fantastic match with winners and losers on both teams resulting in a tie. In these circumstances the winner is decided on whichever team has the best individual winner and in this case it was Marown by just one point, in the Shirley Whelan game where she won 21-3. The final match score was 95-95 (3-3).

The other semi-final was played at Peel. Castletown A against Port Erin A and again it was a very close match with 3 wins for each team but Castletown just managed to keep the average score of the non-winners higher than that of Port Erin’s and now face Marown in the final next Tuesday. Final score 109-104 (3-3).

By Thursday storm Frances had moved on but more rain was forecast, however Ramsey remained dry which facilitated both Ramsey clubs to play their matches in the Prelim JMS Veterans Shield. Mooragh Park were at home to visitors Douglas and the North Ramsey team knew that they had a hill to climb playing off scratch against a +15 advantage for Douglas but their recent form and home green knowledge gave them a convincing win. Douglas were on the back foot from the start with a player short but their remaining team played well. Final score 108-80 (4-2).

The other local club, South Ramsey, have already experienced disappointment as a result of this year’s handicap system. In the ladies night league they played Castletown B, won all 9 games but lost the match on points and unfortunately it was a similar story for them in their match against Finch Hill. The visitors started the match with 60 points which gave the home team a near impossible task. However, they played brilliantly and the final score was 121-145 (5-1) taking Finch Hill to the quarter finals.

Because of the weather Onchan vis Port St Mary B decided to delay their match until Tuesday 01 September but the match between Marown and Port St Mary A did go ahead.

Both teams must have been very tired after their match just 24 hours earlier in the Team Championship semi-finals but Marown at home and with a 45-point start proved too much of a challenge for the reigning champions who were knocked out in a very close game that Marown would have won without the points advantage. Final score 146-94 (3-3).

Next week the Team Championship Final is at Nobles on Tuesday 1st with the quarter finals of the JMS Veterans Shield being played on Thursday.

Pat Lenton.

Disappointment for Finch Hill

The final matches before the semi-finals took place on Tuesday 18th August. The winners from each of the four groups will play on Tuesday 25th August with the final taking place on Tuesday 1st September.

In GROUP D Finch Hill knew that every point would count but just couldn’t get the full house that they needed against Castletown B who went home with 2 wins 120-80 (4-2). This left Finch Hill very disappointed and just 3 points behind Marown who now qualify for the semi-finals.

In GROUP C Port Erin A made certain of their place in the semis with a convincing win away to Peel Sunset. Port Erin only managed to win 2 of their games but these were to single figures which made all the difference to the final score with both teams playing brilliantly all morning. Final score 88-100 (4-2).

GROUP A leaders are Port St Mary A who finish 121 points clear at the top of their group and face Marown in the semis. They played at home this week against South Ramsey who managed just one win from Elaine Moore who had a close game against Chris Price who proved a very worthy opponent scoring into the mid-teens 15-21. The rest of the match was dominated by the Port St Mary team who are always at their best when playing at home. Final score 120-64 (5-1). Also in group A are Port Erin B who this week played against Onchan. The match was at Port Erin with Kay Primrose-Smith playing for the home team and gaining a good win against Marilyn Ellison. However, Onchan are a very good team and won the match. Final score 88-117 (1-5).

GROUP B qualifiers are Castletown A who are 111 points clear of the next team in their group. This week they played at home against Ballaugh. The visitors played well with 4 of their players reaching double figures but it wasn’t enough to make any difference to the final result and it was a full house for Castletown A 126-69 (6-0). Castletown A now face Port Erin A in the semi-finals. Also in group B and at the other end of the Island Mooragh Park were in top form on their own green and won their first match this season against the visitors Port St Mary B. Wins from Pat Lenton ,Maureen Hamilton, Peggy Freeman and Chris Sims gave the home team a comfortable win and a final score of 116-92 (4-2).

Lots to look forward to next week with the semi-finals on Tuesday and the first round of the JMS Trophy on Thursday.

Reigning champions beaten at Onchan

With just one match to go before the semi-finals on Tuesday 25th August Port St Mary A in GROUP A are still in pole position despite their defeat this week at Onchan.

The match was played in near perfect conditions and both teams claimed 3 games but Onchan just had the edge on points in what must have been one of the closest matches so far this season. Final score 97-94 (3-3). Also in Group A are South Ramsey who played host to Port Erin B. Unfortunately the home side were a player short but of the remaining 5 players four won their games and Moira Anderson was just piped at the post by Joyce Henry. Final score 104-92 (4-2).

In GROUP B Castletown A are out in front and set to secure their place in the semi-finals. Currently they have a 54-point lead but still have Ballaugh to play. This week they played away at Port St Mary against their impressive B team and were held to a 3-3 result but a comfortable win on points. Final score 92-110 (3-3). At the other end of the Island Ballaugh were at home to Mooragh Park. In very hot conditions the visitors kept there cool and won 3 games but the home side were the final winners 115-95 (3-3).

In GROUP C Douglas were at home against the visitors from Peel. Unfortunately the home side were a player short and the visitors romped home winning all 6 games, however, Kay Mckiernan and Pat Kelly both played exceptionally well and made sure that the visitors didn’t have it all their own way. Douglas have now played all their matches in this mini league and next week’s match between Peel Sunset and Port Erin A will be a nail-biting match for both teams with only 4 points separating them at the top of Group C.

In GROUP D Marown have now played all of their matches and will be on pins next Tuesday as the results come in. Their match this week was at Castletown against their newly formed B team and the final score of 41-105 (1-5) might not be enough to decide the winner of this group. Finch Hill have still got Castletown B to play, at home, and are, at the moment trailing Marown by just 123 points so it really couldn’t be any closer.

Wind and Rain cause delays

Some clubs had the difficult decision “Do we play or don’t we” on Tuesday August 4th .

Strong winds and the threat of heavy rain delayed some of the matches but most took a chance and carried on. One of those was the match between Port St Mary A and Port Erin B. The reigning champions have been in top form since the start of this mini league but dropped some points this week. Gwen Tuck proved a tough opponent for Trisha Bull and won her game 21-10. Final score Port St Mary A 115 Port Erin B 60 (5-1).

Also, in Group A are Onchan and South Ramsey. They decided to reschedule their match and played it in much improved conditions on Thursday which produced some great bowls. The home side played very well against the Ramsey team. Final score 104-90 (4-2).

In Group B Castletown A were nearly blown away when they played at Mooragh Park but thankfully the rain stayed away and the morning produced some good games. The Ramsey team tried hard against a strong Castletown team and managed to win one game thanks to Peggy Freeman. Final score 85-125 (1-5).

The other match in group B was between Ballaugh, at home to, Port St Mary B. Both teams needed maximum points to try to close the gap on Castletown and now with just 2 matches left every point will count in this group. The home side fielded a strong team and gained 3 wins from Peggy Griffin, Julie Reilly and Barbara Graham but the visitors also played very well with three wins . Final score 97-72 (3-3).

In Group C Douglas made the trip south to Port Erin to play the A team but were unfortunately a player short, this gave Port Erin a comfortable win and puts them in a strong position to challenge Peel Sunset to top this group. There match on Tuesday 18th August will undoubtedly be close and also the decider for this group. Final score at Port Erin was 126-63 (6-0).

In Group D the match between Marown and Finch Hill was crucial in deciding who would top their group and go through to the play offs. Both teams have just one more match to play and both against Castletown B.

In this week’s match Marown were at home and came out on top with a final score 122-102 (5-1) this leaves them just 20 points in the lead which might not be enough to prevent Finch Hill from pulling ahead.

Half way point in Mini League

Group A leaders Port St Mary A are now 65 points clear of 2nd place South Ramsey having only dropped 5 points in 3 matches.

The ladies from Port St Mary travelled to South Ramsey this week and romped home with a 1-5 victory 75-125.

Onchan were hosts to Port Erin B securing a 5-1. The visitors played well with one win and 3 players into double figures. Final score 111-79.

Group B still shows Castletown A as leaders but with 2 away matches for them to play in the final 3 they will need every point to retain their lead. Ballaugh are hot on their heels with just 31 points separating the two after their match this week when Ballaugh won at home 106-95 (4-2).

Mooragh Park made the journey south to play Port St Mary B and were made most welcome. Although Port St Mary won the match 116-90 (4-2) the ladies from Ramsey put up a strong performance with wins from Pat Lenton and Peggy Freeman.

Of the three teams in Group C Peel Sunset and Port Erin A are only separated by 4 points so it was all to play for in their match this week. As predicted the match was very close with wins for each team, but the convincing wins by Lynda Cadamy and Jean Thackrah swung it for the home team. Final score 105-92 (3-3).

Another photo finish for the lead is in Group D where there is a race between Marown and Finch Hill with just 2 points separating them at the half way point.

With no match for Marown this week it was the turn of Castletown B to play Finch Hill. The newly formed B team of Castletown came up against tough opponents but they played well with Linda Dobinson winning her game 21-8. Final score 69-113 (1-5).

Next week, Tuesday 4th August, Marown play, at home, against Finch Hill! Now that will be a game to watch.

Peel in Top Form in Ladies Over 60s

Two more teams played their opening matches in the over 60’s Team Championship on Tuesday 21st July.

In Group C Peel were at home to visitors Douglas who tried very hard to win points from the home team but home green advantage and accuracy won the day with 6 wins for Peel. Final score 126-49.

In Group D Castletown B headed to Marown with 3 brand new players. Ann Watkinson, Pat Rigby and Susan Kerruish were made most welcome by the hosts and all three played well and showed that they are future stars in the making. Very well done all three. The rest of the team kept Marown on their toes but in the end Marown won 6 games Final score 126-52.

In Group A Port St Mary A were at home to Onchan. The visitors certainly made the current champions dig deep for every point gained and each match was played to double figures. Caroline Corlett for Onchan managed the only win for the visitors leaving a final score of 122-83 (5-1).
South Ramsey made the journey to Breagle Glen to play Port Erin B and went home with a 1-5 win. Joyce Henry for Port Erin had a win against Judy Kelly 21-12 and Joan Ryder narrowly missed out to Helen Caley 19-12. Final score 77-117 (1-5).

In Group B Castletown A were at home again this week and it was Port St Mary B team that made the short journey to play them. The visitors went home with 2 wins . One from Chris Holland, who had a close match with Joy Stephens 19-21 and the other from Lesley Coker who is an experienced player and has recently qualified for our league. She won her game against Barbara Young 17-21. Final score 120-71 (4-2). Also in group B was the match between Mooragh Park and Ballaugh. Chris Sims, for the home team won her game against Brenda Bowyer for Ballaugh and Gill Malpass for Mooragh Park, had a nail biting finish against Carol Holt being “all but “ for 2 ends. Final score 72-111 (1-5).

Port St Mary A Crowned League Champions Again

The final league matches were played on Tuesday and as anticipated it was a close finish resulting in Port St Mary A winning the league title but by just 2 points!

The A team arrived at Breagle to play Port Erin ‘s A team in the final match of the season holding a 16-point lead over Peel.

The Port Erin side played exceptionally well in a very close game taking the league leaders to a 92-95 (2-4) final score and surely reducing their overall points total.

The 2 wins came from Lynda Cadamy, who won 21-2, and Jacqui Elliot, who won 21-9, with 3 of the remaining team reaching double figures giving them 92 points in total. However, Port St Mary had their eyes firmly on the prize and got 4 wins from Margaret Tasker, Tricia Bull, Mavis Franks and Ann Maddrell taking their total to 95 points.

Meanwhile in Ballaugh Brenda Bowyer and her team awaited the arrival of Peel.

Glorious conditions and a much-improved green saw some excellent bowls played.

Ballaugh fought hard against the visitors and had 3 wins from Barbara Graham, Carol Holt and Voirrey Oates plus double figures from all the other players. In contrast Peel also played well, trying hard to close the 16-point lead that the southern side were holding.  Peel bagged 3 wins from Joyce Kelly, Mary Moffatt and Heather Horsburgh to clinch a 5-point victory 104-109 (3-3) but in the end Port St Mary were crowned league champions for another year.

Castletown were keen to hold onto their 3rd position in the league when they played their nearest rivals Marown. The visitors played well but were unable to dominate the home side and the final score was 114-95 (4-2).

As well as the league being decided the Merit Table has been topped by Elaine Moore who has had an outstanding season winning all of her games.

To finish my final league report for 2019 I thought I would leave you all with a poem dedicated to all new bowlers. We need as many new recruits as we can get to strengthen our sport and provide continuity for the future.


When the summer day is over and I’ve put my bowls away
I sit before my iPad and I wonder what to say
Oh, the time has gone so quickly I can’t believe it’s done
With all the games decided, are they lost or won?

April saw the start of bowling and we played it twice a week
Wet and windy and no sunshine, followed up with lots of cake.
We started off quite handy full of hope and motivation
Perhaps next year they’ll choose us to represent the nation!

But no, it didn’t last we bowled our bowls a bit too fast
Jack up they cried Long tapes they cried
But most of all “All but “they cried
More land, Reach up, my finger, your thumb
Oh my goodness what have I done.

Even when we’re down the Park we sometimes cannot reach the mark,
Too short, Too long, Too narrow, Too wide
Our lack of practice you couldn’t hide.
The captains said “well done “well played “You are improving “
So come on girls let’s get moving.

The winter league is set to start
A mid-week game at Nobles Park
Send the form in, pay the subs
There’s lots of bowlers from all clubs
But don’t be late, listen and learn.
Then maybe next year it will be our turn.