Best shine at finale

The latest campaign was brought to a conclusion over the weekend in the Manx Petroleum sponsored Outdoor Winter League Bowling Club as they enjoyed favourable weather at two events which included the prize presentations.

The annual Best versus Rest contest opened proceedings on Sunday and saw possibly the most one-sided outcome in the history of the club as the Best lived up to their name and whitewashed their opponents 11-0.

The victors were made-up with members of league winners, Rule Breakers, the women’s merit winner and one player from runners-up, Seven Up; their opponents were representatives from the remaining 11 teams.

Unfortunately five of the merit winners were not available so replacement team players took part.

Scores (Best first, Breakers unless stated): John Kennish 21, Barbara Young (Castletown Cannons representative) 12; Fiona Kennish 21, Lil Smith (Roller Bowlers) 16; Elaine Moore 21, Edwina Reid (Bits n Bobs rep) 13; Stefan Kelly 21, Margy Tasker (Louie’s Angels) 11; Glynn Hargraves 21, Caroline Whitehead (Erin Porters rep) 14; Kevin Quirk (Seven Up) 21, Dave Faragher (Castletown Corkers rep) 11; Dido Kelly 21, James Teare (Mooragh Lakers rep) 14; Jenny Moore (M. Lakers, ladies merit winner) 21, Nigel Thomas (Bowling for Soup) 19; Mark Kneen 21, Connie Pettegrew (Govags) 14; David Bradford 21, Jordan Cain (Seven Up) 13; Alan Moore 21, Jo Smith (Parkers rep) 11. Best 232 (11) Rest 148 (0).

The prize presentations followed and proceedings began with the merit winners – those who didn’t get to play and collect their awards were Mike Thomas (Parkers), Bernard Thackrah (Erin Porters), Sid Bolton (C. Corkers), Peter Curtis (C. Cannons) and Kim Hargraves (Bits n Bobs).

Club president, Jack Lee welcomed Jenn Clucas from sponsor Manx Petroleum to hand out the prizes and they included overall merit winner John Kennish who received the Derek Killey Memorial Cup, followed by Jenny Moore, winner of the Geoff Osborn trophy as leading lady.

The league honours were next and included Angels (fifth), Lakers (fourth), Bowling for Soup (third), Seven Up (runners-up) along with victors Rule Breakers.

Last but not least is was the club champion, David Bradford who collected his award, with the runners-up spot going to Dido Kelly.

The final two round robins held saw Doug Allan, Alec Taylor and Les Halsall finish first, with Rita Callister, Hazel Hughes and Erwin Gelling second in one group, while Jordan Cain, Shirley Whelan and Derek Allen won theirs ahead of Joan Murphy, Tricia Bull and Peter Karran.

Lastly the Saturday gang had Louis Callister and Peter Karran as victors; Bernie McPhee and Lynda Cadamy were second, with Lil Smith and Tricia Bull third.

At the conclusion of the season thanks are expressed to Douglas Corporation staff, for a fantastic job with the green and also anyone who helped in any way and contributed to Sunday’s refreshments and raffle.