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Ladies’ new season 2015

The ladies’ crown green bowling season gets under way next week with the night league starting on Wednesday 8 April and the over 60’s the following morning.

It will be interesting to see the composition of teams for this year – we know that there are going to be changes at Mooragh Park and the usual odd individual changing club. Nobles’ Mixed are changing their name and will be dropping the “Mixed” to be known as just Nobles’.

Port St Mary should be favourites to retain the all age league title, but despite their changes Mooragh Park will not be throwing in the towel. Watch out for Castletown and South Ramsey coming through on the rails while Peel Sunset and Nobles’ cannot be discounted.

In the over 60’s league champions Port St Mary A look like favourites to retain their title but second placed Mooragh Park, closely followed by Peel Sunset, Ballaugh and Noble’s who may have something to say about that. Things may be swayed by teams gaining players who have turned sixty since last year, and by players changing clubs.

THE JEAN KELLY Team Handicap Competition gets under on Wednesday 22 April.

Handicaps: Port St Mary Scr; Castletown +5/ +10; South Ramsey +5/+10; Peel Sunset +15/+20; Nobles’ +15/+20; Douglas +25/+30; Ballaugh +25/+30; Port Erin +25/ +30; Purt-le-Moirrey +40/+45; Marown +40/+45; Onchan +40/+45

Preliminary Round 22 April

Port St Mary scr v Peel Sunset +20; Marown +40 v South Ramsey +10; Port Erin +25 v Nobles’ +20


Best shine at finale

The latest campaign was brought to a conclusion over the weekend in the Manx Petroleum sponsored Outdoor Winter League Bowling Club as they enjoyed favourable weather at two events which included the prize presentations.

The annual Best versus Rest contest opened proceedings on Sunday and saw possibly the most one-sided outcome in the history of the club as the Best lived up to their name and whitewashed their opponents 11-0.

The victors were made-up with members of league winners, Rule Breakers, the women’s merit winner and one player from runners-up, Seven Up; their opponents were representatives from the remaining 11 teams.

Unfortunately five of the merit winners were not available so replacement team players took part.

Scores (Best first, Breakers unless stated): John Kennish 21, Barbara Young (Castletown Cannons representative) 12; Fiona Kennish 21, Lil Smith (Roller Bowlers) 16; Elaine Moore 21, Edwina Reid (Bits n Bobs rep) 13; Stefan Kelly 21, Margy Tasker (Louie’s Angels) 11; Glynn Hargraves 21, Caroline Whitehead (Erin Porters rep) 14; Kevin Quirk (Seven Up) 21, Dave Faragher (Castletown Corkers rep) 11; Dido Kelly 21, James Teare (Mooragh Lakers rep) 14; Jenny Moore (M. Lakers, ladies merit winner) 21, Nigel Thomas (Bowling for Soup) 19; Mark Kneen 21, Connie Pettegrew (Govags) 14; David Bradford 21, Jordan Cain (Seven Up) 13; Alan Moore 21, Jo Smith (Parkers rep) 11. Best 232 (11) Rest 148 (0).

The prize presentations followed and proceedings began with the merit winners – those who didn’t get to play and collect their awards were Mike Thomas (Parkers), Bernard Thackrah (Erin Porters), Sid Bolton (C. Corkers), Peter Curtis (C. Cannons) and Kim Hargraves (Bits n Bobs).

Club president, Jack Lee welcomed Jenn Clucas from sponsor Manx Petroleum to hand out the prizes and they included overall merit winner John Kennish who received the Derek Killey Memorial Cup, followed by Jenny Moore, winner of the Geoff Osborn trophy as leading lady.

The league honours were next and included Angels (fifth), Lakers (fourth), Bowling for Soup (third), Seven Up (runners-up) along with victors Rule Breakers.

Last but not least is was the club champion, David Bradford who collected his award, with the runners-up spot going to Dido Kelly.

The final two round robins held saw Doug Allan, Alec Taylor and Les Halsall finish first, with Rita Callister, Hazel Hughes and Erwin Gelling second in one group, while Jordan Cain, Shirley Whelan and Derek Allen won theirs ahead of Joan Murphy, Tricia Bull and Peter Karran.

Lastly the Saturday gang had Louis Callister and Peter Karran as victors; Bernie McPhee and Lynda Cadamy were second, with Lil Smith and Tricia Bull third.

At the conclusion of the season thanks are expressed to Douglas Corporation staff, for a fantastic job with the green and also anyone who helped in any way and contributed to Sunday’s refreshments and raffle.

Bradford is club champion

An entry of 35 battled for the honour of club champion in the Manx Petroleum sponsored Outdoor Winter League Bowling Club on Saturday and it was David ‘Drof’ Bradford who emerged as the winner to add to his merit success in the 2005-06 season.

Sadly once again the mood around the green was a little subdued as news spread of the sudden death of popular Onchan and Parkers member, Peter Kniveton – perhaps it was a fitting tribute that a summer club-mate should be triumphant on the day.

Peter was in action for his team the previous Sunday and was about to embark on a holiday just a couple of weeks after celebrating his 80th birthday.

A familiar face around the Island greens, he will be missed, especially at the Onchan club. Our thoughts and sympathies go to his wife Jan and family.

The action got underway at 12 noon to help get the event completed in one day and there were some exciting encounters during the opening rounds all ending with only the seventh different winner from 14 championships.

One team dominated the quarter-finals line-up with six members of league winning outfit, Rule Breakers, being joined by five time champion Kevin Quirk (Seven Up) and newly crowned ladies merit winner, Jenny Moore (Mooragh Lakers).

Fallers at this stage were Elaine Moore, Quirk, Stefan Kelly and Glynn Hargraves, who had earlier put paid to a fourth straight title for team-mate John Kennish.

Just three points in favour of Dave ‘Dido’ Kelly separated him in victory over Alan Moore, while a first class exhibition of corner bowling saw Bradford ease home to see brother and sister eliminated in the semi finals.

Playing off six just like the league fixtures this season for the first time, it was first blood to Kelly, but then both players had runs of four ends apiece to share the 24 points on the card.

Dido, playing with a set of woods for the first time, struggled to make his two’s and even though having won more ends trailed by one after the fifteenth.

The new champion then moved into top gear and led 20-15 before a measure couldn’t separate either player’s woods, however this only delayed the outcome as Drof headed back to the corner and emerged as a worthy winner 21-15.

This Sunday will be the club’s prize presentations, preceded as always by the traditional best versus rest event starting at 1pm. The best will be made up from league winners Rule Breakers, the ladies merit winner and one player from second placed Seven Up.

Their opponents will feature Jordan Cain or Kevin Quirk (Seven Up), Nigel Thomas (Bowling for Soup), James Teare (Mooragh Lakers), Margy Tasker (Louie’s Angels), Dave Faragher (Castletown Corkers, merit winner Sid Bolton unavailable), Mike Thomas (Parkers), Lil Smith (Roller Bowlers), Caroline Whitehead (Erin Porters, Bernard Thackrah not available), Connie Pettegrew (Govags), Kim Hargraves (Bits n Bobs) and for Castletown Cannons it will be Barbara Young replacing Peter Curtis.

The day before will be the final round robin session of the campaign as it has been decided that the club will close down at the end of proceedings on Sunday 22 March (providing the day’s event goes ahead).

Two other round robins to bring news on; firstly amidweek session held recently drew an entry of 33 which was played in two groups of triples, the winners being Louis Callister, Shirley Corrin and Lynda Cadamy, along with Bernard Thackrah, Viv Rush and Les Halsall.

Missing out in second were Allan Kennaugh, Peter Karran and Tricia Bull, and after a roll-up, Philippa Taylor, Elaine McElroy and Jean Thackrah.

Sunday had a smaller gang take part in a session of triples and doubles, which had the threesome of Derek Cadamy, Ken Karran and Alan Moore beat Lynda Cadamy, MargyTasker and Peter Karran.

This while the pairing of Philippa Taylor and Gordon Corrin just pipped Lil Smith and Jenny Moore.

Final weekend of league action

Positional battles were a big feature over the last weekend of league action in the Manx Petroleum sponsored Outdoor Winter League Bowling Club, along with the destination of the ladies merit trophy.

But could the weather put a spanner in the works for those participating on Saturday with gale force winds in which it was difficult enough to stand never mind play bowls.

Three teams occupying places in the top half of the table had to battle the elements, the first clash being between Mooragh Lakers and Castletown Corkers which ended in a draw on 108 points apiece.

This left Lakers with a target of 88 in their final fixture to move above Louie’s Angels into fourth, but at the same time denied Corkers the same opportunity as they needed maximum points to finish above their southern neighbours.

Seven-Up then joined in and eased to victory over Corkers to place one hand on the runners-up spot, before completing the job with an equally comfortable success against Lakers, who themselves did just enough to climb above Angels by a margin of just five points.

The winner of the Geoff Osborn trophy awarded to the leading lady in the overall merit was decided in this fixture with Jenny Moore (Lakers) finishing just ahead of Margaret Tasker (Angels), Lyn Bolton (Corkers) took third. More details on this in next week’s report.

Corkers meanwhile would have to wait 24 hours to see if a 228 point gap would be enough to see them hang on in sixth with Parkers involved in a rearranged session the following afternoon.

Results for Saturday, March 7: Mooragh Lakers 108 (2) Jenny Moore and James Teare, Castletown Corkers 108 (4) Dave Hollingworth; Castletown Corkers 99 (2) Dave Faragher, Seven Up 119 (4) Jordan Cain; Seven Up 115 (4) Kevin Quirk, Mooragh Lakers 92 (2) James Teare.

A much better day welcomed the Sunday gang and once again there was a number of battles for places, the first of which saw Parkers record their second maximum and 18th of the campaign when they made a big hole in the deficit they had over Corkers whilst defeating Bits n Bobs.

With a six point margin in favour of Erin Porters it was all to play for in the next encounter when they took on Roller Bowlers, however it was the Bowlers who won, to close the gap down to just one.

Bowlers then racked up their highest total of the season, dropping just three points as they reversed the result from earlier in the season and in the process left Parkers two points short in their quest to overtake Corkers.

Erin Porters in action at the same time needed a near perfect outing to hold on to eighth position, but opponents Bits n Bobs had an agenda of their own as they were without a victory from their 21 fixtures played.

But there is nothing like leaving it to the last minutes as Bits n Bobs sneaked home by four games to two and a 110 to 108 triumph.

Results for Sunday, March 8: Bits n Bobs 85 (0) Alan Kennaugh, Parkers 126 (6) Mike Thomas; Rollers Bowlers 101 (3) Gordon and Shirley Corrin, Erin Porters 96 (3) Chris Dent and Bernard Thackrah; Parkers 100 (1) Mike Thomas, Rollers Bowlers 123 (5) Gordon Corrin; Erin Porters 108 (2) Lynda Cadamy, Bits n Bobs 110 (4) Kim Hargraves.

The final eight team merit winners who are eligible to play in the Best versus Rest contest on Sunday, March 22 are: Kim Hargraves (BnB), Nigel Thomas (B4S), Sid Bolton (Corkers), Bernie Thackrah (Porters), Jenny Moore (Lakers), Lil Smith (Bowlers), Jordan Cain (Seven Up) and Mike Thomas (Parkers).

Positional battles continue

Four more teams completed their campaigns in the Manx Petroleum sponsored Outdoor Winter League Bowling Club over the weekend, as they dodged the worst of the weather, however only one final position is confirmed, that being overall winners Rule Breakers.

As things stand behind the champions, on points scored and with two sessions remaining, there are a number of battles going on, both in league positions and to be a team merit winner.

Currently second in the table are Bowling for Soup and they finished on Sunday with a tally of 238 to leave Seven-Up with a target of 194 to reclaim the runners-up spot.

Next down are Louie’s Angels, who had a poor outing by their standards on Saturday and recorded their lowest score of the season, they in turn lead Mooragh Lakers by 195 with the latter still to play.

Castletown Corkers in sixth have an outside chance of catching the two ahead, but will have to score high and also keep an eye on Parkers who are only 21 points behind. They recorded two good sc­ores on Sunday and will be looking for a top half finish.

Govags who have completed their games are next, however I am sure the pair behind them will move ahead; but in which order is too close to call as Erin Porters have the narrowest margin of all and lead Roller Bowlers by just six.

Lastly Castletown Cannons managed to field a full team in their final two outings, but I feel Bits n Bobs who have yet to record a victory, will still be able to bridge the 111 point gap and leave the southern outfit in bottom position.

Results for Saturday 28 February: Louie’s Angels 77 (2) Margaret Tasker, Seven-Up 116 (4) Derek Clarke; Seven-Up 124 (5) Jordan Cain, Castletown Cannons 82 (1) Peter Curtis; Castletown Cannons 103 (3) Barbara Young, Louie’s Angels 110 (3) Margaret Tasker.

Sunday 1 March: Parkers 121 (5) Jo Smith and Terry Moore, Govags 84 (1) Peter Kelly; Govags 95 (2) Peter Kelly, Bowling for Soup 120 (4) Tony Dugdale; Bowling for Soup 118 (4) Nigel Thomas and Ben Dugdale, Parkers 103 (2) Mike Thomas.

A reminder that entries are still open for the club championship, which will be held on Saturday March 14, they can either go on the sheet or be emailed to [email protected].

Three more players have qualified for the Best versus Rest event, which will be part of the prize presentations afternoon on Sunday March 22, they are Peter Curtis (Castletown Cannons), Connie Pettegrew (Govags) and Margaret Tasker (Louie’s Angels).

One person missing around the green over the weekend was Alf Corrin, who was a regular watching bowls at No.3 during the winter months. Sadly Alf passed away at Hospice IoM the previous Sunday.

During the summer period he could be found just down the road at the Nobles Park club, where he spent many an hour playing and enjoying the banter. Our thoughts and sympathies go to Alf’s family.

A minute’s silence was held at the midweek round robin before an entry of 25 took part in groups of doubles and triples.

The pairing of Rita Callister and Peter Karran headed their gang in front of Louis Callister and Mike Skelly, while the threesome of Shirley Whelan, Dave Kelly and Doug Allan took the spoils ahead of Les Halsall, Philippa Taylor and Jean Thackrah.