Outdoor Winter League 2022-23

The Outdoor Winter League has started with what was fabulous sunny weather for both days with a good turnout of members.
Saturday, 1 October had twenty six members take to the green , which for the first half of the season is on Nobles 2 Green rather than Nobles 3.
There were seven sets of doubles and four sets of triples, the latter using black jacks and the former using yellow.
The doubles winners were Caroline Whitehead and Julian Rothera, who took victory from Brian Colquitt and Cliff Clague who scored 35 points.
The triples victors were Greg Barlow, Joyce Kelly and Harry Kelly who managed to sore 21 in one of the games making them a hard team to beat. They scored a total of 32 points, leaving in second place Alan Phair, James Kelly and Gill Morgan with 26 points.
Sunday, 2 October saw some familiar faces return to the green, with fifteen members showing up for the second round robin. These member played triples using yellow jacks. There was only one point between first and second place but the winners were Michael Johnson, Kevin Firth and Margie Tasker scoring 35 points with second place going to Sid McKnight, Stephen Corkill and Greg Barlow.
League fixtures will begin, weather permitting on Saturday, 8 October.