The first full week of Owl Fixtures got underway

The first Wednesday Round Robin took place on 5 October with 14 members taking to the green, each being draw into 7 sets of doubles. First and second place were within 2 points of each other whereas third was some ten points behind second. First place went to Margie Tasker and Gillian Jopson with 35 points, second to Dougie Allan and Sylvia Kennaugh with 33 points and third being Les Brookes and Sid McKnight on 23.
Saturday, 8 October saw four teams take to the green, two teams being the newly formed Sunset Seven and the Nobles Globetrotters.
Sunset Seven got off to a great start winning four out of the six games, whilst the Globetrotters won two games. The closest scoring was a win for the Sunset Sevens with Lynda Wilson holding Stephen Corkill to 17, whilst Grahem Moore of the Globetrotters kept Jeoff Wilson to 17.
Seven Up came a close second by losing the match by 1 point, it was 109 to All But and 108 to Seven Up. The closest games being a win to Seven Up doubles Andy Kennish and Nick Firth who held Bryan Corner and Richie Davies to 17, whilst Willie Corkill from All But had a close battle with Derek Allen but Willie took victory by 1 point.
The Globetrotters then took on Seven Up, with Seven Up almost having a clean sweep but for the double act of Phil Salmon and Sam Colquitt taking a game. The closest wins for Seven Up were that of Derek Allen and Mark Kelly who beat Michael Johnson and Stephen Corkill to 18 points, respectively.
All But then took on Sunset Seven and took a win in four of the games. There were two close games where Celia Joughin took the win for All but holding Jeoff Wilson to 19, while Harry Kelly for Sunset Seven kept Willie Corkill to 19.
Sunset Seven 112 (6), Nobles Globetrotters 95 (2); Seven Up 108 (3), All But 109 (5); Nobles Globetrotters 102 (1), Seven Up 119 (7); All But 123 (6) Sunset Seven 99 (2).
Sunday, 9 October saw again four teams take to the green with one new team being the Odd Bowls.
Parkers took on The Lakers and they took victory in 3 of the six games but victory was to the Lakers on points. The closest games were both winners for the Parkers, Mike Alexander holding Brian Kelly to 20, whilst Jo Smith held James Kelly to 19.
Odd Bowls took on the Castletown Cannons, again the match victory being taken on points which went in favour of the Cannons. The Cannons double act Joy Stephens and Sue Kerruish held David Pease and Les Quayle to 18, whereas Odd Bowls Mark Taylor kept Alan Phair to 20.
The Cannons second game was not as successful as they unfortunately did not win a game given the maximum possible score of 126 to the Parkers. George Peach from the Cannons had a tussle with Mike Thomas but stayed on 20. Mike Alexander from the Parkers also held Alan Phair to 18 points.
The Lakers took victory in four games against Odd Bowls, although the closest scoring game of the match was a win to Odd Bowls. Les Brookes and Stephen Oates teamed together in the dobleas and kept Tracy Moore and Sue Gawne to 19.
Parkers 105 (3), The Lakers 119 (5); Odd Bowls 107 (3), Castletown Cannons 113 (5); Castletown Cannons 88 (0), Parkers 126 (8); Lakers 110 (6), Odd Bowls 91 (2).