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B4S slip a place

All teams hit the 10 fixture mark on Saturday in the Manx Petroleum sponsored Outdoor Winter League Bowling Club in a session that saw all four outings finish level on games, but only one of the points margins ending close.

First result on the card was a good win for Parkers as they overcame Govags with a 19 point advantage; while Bowling for Soup were pushed all the way by Erin Porters, both teams just passing the 100 mark.

Parkers then cruised to a comfortable 22 point success over third placed Bowling for Soup, dropping just five short of a full house. This result meant that B4S dropped a position down the table.

Erin Porters and Govags both improved their scores next time out, with the southerners taking victory to remain just above their opponents in the standings.

Results for Saturday, November 29: Govags 96 (3) John Lightfoot, Parkers 115 (3) Peter Karran; Bowling for Soup 106 (3) Tony Dugdale, Erin Porters 102 (3) Derek Cadamy; Parkers 121 (3) Jo Smith and Mike Thomas, Bowling for Soup 99 (3) Phil Kerruish; Erin Porters 115 (3) Derek Cadamy, Govags 102 (3) Doug Allan.

Sunday’s schedule was a repeat of some weeks earlier and had the same outcomes all round, except that the winning margins were wider on this occasion.

The afternoon began with Rule Breakers continuing their quest to retain their title and somehow make me take back the prediction that they might not win the league this time around – they must have read it wrong!

Louie’s Angels were their opponents, but they lost out by a margin of 19 in a match that also saw the end of the last individual unbeaten run.

Castletown Corkers, the side directly behind Angels, took full advantage of this and swapped places after dropping just one point whilst defeating Castletown Cannons, who once again failed to field a full team.

Any impact Corkers had made on their rivals was wiped out almost immediately when the Angels jumped back up into fourth with a 23 point winning margin over the Castletown outfit.

As the sun dropped, Rule Breakers continued to shine with yet another maximum win to take the season’s tally to seven, unfortunately for Cannons they slipped further behind the pack in bottom position.

Results for Sunday, November 30: Rule Breakers 118 (4) Dido Kelly, Louie’s Angels 99 (2) Marg Tasker and Trish Bull; Castletown Corkers 125 (5) Ron Williams, Castletown Cannons 76 (1) Peter Curtis; Louie’s Angels 121 (4) Matthew Keggen, Castletown Corkers 98 (2) Ron Williams; Castletown Cannons 64 (0) Barbara Young, Rule Breakers 126 (6) Dido Kelly.

The midweek round robin entry was split into three groups and in the red doubles Rita Callister and Derek Clarke finished just ahead of Lilian Slinger and Alec Taylor.

Triples was the order of the day for the remainder and in the black jacks the winners were Jo Smith, Philippa Taylor and Gordon Corrin, with second going to Mike Skelly, John Lightfoot and Bernie Mcphee.

The remaining section had the closest finish with Viv Rush, Jordan Cain and Peter Kelly just getting the better of Peter Daugherty, Shirley Corrin and Kevin Quirk.