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Changes in middle table order

Eight teams swung back into league action over the weekend as the Manx Petroleum sponsored Outdoor Winter League Bowling Club heads for the finishing post and whilst there was no change of positions in the top five, the leading two are now separated by an average of just 0.2 of a point.
One major item before we move on; is that this Saturday’s programme has been postponed so members can attend a memorial service for Paul Parkinson which is being held during the afternoon. The new date will be Saturday 15 February.
Perfect conditions welcomed the players for the opening session of 2014 and leaders Seven-Up began with an 84 when they overcame Castletown Cannons, this while third placed Louie’s Angels dropped just three points in a four games to two success against Govags.
The last two fixtures, however, had rather unusual outcomes, with two teams winning 4-2 on games but losing out in the all-important points totals – Cannons just missed out by two against Govags, whereas Louie’s Angels recorded a double success over Seven-Up and improved their average in the process.
The final game of the afternoon threw together the leader of the merit, Jordan Cain (Seven-Up) and the player at the head of the ladies standings, Margaret Tasker (Louie’s Angels). Margaret led into the final end at 13-14 and had two good woods to lie game, but Jordan played a perfect bowl to keep his unbeaten run intact and leave his opponent just three points ahead of teammate Tricia Bull in the race for the Geoff Osborn trophy.

Sunday saw a big change in the weather in the form of a bitterly cold wind, but it did stay dry long enough – just – for no less than four changes in the league table, with Erin Porters being the biggest benefactors.
They kicked off the day down in 10th position, but ended in 6th after two great victories over teams that were above them in the standings; this while Castletown Corkers began in eighth and although they lost twice, did enough to move above their stablemates into seventh.
Biggest losers were Beachcombers, not helped when one of their players didn’t show up, they slipped down three places to ninth and sit at the bottom of this group, which also includes Cannons.
Also competing were Parkers who recorded their second and the season’s sixth maximum win, which along with the 76 they scored, helped them to move within touching distance of fourth spot.

A good entry of 32 attended the first midweek round robin of the year and they were split into groups of triples and doubles.
The pairing of Peter Karran and Tricia Bull were winners, with second place going to John Marsden and Mavis Franks, who were just ahead of Dee Lewis and Derek Clarke.
Topping the threesomes were Philippa Taylor, Bob Berry and Victor Corlett, runners-up Louis Callister, Jo Smith and Jean Thackrah and in third it was Derek Kneen, Alan Cromwell and Alec Taylor.

Rain interrupts weekend

Members managed to squeeze in one round robin between periods of rain over the weekendin the Manx Petroleum sponsored Outdoor Winter League Bowling Club and an entry of 22 enjoyed a dry Saturday afternoon.
They were split into two groups of doubles and the black jack winners were Bob Berry and Jo Smith, with second place going to Derek Allen and Margaret Tasker.
The other group victors were Mavis Franks and Philippa Taylor, who were just ahead of Sylvia Kennaugh and Alec Taylor.

Those attending were informed of the death of a former club member, Paul Parkinson, who was in fact the league’s merit winner in the 2003-04 campaign, playing for Govags.
Paul hadn’t played bowls for a number of years due to illness, but I am sure will be sadly missed by his many friends in and out of the game. Our sympathies go to his wife Connie and family.

On a happier note, congratulations go to Shirley Fargher, also a former member, who celebrated her 80th birthday recently. Shirley was runner-up in the club championships in the 2001-02 season. Best wishes from all club members.

With league fixtures due to resume this weekend after the festive break, here are the leading 30 players in the individual merit competition. Jordan Cain (Seven-Up) and Glynn Hargraves (Incredabowls) are both undefeated, one from each of the top teams, with Jordan having played two games more than his rival at this stage.
1. Jordan Cain (played 14, won 14) 210 points; 2. Margaret Tasker, Louie’s Angels (14, 12) 202; 3. Tricia Bull, Angels (14, 11) 196; 4. Steve Crampton, Seven-Up (14, 11) 194; 5. Alec Taylor, Seven-Up (14, 11) 188; 6. Steve Cook, RBM (14, 8) 181; 7. Glynn Hargraves (12, 12) 180; 8. Ben Dugdale, RBM (12, 9) 173; 9. Mike Alexander, RBM (12, 9) 165; 10. Lil Smith, Beachcombers (13, 6) 165; 11. Kim Hargraves, Bits n Bobs (14, 5) 162; 12. Steve Parker, Spare Parts (12, 8) 159; 13. George Peach, Castletown Cannons (12, 6) 157; 14. Rosie Winckle, Beachcombers (12, 8) 157; 15. Tony Dugdale, RBM (11, 10) 156; 16. Alan Phair, Cannons (12, 6) 154; 17. Alan Cromwell, Govags (12, 7) 152; 18. Kevin Quirk, Seven-Up (10, 10) 150; 19. Roy Murphy, Seven-Up (12, 7) 150; 20. Jo Smith, Parkers (12, 7) 149; 21. John Kennish, Incredabowls (10, 9) 148; 22. Alan Moore, Incredabowls (10, 8) 144; 23. Mark Kneen, Incredabowls (12, 6) 144; 24. Doug Allan, Govags (14, 4) 143; 25. Matthew Keggen, Angels (10, 9) 142; 26. Phil Taubman, Cannons (11, 8) 142; 27. Willie Corkill, Cannons (12, 7) 141; 28. Mavis Franks, Erin Porters (12, 6) 141; 29. Nigel Thomas, RBM (10, 8) 138; 30. Sefton Dent, Beachcombers (11, 4) 138.