News: Winter League

The first full week of Owl Fixtures got underway

The first Wednesday Round Robin took place on 5 October with 14 members taking to the green, each being draw into 7 sets of doubles. First and second place were within 2 points of each other whereas third was some ten points behind second. First place went to Margie Tasker and Gillian Jopson with 35 points, second to Dougie Allan and Sylvia Kennaugh with 33 points and third being Les Brookes and Sid McKnight on 23.
Saturday, 8 October saw four teams take to the green, two teams being the newly formed Sunset Seven and the Nobles Globetrotters.
Sunset Seven got off to a great start winning four out of the six games, whilst the Globetrotters won two games. The closest scoring was a win for the Sunset Sevens with Lynda Wilson holding Stephen Corkill to 17, whilst Grahem Moore of the Globetrotters kept Jeoff Wilson to 17.
Seven Up came a close second by losing the match by 1 point, it was 109 to All But and 108 to Seven Up. The closest games being a win to Seven Up doubles Andy Kennish and Nick Firth who held Bryan Corner and Richie Davies to 17, whilst Willie Corkill from All But had a close battle with Derek Allen but Willie took victory by 1 point.
The Globetrotters then took on Seven Up, with Seven Up almost having a clean sweep but for the double act of Phil Salmon and Sam Colquitt taking a game. The closest wins for Seven Up were that of Derek Allen and Mark Kelly who beat Michael Johnson and Stephen Corkill to 18 points, respectively.
All But then took on Sunset Seven and took a win in four of the games. There were two close games where Celia Joughin took the win for All but holding Jeoff Wilson to 19, while Harry Kelly for Sunset Seven kept Willie Corkill to 19.
Sunset Seven 112 (6), Nobles Globetrotters 95 (2); Seven Up 108 (3), All But 109 (5); Nobles Globetrotters 102 (1), Seven Up 119 (7); All But 123 (6) Sunset Seven 99 (2).
Sunday, 9 October saw again four teams take to the green with one new team being the Odd Bowls.
Parkers took on The Lakers and they took victory in 3 of the six games but victory was to the Lakers on points. The closest games were both winners for the Parkers, Mike Alexander holding Brian Kelly to 20, whilst Jo Smith held James Kelly to 19.
Odd Bowls took on the Castletown Cannons, again the match victory being taken on points which went in favour of the Cannons. The Cannons double act Joy Stephens and Sue Kerruish held David Pease and Les Quayle to 18, whereas Odd Bowls Mark Taylor kept Alan Phair to 20.
The Cannons second game was not as successful as they unfortunately did not win a game given the maximum possible score of 126 to the Parkers. George Peach from the Cannons had a tussle with Mike Thomas but stayed on 20. Mike Alexander from the Parkers also held Alan Phair to 18 points.
The Lakers took victory in four games against Odd Bowls, although the closest scoring game of the match was a win to Odd Bowls. Les Brookes and Stephen Oates teamed together in the dobleas and kept Tracy Moore and Sue Gawne to 19.
Parkers 105 (3), The Lakers 119 (5); Odd Bowls 107 (3), Castletown Cannons 113 (5); Castletown Cannons 88 (0), Parkers 126 (8); Lakers 110 (6), Odd Bowls 91 (2).

Outdoor Winter League 2022-23

The Outdoor Winter League has started with what was fabulous sunny weather for both days with a good turnout of members.
Saturday, 1 October had twenty six members take to the green , which for the first half of the season is on Nobles 2 Green rather than Nobles 3.
There were seven sets of doubles and four sets of triples, the latter using black jacks and the former using yellow.
The doubles winners were Caroline Whitehead and Julian Rothera, who took victory from Brian Colquitt and Cliff Clague who scored 35 points.
The triples victors were Greg Barlow, Joyce Kelly and Harry Kelly who managed to sore 21 in one of the games making them a hard team to beat. They scored a total of 32 points, leaving in second place Alan Phair, James Kelly and Gill Morgan with 26 points.
Sunday, 2 October saw some familiar faces return to the green, with fifteen members showing up for the second round robin. These member played triples using yellow jacks. There was only one point between first and second place but the winners were Michael Johnson, Kevin Firth and Margie Tasker scoring 35 points with second place going to Sid McKnight, Stephen Corkill and Greg Barlow.
League fixtures will begin, weather permitting on Saturday, 8 October.

TQ triumphs in club championship

Three former winners were in the smaller than usual gang that participated in the Pronto Plumbing sponsored outdoor winter bowling club championship, which took place on Saturday.

However, when the final took to the green after about four hours play there was to be a new name on the winner’s list, with two team-mates from Louie’s Angels battling it out.

At the last eight stage, Trevor Quayle beat 2020 winner Stefan Kelly, before getting the better of Caroline Whitehead in their semi-final; Wayne Roberts meanwhile comfortably overcame the challenges of Marg Tasker and former champion Alan Moore.

Quayle took an early lead in the final before his opponent went on a good run and after 10 ends Roberts had a 16-10 advantage.

Five ends later the game was all-square at 16-across, but although Roberts did take another two singles it was TQ who triumphed 21-18 and therefore took the title for the first time.

Results – quarter-finals: Trevor Quayle 21 Stefan Kelly 18, Caroline Whitehead 21 Tricia Bull 19, Marg Tasker 9 Wayne Roberts 21, Alan Moore 21 Fiona Kennish 12; semi-finals: Quayle 21 Whitehead 13, Roberts 21 Moore 10; final: Quayle 21 Roberts 18.

Wednesday, 9 March saw ten members take to the green playing in one group of doubles. The winners scored eighteen points, but two couples scored eighteen, Paul Callister and Trevor Barker along with Margie Tasker and Sue Gawne. 

Sunday, 13 March saw four teams take to the green in the final set of re-arranged fixtures, Bit n Bobs, Parkers, WALOB and Mooragh Lakers.

WALOB took on Lakers and although the latter won four out of the six games, WALOB won on points by the closest of margins. Unfortunately, Lakers were unable to field a full team and were one player down. The closest win for the Lakers was won by Alison Kearsley who held Ken Karran to 20 points.

Bobs took on Parkers and thankfully Gillian Jopson managed a win for Bobs meaning Parkers couldn’t get the maximum 126, but they did get 125. Geoff Collier for Bobs put up a great fight but was held at 19 points by Paul Clinton.

Lakers then played Bobs, and Bobs won four of the games. Sue McCourt had a really close game after being a long way down, she made a come back from being on 7 points to win, keeping Luke Kenna on 19 points.

The last game of the day and in turn the season, was Parkers against WALOB. The Parkers won five out of the six games. The doubles pairing of Terry Moore and Mike Thomas beat Sid Bolton and Tony Hart to 20, whilst the other close game points wise was that won by Mike Alexander who held Ken Karran to 19.

WALOB 4 (104), Mooragh Lakers 4 (103); Bits n Bobs 1 (91), Parkers 7 (125); Mooragh Lakers 2 (96), Bits n Bobs 6 (108); Parkers 7 (113) WALOB 1 (103). 

This weekend will see the final two days of club bowls for this winter campaign, beginning with a round robin on Saturday, followed 24 hours later by the Best versus Rest event and prize presentations, for which raffle prizes would be very much appreciated.

Proceedings begin at 1pm and taking part in Sunday’s contest will be league champions, Louie’s Angels, supported by the ladies’ merit winner, Sue Gawne; and members of runners-up Seven-Up, who will make up the Best team.

The remaining individual merit winners, or representatives, will form the Rest team.

A weekend of delayed fixtures

It was a full weekend of re-scheduled fixtures over the weekend in outdoor winter league crown green bowls with the sun even shining.

Saturday, 5 March saw four teams take to the green, Mooragh Lakers, WALOB, Bits n Bobs and Parkers.

Lakers took on WALOB for the first game, and took four wins out of the six. The two wins for WALOB were Lyn Bolton, who brought to an end the unbeaten run of opponent Sue Gawne, and Toby Hart. The closest scoring games for Lakers were won by Janet Monk who kept Joyce Ogden to 19, and Alison Kearsley who kept Kim Hargraves to 18.

The second game on the green was Parkers against Bits n Bobs, with the only victory for Bobs being achieved by Sue Collier who kept Mike Alexander to 17, and the other closest game was for Mike Thomas who kept Pauline Cowley to 20.

Bobs then took on Lakers and unfortunately did not manage to win a game, but Geoff Collier had the most successful scoring game by getting 17 against Walter McCarthy.

The final game of the day was WALOB against Parkers, with 4 wins going to WALOB. The doubles pairing for WALOB of Sid Bolton and Tony Hart had a battle with Peter Karran and Mike Alexander but managed the win by one point. Lyn Bolton held Sid McKnight to 17, whilst Colin Spence for the Parkers kept Joyce Ogden to 17.

Louie’s Angels player Matthew Keggen was confirmed as this year’s individual merit winner after the defeat of Sue Gawne, with Trevor Quayle (also Angels) taking second in the standings. 

Mooragh Lakers 6 (113), WALOB 2 (105); Parkers 7 (122), Bits n Bobs 1 (96); Bits n Bobs 0 (66), Mooragh Lakers 8 (126); WALOB 6 (114), Parkers 2 (106).

Sunday, 6 March had three teams take to the green, Nobles Nutters, Castletown Corkers and Parkers once again and thanks must go to them for fulfilling their fixtures over the two days.

Nobles Nutters won all the games that they fielded players for, but unfortunately had to give a game to Corkers due to being a player short. The doubles pairing of Tina Hampson and Mark Bradshaw came out victors against Grace and Lily Gawne by one point. 

Corkers then took on Parkers and unfortunately for the southern outfit, Parkers won all games giving them the maximum points available.

The final game of the day was Parkers against the Nutters and it was level on games won, meaning the decision on the winning team was on chalks which went to the Parkers. The three games won by the Nutters were the closest scoring. Stephen Hampson keeping Jo Smith to 17, junior Alex Hampson keeping Mike Alexander to 18 and Sylvia Kennaugh holding Sid McKnight to 19.

Nobles Nutters 7 (111), Castletown Corkers 1 (84); Castletown Corkers 0 (68), Parkers 8 (126); Parkers 5 (117), Nobles Nutters 3 (87).

Could we take this opportunity to remind all those in possession of any trophies to return them ready for this year’s presentations. Likewise, the club are looking for donations of raffle prizes for the best v rest presentation event on Sunday, 20 March.

Ahead of that, this Saturday sees the club championship take place and with an entry of 31 proceedings will get underway at 12 noon prompt; while on Sunday the final set of re-arranged games will take place.

Seven Up secure second spot

The Outdoor Winter League sponsored by Pronto Plumbing had a full week of fixtures, after the storms disrupted play the previous week.

Wednesday, 23 February saw the Round Robin take place with 20 members taking to the green, split into two groups of doubles. The outstanding winners of the yellow jack group by 13 points was Margie Tasker and Dougie Allan, with runner up going to Ken Karran and Peter Corlett. The second group was a closer run competition with only one point between the winner and second place. Taking victory on 26 points was Brian Colquitt and Alan Phair, with Peter Kennaugh and Sue Gawne came in second with 25.

Saturday, 26 February saw three teams take to the green, WALOB, All But and the Outsiders. WALOB took on All But and secured five wins, which led to Bryan Corner the only winner for All But holding Lyn Bolton to 11 points. Tony Hart had the closest scoring game in which he held Willie Corkill to 20. 

All But then took on the Outsiders and again won one of the games, Celia Joughin this time holding Steve Cook to 19, the other close game was when Jenny Moore held Brian Aspden to 20. Unfortunately for All But they were a player short in both games.

WALOB then took on the Outsiders and each team secured three wins. The doubles pairing for WALOB Sid Bolton and Toby Hart kept James Teare and Kevin Firth to 20 and Kim Hargraves kept Jenny Moore to 18. The closest scoring game with the Outsiders taking the game was when Frank Watson kept Lyn Bolton to 18.

WALOB 7 (116), All But 1 (82); All But 1 (87), Outsiders 7 (124); Outsiders 5 (117), WALOB 3 (103).

Sunday, 27 February again had three teams take to the green Mooragh Lakers, Castletown Corkers and Seven Up. The Lakers took on the Corkers and they won every game giving them the maximum score of 126 for the match. The Corkers then took on Seven Up and unfortunately again did not manage a win, meaning Seven Up got the maximum score available. 

Seven Up then took on the Lakers and secured four wins. The closest games were both wins for Seven Up with Dougie Allan keeping Janet Monk to 17, and Kevin Quirk likewise keeping Walter McCarthy to 17.

Mooragh Lakers 8 (126), Castletown Corkers 0 (74); Castletown Corkers 0 (61), Seven Up 8 (126);  Seven Up 6 (112), Mooragh Lakers 2 (92).

Could I please remind those teams / people in possession of any trophies to return them ready for this year’s presentations. Please remember these were awarded two years ago. Likewise, we are looking for donations of raffle prizes for the best v rest presentation on Sunday, 20 March.

Ahead of this, entries are still open for the Club Championship which will take place on Saturday, 12 March.

Angels secure first title

The Outdoor Winter League managed to hold some of its fixtures this week; the usual Round Robin held on Wednesday took place with a total of 23 members taking to the green. The players were split into two groups, one of doubles and one of triples. Dave Faragher and Margie Tasker took the win in the doubles by 2 points, keeping Derek Allen and Ken Karran to 26. The triples saw Brian Colquitt, Pauline Cowley and Tricia Bull take the win by 5 points against Dougie Allan, Sue McCourt and Gillian Jopson leaving them on 23.

Saturday, 12 February saw three games take to the green, Castletown Cannons, Seven Up and Louie’s Angels.

Seven Up took on the Angels and won three of the six games played, with Angels also winning three. The points gained took the overall match win for the Angels. The closest scoring win for Seven Up was that of Dougie Allan who held Margie Tasker to 19, whilst Matthew Keggen for the Angels likewise held Mark Kelly to 19.

Angels then took on the Cannons and took five out of the six wins. George Peach for the Cannons scored a win keeping Tricia Bull on 15. 

The Cannons then took on Seven Up and unfortunately were unable to secure a win, allowing Seven Up to achieve the maximum points available.

Louie’s Angels have been involved with the winter league since the start. One of three original teams along with Castletown Corkers and Seven Up, The Outdoor Winter League started in 2001-02.

Although there are still a few fixtures to play, this is the first time Louies Angels have won the league. Their previous best place was runners-up in 2011-12.

Seven Up 3 (102), Louie’s Angels 5 (113); Louie’s Angels 7 (120), Castletown Cannons 1 (73); Castletown Cannons 0 (67), Seven Up 8 (126).

The games on Sunday, 13 February were postponed and will be played on Sunday, 20 February.

Programme wiped out

Well the three storms that hit the island last week brought the Outdoor Winter League crown green bowls, sponsored by Pronto Plumbing to an abrupt halt. The usual Round Robin on Wednesday and the weekend fixtures as expected did not go ahead.

This weekends fixtures are to go ahead as planned and then the remaining fixtures will be as follows.

Saturday, 5 March: Mooragh Lakers v  WALOB, Parkers v Bits n Bobs, Bits n Bobs v Mooragh Lakers, WALOB v Parkers.

Sunday, 6 March: Nobles Nutters v Castletown Corkers, Castletown Corkers v Parkers, Parkers v Nobles Nutters.

Saturday, 12 March: Club Championship 12 noon start.

Sunday, 13 March: WALOB v Mooragh Lakers, Bits n Bobs v Parkers, Mooragh Lakers v Bits n Bobs, Parkers v WALOB.

Saturday, 19 March: Free Day

Sunday, 20 March: Presentations and Best v The Rest, which will feature the league winners, plus support players, against the merit winners from the remaining 10 teams.

Please don’t forget entries are being taken at Noble 3 Green for the Club Championship which is to be held on Saturday, 12 March.

Second position battle continues

The hardy members of the Outdoor Winter League Crown Green Bowls took to the green in what were rather cold weather extremes this week.

Wednesday, 2nd February was the usual round robin where 26 members took part in what was a group of doubles and a group of triples. There was three points between first and second place in the doubles. Bryan Corner and Pat Rigby scoring 38 and Julian Rothera and Joy Stephens scoring 35.

The winners in the triples scored 30 leaving two groups in joint second on 25. The winners being Judith Moore, Terry Bates and Kevin Firth. The two groups in second place were Ken Karran, Sue McCourt and Lil Smith and Ivor Moore, Tricia Bull and Billy Blair.

Saturday, 5th February saw three teams take to the green, Bits n Bobs, Seven Up and WALOB. The first match on the green was Bobs against Seven Up. The Bobs took one game from Seven up with Gillian Jopson holding Reg Temporaza to 16, and Sue McCourt almost made it a second win but unfortunately Derek Allen managed to leave Sue on 20.

The second match on the green was Seven Up against WALOB, and it was a full six games win for Seven Up giving them the maximum points available. WALOB had two games that were close, Kim Hargraves scoring 20 and Lyn Bolton scoring 19.

The final match of the session was WALOB against Bobs. Bobs managed to win two of the six games, the doubles pairing of Sue Collier and Sue McCourt, and Franz ten Donkelaar keeping WALOB from getting the maximum points available.

Bits n Bobs 1 (83), Seven Up 7 (121); Seven Up 8 (126), WALOB 0 (89); WALOB 6 (111), Bits n Bobs 2 (99).

Sunday, 6th February saw four teams take to the green in again what was rather windy conditions. All But, Nobles Nutters, Outsiders and Castletown Corkers battled it out. All But took to the green playing the Nutters and took three wins and almost took a fourth when Lil Smith got to 20 points, but Sylvia Kennaugh for the Nutters took the win. The Nutters also took three wins the next closest scoring one being a win by Dave Naughton who kept Brian Aspen to 19. All But took the match victory on points.

Outsiders then took on the Corkers and took victory in five out of the six games. The loss they had was when Kevin Firth scored 19 points with Dave Faragher taking the win. Frank Watson had a really close game against Grace Gawne but held her to 20 to secure the win.

Nutters then took on the Outsiders, again Outsiders taking the win in five games. The only loss was the doubles, Tina Hampson and Mark Bradshaw kept Jenny Moore and Ben Dugdale to 16 points. Frank Watson again had a close game, this time keeping Dave Naughton to 19.

The final game was Corkers against All But, continuing what appeared to be a theme of five wins was All But, there only loss being Peter Kennaugh who unfortunately took on Dave Faragher who won his second game of the session. The only significantly close game was the doubles, where Brian Aspen and Celia Joughin held sisters Grace and Lily Gawne to 19.

All But 5 (118), Nobles Nutters 3 (103); Outsiders 7 (124), Castletown Corkers 1 (86); Nobles Nutters 1 (91), Outsiders 7 (121); Castletown Corkers 1 (78), All But 7 (114).

Entries are now being taken at Noble 3 Green for the Club Championship which is to be held on Saturday, 12 March.

Angels flying towards title

The weather is being kind and yet again the crown green bowling outdoor winter league has had a full week of fixtures.

Wednesday, 26 January saw 25 members take to the green for a round robin. The players were drawn into two groups, one of doubles and the other triples.

Starting with the doubles which was won by a mere four points by Bryan Corner and Julian Rothera, leaving Lil Smith and Lawrence McMullen second with 26 points. The triples was won by Margie Tasker, Dougie Allen and Billy Blair scoring 30 points, whilst a joint second place went to Terry Bates, Peter Corlett and Ivor Moore on 24 points and Brian Colquitt, Willie Corkill and Tricia Bull scoring the same.

Saturday, 29 January saw four team battling it out on the green, Louie’s Angels, Bits n Bobs, WALOB and Castletown Cannons. Bits n Bobs took on Angels for the first match and luckily for Bobs Franz ten Donkelaar played as he was the only winner for them, as he beat Tricia Bull to 20. The only other close point scoring game was that of the doubles which saw Margie Tasker and Wayne Roberts holding Julian Rothera and Sue McCourt to 18.

At the same time WALOB were playing Cannons, George Peach being the only winner for the Castletown outfit, by keeping Steve Waters to 18 points, unfortunately Sue Kerruish couldn’t secure a second win for the Cannons  as Ken Karran took the game by one point. 

The second half saw the Angels take on WALOB, the Angels only losing one game when Sid Bolton took victory from Wayne Roberts.

The Bobs took on Cannons, and again were thankful for Franz playing as he and Billy Blair were the only wins, Franz beating Elaine McElroy and Billy holding Barbara Young to 20.

Bit n Bobs 1 (79), Louie’s Angels 7 (125); WALOB 7 (123), Castletown Cannons 1 (92); Louie’s Angels 7 (119), WALOB 1 (99); Castletown Cannons 6 (116), Bits N Bobs 2 (98).

Sunday, 30 January likewise saw four teams battle it out, All But, Mooragh Lakers, Outsiders and Parkers. All But took on Lakers and secured one win by Brian Aspden, who held Shannon McMullan to 19 points. There were two other close scoring games Jane Lothian was held to 20 points by Alison Kearsley and Lil Smith to 19 points by Walter McCarthy.

Outsiders took on Parkers and they won all but one game. The doubles Elaine Moore and Fiona Kennish could only stay on 20 points as Mike Thomas and Jo Smith took the win.

Lakers then played the Outsiders, and took wins in four of the six games. Tracy Moore held Elaine Moore to 19, Walter McCarthy also had a close game as he kept Tony Dugdale to 18 points.

Parkers then played All But and both teams secured three game wins each. There was only one game that was really close and that was won by Jo Smith of the Parkers, as she held Brian Aspden to 20. The win on chalks went to All But who scored 10 more points overall in the match.

All But 1 (99), Mooragh Lakers 7 (124); Outsiders 7 (125), Parkers 1 (97); Mooragh Lakers 6 (110), Outsiders 2 (109); Parkers 3 (100), All But 5 (110).

Seven Up push on

Another week of winter league crown green bowls sponsored by Pronto Plumbing has taken place.

Wednesday, 19 January saw the usual Round Robin take place with twenty one members taking to the green. There were seven sets of triples battling it out. The winners being David Clucas, Reg Temporaza and Paul Callister scoring 38 points, a close second was Margie Tasker, Dougie Allan and Billy Blair scoring 36 points.

Saturday, 22 January was a free day in the calendar, so a Round Robin was held. Fifteen members took to the green for a triples event on what was a sunny but chilly afternoon.

There was a ten point difference between the first and second place, and then a further five points for third. The winners being Bryan Corner, Julian Rothera and Tricia Bull, second place was Andy Kennish, Philippa Taylor and Margie Tasker and third place was Derek Allen, Alec Taylor and Pauline Cowley.

Sunday, 23 January saw three teams take to the green, Seven Up, Parkers and Mooragh Lakers.

Parkers were first on the green playing the Lakers, there were four points difference in the final match score although the Parkers only managed to win two games. The closest scoring games were won by the Lakers. The doubles pairing of Sue Gawne and Tracy Moore held Paul Callister and Mike Alexander to 18, whilst Walter McCarthy kept Paul Clinton to 20.

Seven Up then took on Parkers, unfortunately for Parkers, Seven Up took victory in all six games taking the match with maximum 126 points. The doubles pairing of Derek Allen and Alec Taylor had the closest fought game as they managed the win by 1 point against Jo Smith and Colin Spence.

The next game of the day was Lakers against Seven Up. The Lakers won two of the games with the doubles Shannon McMullan and Brian Kelly having a close game against Derek Allen and Alec Taylor holding them to 18. Dougie Allan from Seven Up also had a close game keeping Tracy Moore to 18 points.

Parkers 2 (109), Mooragh Lakers 6 (113); Seven Up 8 (126), Parkers 0 (93); Mooragh Lakers 2 (104), Seven Up 6 (115).