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Ballaugh A win at Mooragh Park

Ballaugh A take away win with close games in Ladies open age League.

Mooragh Park won 5-4 in games when Ballaugh A visited. With both sides winning 2 games to single figures. Ballaugh A just managed to take enough points to give them the overall win 137-151.

Castletown A 181-97 Marown B (7-2)

Ballaugh B 100-165 Peel Sunset (3-6)

Nobles 144-114 Port St Mary (5-4)

Mooragh Park 137-151 Ballaugh A (5-4)

Douglas 94-174 South Ramsey (2-7)

Marown A 181-94 Castletown B (8-1)

Jean Kelly Quarter Final Stage

Wednesday 15th saw the next stage of the Jean Kelly. Marown A (+18) faced Castletown B (+60) with the youngsters showing great form. With Marown A still missing Philippa from their line up, Martha Butler was drafted in from the B team. Having won her first ever game the previous week for the B team, Martha was a little nervous playing with the A team ladies. But she held her nerve well especially as she was the last game on the green and picked up her 2nd win this season 21-13. Castletown B had the single win which came from another youngster Aalish Moore who also had a great night winning her game 17-21. 

Peel Sunset (+48) hosted Mooragh Park (+56) The Park side easily won without needing their +8 point advantage winning 7 games, with Janet Monk and Caroling Parker both winning to single figures.

South Ramsey (+17) had a close encounter with Marown B (+56) where they managed to take the games 5-4. But with Marown having a +39 point advantage the ladies had to dig deep and with Gillian Dixon, Jenny Moore, Judy Kelly and Joyce Ogden all winning by single figures, it was just enough to win the match by a close 9 points.

The final game of the night was Nobles (+36) taking on Ballaugh A (+42) The Ballaugh side pulled out some great games to keep their +6 point advantage and not let Nobles over take them. Even though Nobles won games (5-4) both Elena Dimsdale and Julie Reily kept the points close when they just lost 21-20 to Joanne Kelly and Libby Andrade. 

Peel Sunset (+48) 165-236 Mooragh Park (+56)

Nobles (+36) 190-210 Ballaugh A (+42)

South Ramsey (+17) 181-172 Marown B (+56)

Marown A (+18) 203-166 Castletown B (+60)

The draw for the semi final round has been drawn and will take place on wednesday 17th July on neutral greens.

Ballaugh A (SCR) V South Ramsey (SCR)

Marown A (SCR) V Mooragh Park (+9)

Port Erin B secure maximum home win

Port Erin B secure maximum home win in Ladies Over 60’s

Maximum points for home team Port Erin B Taking full advantage of Onchan A unable to field a full team. Onchan fought hard with 2 loses 21-20 and 2 to 21-14. The south side took the win (6-0) 126-68

Mooragh Park B 58-111 Castletown B (1-5)

Peel Sunset 108-104 Port St Mary A (3-3)

Ballaugh A 102-95 Mooragh Park A (3-3)

Castletown A 113-84 Nobles (4-2)

South Ramsey 113-56 Ballaugh B (5-1)

Finch Hi 73-113 Port Erin A (2-4)

In the second games of the week South Ramsey and Peel Sunset had a close encounter. Jill Quayle, Sue Collier and Judy Kelly all took wins for the Ramsey side. But the Peel Sunset ladies tied on games 3-3 with Terry Berry, Ceila Smith and Shirley Corrin all winning. The game finished with South Ramsey just 1 point clear to take the win 106-105. 

Castletown B 85-102 Port Erin B (2-4)

Ballaugh B 114-76 Mooragh Park B (5-1)

Marown 103-65 Finch Hill (4-2)

Mooragh Park A 117-69 Port St Mary A (4-2)

Nobles 97-105 Ballaugh A (3-3)

Port Erin A 104-113 Castletown A (3-3)

Ruby Keggen picks up 1st Win

Castletown B picked up an impressive win at home against Douglas with youngster Ruby Keggen following in the footsteps of her parents and taking her first win having only played 3 games previously. Barbara Young won 21-0. Paula Garrett fought back with a 2-21 win for the Douglas side. Castletown B 139-138 Douglas (5-4).

Ruby Keggen picks up her first open age league win.

The top of the table clash between South Ramsey and Castletown A took place up north with the home side only losing out by just 9 points. Both sides had a couple of single figure wins, and it’s still all to play for at the top of the league table.

South Ramsey 142-151 Castletown A (3-6)

Mooragh Park 160-155 Nobles (4-5)

Port St Mary 94-183 Marown A (1-8)

Marown B 175-136 Ballaugh B (7-2)

Peel Sunset 162-143 Port Erin (5-4)

Ballaugh B edged out a 3 point win

Ballaugh B edging out a 3 point win against Castletown B in O60’s Ladies

Castletown B just lost out by 3 points when they travelled to Ballaugh B last Tuesday. All the games were closely contested with the losses all to high double figures. But Ballaugh came out the winners 111-108 (3-3)

Port Erin B 47-126 Port Erin A (0-6)

Castletown A 113-62 Port St Mary A (5-1)

Peel Sunset 116-103 Ballaugh A (4-2)

South Ramsey 124-49 Onchan A (4-2)

Finch Hill 75-100 Mooragh Park A (2-4)

Mooragh Park B 40-126 Marown (0-6)

The second games of the week saw a very close game at Mooragh Park A playing Castletown A. The Park side only managed to secure 2 wins but both with an impressive 21-4 scoreline. Kathryn Kinley from Castletown A fought back with a 5-21 win, but the park side had managed to hold on to a draw 92-92  (2-4).

Ballaugh B 94-106 Peel Sunset (2-4)

Castletown B 53-126 South Ramsey (0-6)

Nobles 120-97 Finch Hill (5-1)

Onchan A 92-97 Mooragh Park B (4-2)

Marown 121-72 Port Erin B (5-1)

Port St Mary A 83-124 Ballaugh A (1-5)

Whitehead wins George Hawkins over 60’s singles

Caroline Whitehead Wins at North Ramsey Bowling Club.

The George Hawkins Memorial Trophy Over 60’s competition was played in cloudy conditions to start with but finished in beautiful warm sunshine . Entry numbers were high with 40 bowlers taking part and also a good number of supporters.

The prelims and opening rounds had some exciting games with lots of them ending 21/19 .

The quarter finals had 4 close games. Brian Lindsey beat Steve Parker 21/18.Ray Skelly beat Andy Kennish21/17. Caroline Whitehead beat Janet Monk 21/15 and Brian Colquitt beat Dave McCabe21/18.

The semi-final between Brian Lindsay and Ray Skelly saw Brian pull ahead with four 2’s on four consecutive ends but Ray fought back and only just lost out 21/18. In the other semi Caroline and Brian Colquitt were nip and tuck from the start but Caroline surged ahead ,after they were 15 across, to finish the game 21/16.

In the final Caroline controlled the game from the start leaving Brian playing catch up throughout but Brian Lindsey is not one for giving up and fought back valiantly from being 12/19 down to finish the game on 15 points giving Caroline the win.

The trophies were presented by George Hawkins daughters and thanks were given by the club to Beryl Hawkins for her sponsorship and generous prize money. Caroline Whiteheadthanked everyone involved in making the competition such a success especially North Ramsey Bowling Club and helpers.

Castletown Derby in Ladies League

Maximum points for A team in Castletown derby.

Castletown A didn’t go easy when they played their home game against the B team. Winning 6 of the games to single figures, keeping themselves within reach of the top spot on the league table sitting only 21 points behind top placed Marown A.

Marown A welcomed Mooragh Park to Crosby. The Park side took 2 wins 19-21 Madison McMullan and 14-21 Janet Monk. The Young girls are a real credit to this team, and were seen to play some excellent bowls. They are players that have come on really well over the last few seasons, well done to Mooragh for the work they have put in with the youngsters of the club. 

Castletown A 189-59 Castletown B (9-0)

Ballaugh B 82-182 South Ramsey (2-7)

Douglas 140-134 Port St Mary (5-4)

Port Erin 162-105 Marown B (6-3)

Marown A 180-119 Mooragh Park (7-2)

Nobles 135-157 Ballaugh A (4-5)

Jean Kelly Prelim Round Results

Marown A (+13) 190-165 Castletown A (+12) 6-3

Mooragh Park (+43) 221-170 Douglas (+61) 7-2

South Ramsey (+19) 194-157 Port Erin (+56) 8-1

Ballaugh B (+63) 123-228 Ballaugh A (+39) 0-9

The Quarter Final Stages to be held Wed 15th May

Nobles (SCR) V Ballaugh A (+9)

Marown A (SCR) V Castletown B (+9)

South Ramsey (SCR) V Marown B (+9)

Peel Sunset (SCR) V Mooragh Park (+9)

Great home win for Ballaugh A in Over 60’s

Ballaugh A take a 1 point win from Castletown A.

Castletown A travelled to Ballaugh A and won 4 games to Ballaugh’s 2. But with some fantastic bowling from the Ballaugh side they won the game by just 1 point 101-100. Julie Reilly just lost out 20-21 to Barbara Young (Castletown).

At Nobles park the ladies were in fine form against Port Erin B 126-32 (6-0) Pat Heesom (PE) managed to reach double figures for her club to gain a few points losing 21-13. Nobles won all the other 5 games to low single figures.

 Marown 91-111 South Ramsey (2-4)

Nobles 126-32 Port Erin B (6-0)

Ballaugh A 101-100 Castletown A (2-4)

Castletown B 85-118 Peel Sunset (1-5)

Onchan A 116-94 Ballaugh B (5-1)

Port Erin A 126-47 Mooragh Park B (6-0)

Port St Mary A 106-92 Finch Hill (4-2)

South Ramsey chasing the top of the League with a 9-0 home victory

Port Erin visited South Ramsey on a chilly Friday to be left disappointed with coming away without a win. The South Ramsey girls are back on top form winning all their games. Sue Collier and new teammate Joyce Ogden both won 21-1. Joyce moved to the South Ramsey Team this season and seems to be coping well on the new home green, winning all her home games so far this season.

The closest game of the night was Castletown B 139-135 Ballaugh B (5-4) The newly formed Ballaugh side will be disappointed to have been so close to a win losing out by just 4 points. But keep it going ladies as I’m sure that the win isn’t far away. 

Mooragh Park 161 -113 Douglas (6-3)

Port St Mary 130-173 Castletown A (2-7)

Nobles 116-183 Marown A (2-7)

Ballaugh A 187-95 Peel Sunset (8-1)