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Seven-Up hold title advantage

Seven-Up head into the New Year with a slight advantage over current champions Incredabowls as they aim to wrestle the title away from their rivals in the Manx Petroleum sponsored Outdoor Winter League Bowling Club and both teams will have to keep an eye on the chasing pack who won’t have given up.

With the fixtures all up to date, members enjoyed two round robins over the final weekend of 2013; the first of them also saw the numbers drawn for the Christmas tombola.
An entry of 32 took part on Saturday and was spilt into groups of triples and doubles with the winners being Hazel Hughes, Lil Smith and Alan Moore; also the pairing of Lyn Bolton and Libby Andrade.
The threesome of Philippa Taylor, Pauline Worrall and Peter Hughes took second spot, as did Louis Callister and Steve Moore. In third it was Bob Berry, Margie Tasker and Tricia Bull, along with Ken Karran and Doug Allan.
Sunday saw another cold but thankfully dry session in which 27 took part in two sections of triples and in the black jacks, Shirley Corrin, Derek Allen and Peter Karran came out on top ahead of Jo Smith, Philippa and Alec Taylor.
Lil Smith, Alan Moore and Thomas Keggen were successful in the yellow gang, just in front of Libby Andrade, Rita Callister and Margie Tasker. There will be two more sessions this weekend, with the league fixtures due to recommence one week later.

Fixtures back on track

A set of fixtures postponed seven days earlier took place on Saturday in the Manx Petroleum sponsored Outdoor Winter League Bowling Club and even though they started in great weather conditions, by the end of play it could only be described as horrible.
The strong overnight winds and rain had cleared as the final session of the year began, but about halfway through they were both back with vengeance; however the games were completed to leave the organisers back on schedule heading into the festive break.
Leaders Seven-Up began by recording 79 points from their clash with Erin Porters; while Parkers fell just short of a maximum with 86 from a comfortable win over Govags.
The westerners themselves then came very close to a full house; they were also just four short when overcoming Erin Porters with their highest score to date.
Coping best with the conditions in the final outcome of the afternoon were Seven-up, but saw their average drop below 80 even though they beat Parkers by five games to one.

No midweek round robin due to rain, whereas Sunday saw 21 entrants escape the hustle and bustle of Christmas and enjoy mince pies along with their drinks on a dry but cold afternoon. The winners were Derek Allen, Sefton Dent and Alec Taylor, second went to Steve Crampton, Philippa Taylor and Alan Moore and in third it was Jordan Cain, Steve Parker and Gordon Corrin.

Next session on the agenda will be a round robin accompanied by the Christmas Tombola draw where there will be somewhere in the region of £270 worth of prizes up for grabs. This will be held on Saturday 28 December. Good luck to all and a Happy New Year.

Season’s first postponement

Just a week after clawing their way back into contention in the Manx Petroleum sponsored Outdoor Winter League; RBM recorded two fairly low scores on the club’s only day of play over a wet and windy weekend to see the gap open up once more.
The first planned session fell-foul of the conditions and has been rescheduled for this Saturday (December 21), while just 24 hours later four teams battled on a breezy Sunday that saw just two of them reach the 70-point mark.
Being a player missing did not help RBM’s cause and they only just lost in their opener against Castletown Corkers, but dropped 30 points in their chase of the leading three. This, while Beachcombers and Bits n Bobs fought out an honourable draw, with both sides scoring above their averages with 72 apiece.
Bits then continued their good form with victory over Corkers, who unfortunately were a player short themselves in this fixture and as a consequence slipped down behind their stablemates in the league standings, whereas the winners closed the gap to Govags.
Finally Beachcombers couldn’t take advantage of an extra player, as RBM managed to overcome them, but with only 63 points on the card their challenge for the top could well be over.

A glorious afternoon welcomed 39 entrants for the midweek round robin and once again two gangs of triples competed. The yellow group winners being Philippa Taylor, Ken Karran and Alec Taylor, in second it was Derek Clarke, Jack Lee and Mavis Franks and third Steve Moore, Louis Callister and Dot Mylchreest.
The other group was an example of why games must be kept going, as they finished almost half an hour later than the others – in the dark. Winners were John Lightfoot, Victor Corlett and Peter Daugherty, runners-up, Hazel Hughes, Viv Rush and Terry Moore, with third place going to Edwina Reid, Alan Cromwell and Peter Karran.
The next three free days indicated on the fixture list, starting with Sunday 22 December, will be used for round robins, this includes Saturday 28 December, when the Christmas tombola will be drawn. All sessions are weather permitting and entries close at 1pm prompt.

Finally may I take this opportunity to wish members all the best for the festive season.

Title chase a four team affair

A fourth team threw their hat into the title chase in the Manx Petroleum sponsored Outdoor Winter League Bowling Club over the weekend, as they raced through the fixtures halfway point with the weather remaining on their side.
Leaders Seven-Up were faced with a session without their leading player, Kevin Quirk, who was unfortunately taken ill on Friday and admitted into hospital. I am sure all club members and the remainder of the bowling fraternity join me in wishing Kevin a speedy recovery.
The team then had a very mixed afternoon; firstly going down to their lowest score when they took on fourth placed RBM, before recovering and finally notched up that elusive maximum win, with success over Bits n Bobs.
Govags were also in action and they managed to move off the bottom with two scores above their average; they began with victory over closest rivals Bits n Bobs, before doing just enough on the points front, second time out, to send Bits into last spot.
The afternoon’s biggest scorers were RBM and they cemented their position with an average of 81 and therefore moved closer to the three teams above them.

Sunday had the first three-team session of the campaign and surely a chance for Louie’s Angels to make Seven-Up suffer even more following their heavy loss the previous day, but Castletown Cannons had other ideas and blew their afternoon apart.
The southern outfit kicked off with the season’s fifth maximum whilst they inflicted defeat on Beachcombers; next the Angels had a slightly higher than average success and left Beachcombers with just 102 points from their efforts.
Finally the last unbeaten run in the league was broken when the Cannons completed their best afternoon of the season, dropping just 10 points and left their opponents trailing with only 58. This in turn saw the victors move up a place, while Louie’s Angels remain in third spot but with a lower average.

Participants in the midweek round robin were saddened to learn of the death of former member David Turner. David did try and take part this winter but on his first outing found things a little difficult after suffering illness earlier in the year.
He had been a regular during the winter months for I believe the past five years and took part in a large number of club events and social bowling in that period. Our thoughts and condolences go to his family at this difficult time.
The session had 36 entrants who took part in two sections of triples which were won by Mike Skelly, John Lightfoot and Rita Callister, along with Derek Clarke, Philippa Taylor and Peter Karran. Second places went to Mavis Franks, Pauline Worrall and Bernie Thackrah; Louis Callister, Gordon Corrin and Margaret Tasker.

Seven-Up extend advantage

Leaders Seven-Up extended their advantage over the weekend in the Manx Petroleum sponsored Outdoor Winter League Bowling Club, mainly due to the second and third placed outfits slugged out a fairly low scoring result.
Most teams have drafted in new players this winter and as a consequence the league is a bit more open and in fact it has only just had its third maximum win, all too different sides.
A team yet to hit that top mark is Seven-Up, but they came very close again on Saturday and dropped just two chalks in a comfortable win against Castletown Corkers.
Struggling to hit the form of earlier in the campaign are Beachcombers, but they overcame opponents Govags with a 16 point margin. They next took on leaders Seven-Up and even though they won three games, their average fell, resulting in them dropping a place down the table.
Last placed Govags headed back to west with two defeats from their outing, after losing to Castletown Corkers, and will be disappointed not to have closed the gap at the bottom.

A repeat set of fixtures from a few weeks previous took place on Sunday with three of them having the same outcome; while Incredabowls and Spare Parts improved their tallies from last time by nine points apiece.
The afternoon kicked off with the season’s third maximum and the first for current champions Incredabowls, recorded when they beat Castletown Cannons; this while Louie’s Angels strolled home against Spare Parts to keep the league’s last unbeaten run going.
As the sun set on another weekend of bowls, the Parts got the better of Castletown Cannons and finally the biggest clash of the two days saw Louie’s Angels win and maintain the same margin between themselves and their opponents Incredabowls, who are just ahead in second.
A session which saw the chasing pair slip further behind the leaders after they both dropped crucial points – a total of 45 between them. Perhaps surprisingly all four fixtures involving the top three sides have seen relatively low scores – 69-78; 69 apiece; 67-57 and now 64-71, although the most points have been secured by the Angels with 207 and two wins, average 69.
Incredabowls have 202 (67.3) from three encounters; and having just played two, Seven-Up are averaging 67.5, so it looks like the title will be won and lost on how they get on in their other fixtures.

A good entry of 39 attended the midweek round robin and competed in two sets of triples. Alec Taylor, Doug Allan and Jack Lee were winners, in second came Derek Clarke, Steve Parker and Pauline Worrall, and third place went to Jo Smith, Elaine McElroy and Trish Bull.
The black jack group top three were Bernie Thackrah, Ray Kelly and David Galbraith, followed by Sheila Preston, Peter Karran and Sefton Dent and in third, John Marsden, Irene Cowin and Victor Corlett.

Porters Biggest Benefactors

There was just one set of fixtures last weekend in the Manx Petroleum sponsored Outdoor Winter League Bowling Club from which Erin Porters emerged as the biggest benefactors and moved up one position in the standings.

The afternoon began with the Porters falling just one point short of a full house when they overcame Castletown Cannons, the team just one place above them. ‘Christmas had come early’, said their captain.

A clash between Parkers and third placed Louie’s Angels ended with the closest of winning margins in favour of the Angels who continue to chase the leading duo above them.
Cannons and Parkers then fought out a 70 points apiece encounter, the third draw on points in three weekends; while the Porters pushed their opponents Louie’s Angels all the way taking three games, but losing the all important points outcome.

Two round robins took place either side of the league fixtures; firstly the midweek session was hampered by the weather once again; however a gang of 19 were split into two groups of doubles and triples. Jo Smith, Ken Karran and Dee Lewis won their section, with the pairing of Trish Bull and Alec Taylor taking theirs.

A good entry of 33 attended the Sunday afternoon event, with two sets of triples being won by Alan Moore, Louis Callister and Jack Lee, along with Stefan Kelly, Derek Allen and Margaret Tasker.

League players through 100 barrier

Like chalk and cheese is the only way to describe the weather over the latest two days of the Manx Petroleum sponsored Outdoor Winter League Bowling Club, with the Saturday gang playing on a fantastic afternoon, while the Sunday participants got a soaking for their troubles.
Over 100 players have now taken part in the league, with some of those making the most of the great conditions on the first day. RBM began with an 80 plus score in a victory over Erin Porters, they then shared the spoils in a 75-all against Parkers, improving their average to 74.3 in the process.
Also in action were Bits n Bobs, but they struggled against Parkers in their opener as their opponents gained maximum points from the five games, due to being a player missing. A situation Parkers rectified in time for their later encounter.
Bits then lost out to the team directly above them, as the Porters recorded their first success to hang onto ninth position; Bits n Bobs however slipped down a place following results the following day.

Sunday afternoon saw two teams win both their games and each move up a place in the table for their efforts.
Incredabowls are now second after they dropped just one point when they overcame Castletown Corkers; then followed with an 86-58 victory against Beachcombers, who were just one place behind them in the standings.
Also ‘enjoying’ the horrendous conditions were Spare Parts who began with their highest tally so far, a score of 83 against Beachcombers; they then sneaked home by just two points in a hard fought encounter with the weather and Castletown Corkers.

An entry of 34 took part in the midweek round robin and were safely on their way back home before yet another wet Wednesday kicked-in. Emerging as winners of the doubles section were Derek Clarke and David Galbraith, followed in second by Viv Rush and Ann Rooney. Third was taken by Derek Cadamy and Mavis Franks.
The remainder played triples with the victors being Rosie Winckle, Doug Allan and Peter Daugherty, next were Derek Allen, Erwin Gelling and Les Halsall, with third spot being occupied by Rita Callister, Dee Lewis and Trish Bull.

With the league fixtures all up-to-date a round robin session is planned for this Sunday, November 24, start 1pm prompt, weather permitting. Also members can now enter the Christmas Tombola which is on sale at club sessions.

Top Two Battle

A clash between the top two sides concluded both days of action in perfect weather at the Manx Petroleum sponsored Outdoor Winter League Bowling Club over the weekend.
However, things did not go the way of the leaders who had their advantage pegged back by 15 points after their first loss of the campaign.
A maximum win for Parkers was the highlight of the opening fixtures as they overcame newcomers Spare Parts; this while Incredabowls won a closer contest against Erin Porters.
In the second set of games there was a rare draw on points as Erin Porters and Spare Parts shared the spoils of 68 apiece. Parkers however could not keep the momentum going as Incredabowls improved their average to 77.6 with an 85 on the card.

Leaders Seven-Up began their Sunday afternoon with a comfortable win over Castletown Cannons, while second placed Louie’s Angels went five points better with victory against Govags, who did in fact take three games of their opponents.
The Cannons then recorded the session’s highest score as they dropped just one point in an outing against Govags who remain in bottom spot.
As the sun set on another weekend, the biggest clash of the season took place, with Seven-Up who had their best start for a number of years, taking on their closest rivals Louie’s Angels.
But after a rather strange set of games the teams lower down were the biggest benefactors as they dropped 56 points between them in a very low scoring encounter which went in favour of the Angels by 67 to 57.
This leaves Seven-Up on 80.2 average, Louie’s Angels on 78 and close behind Incredabowls on 77.6, all having played eight games, next come Beachcombers on 76.2 after six games.

Four players have won all eight of their games and are separated by the points against, they are in order, Kevin Quirk (Seven-Up), Margaret Tasker (Louie’s Angels), Jordan Cain (Seven-Up) and Glyn Hargraves (Incredabowls).

Once again the weather was not on the side of the midweek round robin gang with showers forecast for the afternoon; the session did go ahead with an entry of 33, but unfortunately it turned into one awfully long shower, as rain fell for most of the time.

From two sets of triples the winners were John Lightfoot, Alan Moore and Mavis Franks, along with Doug Allan, Hazel Hughes and Jo Smith.

Angels on a Flyer

Whilst the weather continues to play havoc with the round robin sessions, the league breezes through its fixtures in the Manx Petroleum sponsored Outdoor Winter League Bowling Club and after game 36, Seven-Up occupy top spot.

In second position are Louie’s Angels who improved their average with two scores over 80 in the weekend’s one set of fixtures that were played in near perfect conditions.
They began with an expected win against Bits n Bobs, and I am sure thought they would have a tougher battle in their second outing, but in fact were comfortable victors over challengers RBM, recording a score of 82-64.

Just three points separated Castletown Cannons and RBM in their opener, before Cannons finally recorded their first success of the campaign whilst defeating Bits n Bobs.

The regular Wednesday round robin went ahead in mixed conditions, with the 20 entrants being separated into two gangs of doubles. Winners in the reds were Mike Skelly and Sylvia Kennaugh ahead of Jean Thackrah and Margaret Tasker; while in the yellow gang, Alan Moore and Derek Allen came out in front of Derek Cadamy and Trish Bull.

More inclement weather resulted in just 12 competitors at the weekend session which was won by Derek Clarke and Philippa Taylor and in second were Margaret Tasker and Caroline Whitehead. Both sessions ending early, but not quite beating the weather, with the midweek gang caught out by heavy rain and the Saturday group finishing in a hail shower.

First maximum recorded

The weather did its best once again to interrupt a session of the Manx Petroleum sponsored Outdoor Winter League Bowling Club but the two latest sets of fixtures went ahead and saw the first maximum on the card, along with four scores of 86, three of them on Saturday.

The weekend’s opening afternoon had that once in a season where the teams involved play their opponents twice and the biggest benefactors were leaders Seven-Up who were handed 30 points due to Govags being a player missing.
They did however impress in the games played which resulted in them extending their average points lead and are currently on 84.2, with their closest rivals back on 77.2. Winning both clashes by five games to one Seven-Up dropped just four points each time, whereas the westerners could only manage a total of 83 from the afternoon.

Also showing their intention to challenge at the top are RBM, they began with a 6-0 win on games and 90 points to their credit, before dropping only four points in their second outing. Opponents Bits n Bobs struggled to just 40 first time around, but then improved to 52 and went very close to snatching a three-all on games as the weather deteriorated in the last half hour.

Sunday’s results were much closer and began with Castletown Corkers winning by a margin of just four against Erin Porters; this was followed by Beachcombers beginning a successful outing with a 77-71 victory over Parkers, both ending three-all on games, but it is points that count in the end.
Strong winds played their part in this session, but did not stop Beachcombers who stormed into equal third spot with an 86 against the Porters. Finally Corkers repeated their slender four points win from earlier when they made it a poor afternoon for Parkers, who now sit in the bottom half of the table.

A dry Wednesday afternoon resulted in a healthy entry of 43 compete in two sets of triples at the round robin, from which the black jack winners were Mike Skelly, Jackie Elliott and Steve Parker. Runners-up were Peter Karran, Philippa Taylor and George Brew; while third went to Sefton Dent, Gordon Corrin and Dave Corkish.
The other section was a close affair with the outcome being settled by a roll-up in favour of Edwina Reid, Geoff Mayles and Les Halsall. Just missing out were Louis Callister, Dot Mylchreest and Derek Allen, with third place going to Pauline Worrall, Bernard Thackrah and Mavis Franks.

With the league fixtures up to date there will be a round robin this Saturday, weather permitting, entries close at 1pm.