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Kennish Wins Omega Cup

The Omega Cup held at South Ramsey Bowling Club on Saturday 6th of July 2024, sponsored by Jill Quayle, a member of the club.

We had the minimum of 16 entries, which allowed the competition to go ahead, on what turned out to be a lovely afternoon. The first part of the afternoon was played as a Round Robin, where all ladies played in a group of four, each having a different coloured jack. Each game was played over eight ends with the eighth end being a power end, the winner of each group went into the semi-finals.

The semi-finals were played to 15 off scratch. The first semi-final was Bailey McMullan (Mooragh Park) taking on Kim Hargraves (South Ramsey), this was a close game but Kim just took the win scoring the required 15 whilst Bailey scored 13.

The second semi-final saw Caroline Whitehead (Port Erin) take on Fiona Kennish (South Ramsey), unfortunately for Caroline, Fiona seemed to thrive on the green and took the win 15-6.

This led to a final between team mates Fiona and Kim, after a battle on the green Fiona took the win 15-11.

Thanks were given to all players and supporters and the sponsor Jill Quayle.  Thanks were also given to everyone who stayed to the end and watched the finalists during their battle.

Jenny Moore Claims Ladies Manx Championship for the 7th time

On Saturday 29th June the Ladies Association held the IOM Ladies Championships at South Ramsey. There was a good entry of ladies and everyone enjoyed a visit to South Ramsey for the cake and good selection of food on offer.

At the Quarter Final stage eventual winner Jenny Moore ended teammate Gill Dixon’s (South Ramsey) hopes 21-9. Judy Kelly (South Ramsey) beat Norma Cowell (Onchan) 21-3. Debbie Leece also ended teammate Linda Cadamy (Marown) hopes of reaching the final 21-10. Janet Monk (Mooragh Park) saw off home greener Sue Collier (South Ramsey) 21-11. In the semi-finals Jenny didn’t hold back against teammate Judy winning 21-9. The other semi-final was a closer affair with Janet just edging out Debbie 21-17.

The Final saw some excellent bowling from both players, But if you left any room Jenny was there every time. Showing what a excellent bowler that she is Jenny dominated the final and after just 10 ends was leading 11-2. Janet scored a few singles and a two to pull the score to 15-9. With both players scoring a two on the next two ends at 17-11. Jenny finished off the game with a couple of good two’s to raise the trophy for the 7th time winning 21-11.

We all wish Jenny the best of luck when she represents the island as this qualifies her in the champion of champions in the UK.

Nobles Pair win Castletown Pairs Competition

16 pairs entered the Ladies June Doubles at an immaculate Castletown green at the weekend with the format of the competition being that each game was played over 10 ends with ends five and 10 being power ends where chalks counted double.

Losing in the semi finals were South Ramsey’s Fiona Kennish with Jenny Moore and also Jo Corkill (Peel Sunset) and Charlotte Clarke (Marown).

The final was played between Sue Gawne with Paula Firth (Nobles) against Ballaugh’s Michele Cubbon and Rose Waterworth and after a well-contested game it was the Douglas-based pairing who triumphed 16-7.

At the end the prizes were awarded by the organiser Kath Kinley and in front of the many spectators who stayed to the end the finalists said how well they’d enjoyed the weather and equally the format of the competition.

Report by Hilary Kermode

Marown A only team to take full points in double game week in open age league

The Marown A team ventured to Ballaugh in their 1st game of the week. Where they only dropped one point. Shirley Watling took the lone win for Ballaugh B 21-20. On the Friday night games Marown A hosted Port Erin, where they managed to keep the Southerners to 99 points. Taking five of the games to single figures.

Castletown A only dropped two points on their Wednesday night game when they hosted Douglas. Paula Garrett for the Douglas side taking a 21-19 win. The Castletown side winning three of the games to single figures.

Wednesday 26th June results

Castletown A 187-109 Douglas (8-1)

Marown B 130-148 Castletown B (3-6)

Ballaugh B 78-188 Marown A (1-8)

Peel Sunset 163-129 Port St Mary (6-3)

South Ramsey 167-105 Ballaugh A (7-2)

Port Erin 133-158 Nobles (4-5)

Friday 28th June Results

Douglas 163-115 Ballaugh B (6-3)

Port St Mary 107-138 Marown B (4-5)

Castletown B 116-182 South Ramsey (1-8)

Marown A 189-99 Port Erin (9-0)

Mooragh Park 178-125 Peel Sunset (7-2)

Ballaugh A 128-183 Castletown A (1-8)

Grace Gawne wins Junior Merit

14 juniors took part in the Junior Merit held at Finch Hill Bowling Club. A round robin format was played, with Bailey McMullan topping group 1 with 3 wins, with Enya Quayle a close 2nd winning 2 games.

Group 2 winner Aalish Moore with 4 wins and 2nd place Enya Christian with 3 wins.

Group 3 was won by Grace Gawne 4 wins and Lacey McMullan close behind winning 3.

At the knockout stages, the semi final saw a close battle between Bailey and Aalish, with Bailey taking her place in the final with a 11-8 win. The other semi saw Grace dominate her game with a 11-3 win against Enya to take her place in the final.

The final saw Grace and Bailey go head to head with some really good bowling, after just four ends the game was tied on 2-2. Just five more ends later saw the game at 6-6. Bailey played some really good bowls to stretch the lead to 10-7. Determined Grace scored a couple of singles and a two and on the 14th end it was 10-10 Grace took the next end to win the game 11-10. 

Well done to winner Grace Gawne and all those that took part on what was a lovely morning of bowls.

Wrockwardine Wood ladies dominate festival ladies open

The 16th June saw the IOM Ladies Association hold the Pre Festival Ladies singles at Port Erin. 20 players competed for the title, with a good selection of visiting ladies competing. The day started with four preliminary round games, and the sun shining down. 

At the quarter final stage Natalia Moseley beat homegreener Margaret Tasker 21-12. Louise Cotton (Wrockwardine Wood) overcame Jane Lothian (Douglas) 21-17. Kim Hargraves (South Ramsey) 21-19 Nicola Gilmore-Coupe (Wirral) and Sally King (Wrockwardine Wood) beat Jayne Smith (Marown) 21-19. 

The Wrockwardine Wood Ladies proved too much for the local girls, playing thier favourable short curly marks, with the final set to be a good game of bowls with fellow teammates and good friends Natalia Moseley and Sally King both from Wrockwardine Wood.

Unfortunately play was brought to a halt after a few ends when Sally was stung by a wasp. But after a few moments of removing the sting and applying some spray, play was resumed. 

Rain started which didnt affect the level of play, and after 12 ends the score was level 13-13. But six ends later Natalia started opening up a lead 18-15. Sally wasn’t finished just yet and with a couple of singles, closed the gap to just 17-18. Natalia edged closer to a win scoring a two on the next end. Then Sally a single. But Natalia closed off the game on the final end to take the win 21-18. 

Competition Secretary Chris Holland presented the trophy and thanked Port Erin for hosting and all the competitors and everyone for staying for the final.

Ladies Ramsey Town Cup 2024

Bailey McMullan in top form all afternoon.

A particularly good entry of 29 competitors played on Sunday afternoon 9th June at Mooragh Park in conditions that started dry but ended in light rain for the final stages.

This year’s competition was sponsored Peter Slinger of Safetynet in Onchan.
The juniors, from several clubs across the Island, showed in round two that they were a
force to be reckoned with taking excellent players like Caroline Parker, Lil Smith and Rose
Waterworth out of contention and themselves into the next round.

In the quarter finals juniors Katie Jacobs beat Allison Stockham 21-9, Bailey McMullan beat
Louise Tebay 21-12 and Lacey McMullan beat visitor Elaine Slack 21-19 which gave three juniors in the semi-final. The last quarter final was between Fiona Kennish and Grayse
Blencoe and although Grayse put up a good fight she just couldn’t match Fiona and the
game ended 21-11 to Fiona.

Into the semi-finals and Katie and Bailey’s game saw Katie pull ahead in the early stages but Bailey fought back winning the last 6 ends and ending the match to win 21-18. In the
other game Fiona and Lacey both played well but Fiona found a good mark for her, which
challenged Lacey on pace and therefore length ending the game 21-13.

A North versus South derby for the final and both players came out determined to their very best, but it was Bailey who took command of the game, from the start, and despite Fiona playing some great shots she just couldn’t get close enough to the jack in some very tight ends. The final score Bailey (North Ramsey) 21 Fiona (South Ramsey) 4.

The prizes were presented by Paul Slinger, who was representing his brother Peter of
Safetynet, who had sponsored the competition and stand in competition secretary Pat Lenton. Thanks were given by Pat to the sponsors, everyone who had entered the competition and all of the North Ramsey members who had worked hard to make the day a success.

Douglas edge out Peel Sunset by 4 points

Peel Sunset travelled to Douglas bowling club where some close games took place. Emily and Katie Jacobs (Douglas) both had really close wins 21-19, 21-20. Jane Lothian and Emma Sayle (Douglas) also had good single figure wins. As did Shirley Corrin and Joyce Kelly (Peel Sunset). 

Douglas 144-140 Peel Sunset (6-3)

Mooragh Park 170-152 Castletown B (5-4)

Nobles 128-162 South Ramsey (4-5)

Marown A 164-104 Marown B (7-2)

Port St Mary 85-179 Ballaugh A (1-8)

Ballaugh B 111-168 Port Erin (2-7)

Castletown B claim victory with only 3 game wins

Ladies Open age League were the only Matches played in TT practice week and Castletown B had a successful home win after only winning 3 games to 6 against Port St Mary who unfortunately were a player short. Winning only 3 games, but dropping only 35 points on the 6 games they lost this helped them secure the win 154-147.

Ballaugh A were the only team to pick up maximum points when they hosted their B team. Sandra Buckeridge narrowly lost out 21-20 for the B team. 

Castletown B 154-147 Port St Mary (3-6)

Port Erin 121-182 Castletown A (1-8)

Mooragh Park 117-166 South Ramsey (2-7)

Marown B 146-164 Nobles (4-5)

Peel Sunset 141-172 Marown A (3-6)

Ballaugh A 189-72 Ballaugh B (9-0)

Castletown A move to top of League Table

Castletown A secured a maximum points win at Peel Sunset to move them to the top of the league table, just 13 points ahead of Marown A who had a loss when they played the in form South Ramsey. Marown went to Ramsey with two players from the B team. They both played really well and youngster Grace Cooper picked up an impressive 21-6 win. South Ramsey were in great form winning four of the games to single figures. As I was staying the evening in Ramsey I enjoyed my glass of gin very much after my game, many thanks Elaine. 

Marown B 139-134 Douglas (4-5)

Port St Mary 141-147 Mooragh Park (4-5)

Castletown B 132-150 Nobles (4-5)

Ballaugh A 181-146 Port Erin (6-3)

South Ramsey 163-123 Marown A (5-4)

Peel Sunset 74-189 Castletown A (0-9)