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Teams of the Week

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Team of the Week – Game 7

Division 1

South Ramsey A and Marown A were both in ruthless form in the rain recording maximum 10-0 wins and their players make up a large section of our team this week. Dave Hughes and Dido Kelly both make it for South Ramsey as they were winning in the rain to single figures at Ballaugh and they are joined by the inform Mark Moorley from Marown, who has been the one to watch in recent weeks. Frank Watson led his team from the front away at Castletown A and a 21-10 win for the Govag over Michael Collister sees him earn his place. He is joined by Town’s Nathan Cooil who recorded an unbelievable 21-1 win over Harry Kelly. Douglas may have beat Castletown C at the Villa but it was the breath taking performance of Aaron Richardson from Town that caught my eye as he was simply brilliant beating Stuart Garrett 21-7. Clive McGreal of the Villa won the battle of the flat greeners as he handled the conditions admirable to beat high flying Phil Smith 21-4. There were several contenders from the rearranged game between Port St Mary A and Castletown B with super sub Wayne Roberts making for battling home 21-20 against George Foy.

Dave Hughes & Dido Kelly (South Ramsey A), Mark Moorley (Marown A), Frank Watson (Peel A), Nathan Cooil (Castletown A), Aaron Richardson (Castletown C), Clive McGreal (Douglas A) and Wayne Roberts (PSM A)

Division 2

Finch Hill A recorded a whitewash over their B team with Mervin Sayle and Keith Fearnley leading the way and earning respective places in our team for their single figures wins. Matthew Shanahan of Castletwon D helped his side to a good 8-2 victory over Ballaugh B and his 21-10 win over Bert Quayle sees him make the team for the second time this season. North Ramsey B had a great win over Nobles Mixed and Jimmy Moffatt’s single figures win over Geoff Mayles set them on their way, however there is a consolation for Mixed as David Pease was in imperious form to defeat Stephen Gill 21-9. Douglas B had to fight for everything to defeat Onchan B and team talisman Andy Cannell was again on fire with a 21-4 win over Mike Alexander. Dougie Allen of Peel B was the man of the moment against Nobles Park A and his 21-1 win sees him book a berth in our team. The final place in the team comes from the Port St Mary derby with Ray Shooter of the B making it for his 21-8 win over Peter Collins.

Mervin Sayle & Keaith Fearnley (Finch Hill A), Matthew Shanahan (Castletown D), Jimmy Moffaty (North Ramsey B), David Pease (Nobles Mixed), Andy Cannell (Douglas B), Dougie Allen (Peel B) and Ray Shooter (PSM B)

Division 3

Marown B are full of talented youngsters and starlet Harry Barton earns his first place in our team with a 21-19 win, this is particularly impressive when you realise that he had the wherewithal from 11-0 down to see out the win. He is joined by team mate Eric Kelly who is leaving a trail of devastation in his wake with devastating 21-3 win. Nobles Park B and Ballaugh C had a great match with Tony Quine form the northerners making it for his 21-8 win away from home. North Ramsey C and Peel C are both full of up and coming start with one player a piece making it with impressive wins. Paul Allison makes it for the Ramsey Men with a 21-8 win over Ray Kelly and Gordan Corrin is in for the Govags with a 21-6 win away from home. South Ramsey B are another team bursting with young talent however they were led home on this occasion by the evergreen George Brew who showed the new gaurd how it is done with a 21-6 win. Port Erin B are going well and David McCabe grabs a place in our line up with a 21-6 win against Onchan C, however although they only picked up 2 wins Onchan’s Les McLellan was man of the match with a 21-2 win.

Harry Barton & Eric Kelly (Marown B), Tony Quine (Ballaugh C), Paul Allison (Noth Ramsy C), Gordon Corrin (Peel C), George Brew (South Ramsey B), David McCabe (Port Erin B) and Les McLellan (Onchan C)

Team of the Week – Game 6

Division 1

There was a couple of extremely tight games in the match between Marown A and Douglas A and both Colin Kelly & Dave Barney Kelly have been rewarded with places after edging out Stuart Garrett & Neil Withers in respective high quality affairs. All of the Castletown Teams are represented this week and B team player George Peach picked up a brilliant win over Dave Hughes at South Ramsey to book his berth. Town C’s Phil Smith has also been impressing recently and a 21-19 win at Ballaugh over John Keenan sees him gain another start in the team. The A team are represented by Nathan Cooil after he claimed a great scalp defeating Onchan’s Kevin Quirk 21-13, similarly Jordan Cain (Onchan) makes it for winning 21-6 over Andy Clark in the same match. The final place this week could have gone to one of 3 North Ramsey A players but Alan Callow secures the place after a hard fought 21-18 win over Robbie Cooil.

Dave ‘Barney’ Kelly(Douglas A), Colin Kelly (Marown A), Phil Smith (Castletown C), George Peach (Castletown B) Nathan Cooil (Castletown A), Jordan Cain (Onchan A) and Alan Callow (N Ramsey A)

Division 2

Peel B’s Alan Cromwell is the first name on the team sheet this week after his 21-3 win away at Castletown D. He is joined by Douglas B’s Gordon Wynne-Smythe for his 21-6 win over Nobles Parks Chris Duggan.  A number of players could have made it from the match between Finch Hill B & Nobles Mixed but I have just tipped my hat towards Mixeds Geoff Mayles for his 21-9 win over Kevin Skillicorn.  Mike Skelly (N Ramsey B) edged a close affair with Paul Bailey (Onchan B) 21-19 to secure a berth.  Two Finch Hill A players have made it thanks to great away wins at Port St Mary B with Arthur Halsall baeting Milton Cubbon 21-20 and Paul Dougherty’s 21-17 victory over Brian Corrin. They are joined by Sam Palmer (PSM B) for his 21-2 win over Neil Dunwell in the same match.  The last slot is reserved for Ballaugh B’s Brian Needham after a brilliant 21-5 win away over Tom Collins (PSM C)

Alan Crowmwell (Peel B), Gordon Wynne-Smythe (Douglas B), Geoff Mayles (Nobles Mixed) Mike Skelly (N Ramsey B),  Arthur Halsall & Paul Dougherty (Finch Hill A), Sam Palmer (PSM B) and Brian Needham (PSM C) 

Division 3

Ballaugh C’s Jason Fenton is first on the list for a great 21-12 win over inform Phil Cain (Onchan C), whilst Brian Woodall (Onchan C) makes it for a 21-6 win over Dave McTaggart in the same game. South Ramsey B won 10-0 at Nobles B and Alan Moore & George Brew make it for opposing reasons – Moore for his 21-3 win and Brew for holding his nerve and edging past Bill Jones 21-20. Peel D’s Paul Baker picked up a great scalp beating Arnie Withers (Marown B) 21-19 whilst Marown’s Ian Kissack is in for his 21-7 win. Derek Allen (Port Erin B) was on fire in his game winning 21-2 and he is joined by Peel C’s Lenny Kerruish who’s 21-5 win away at South Ramsey C helped his team to the aggregate points a secure a 5-5 draw.

Jason Fenton (Ballaugh C), Brian Woodall (Onchan C), Alan Moore &  George Brew (S Ramsey B), Paul Baker (Peel D), Ian Kissack (Marown B), Derek Allen (P Erin B) and Lenny Kerruish (Peel C)

Team of the Week – Game 5

Division 1

We start at Douglas this week and Ian Moore and Paul Kelly both earn places thanks to respective hard fought wins. Moore saw off the challenge of Bob Clark 21-20 whilst Kelly dispatched Trevor Quayle 17. Peter Oates (Castletown B) edged out some of his team mates for a place in the team thanks to a superb 21-17 win over Tommy McMeiken (Peel). Daniel Fenton was man of the round with a tremendous 21-9 win over then Island Champion Glynn Hargraves (Onchan). Chas Grills (South Ramsey A) led his side to victory at the Crofts with a brilliant 21-2 win to seal his place. Robert Monk (North Ramsey A) helped his side seal the aggregate points despite losing on games with a solid 21-6 win over David Cain (Port Erin A) away from home. Marown players fill the final two spaces after a great win at PSM A with Mark Moorley taking a great scalp beating Paul Skelly 21-20 and Mike Cain showing Juan Hargraves the way 21-13.

Ian Moore & Paul Kelly (Douglas A), Peter Oates (Castletown B), Daniel Fenton (Ballaugh A), Chas Grills (South Ramsey A), Robert Monk (North Ramsey A), Mark Moorley and Mike Cain (Marown A)


Division 2

Gordie Moore (Ballaugh B) is the first name on the team sheet this week thanks to his scintillating 21-4 win over Dave Kelly (Onchan B) and is joined in the team by Onchan starlet James McNee who had another impressive win beating Richard Faragher 21-10 in the same game. Dave Hollingworth (Castletown D) showed his class away at Finch Hill A with a strong win over Bill Cairns. PSM are filling the ranks of this team on a regular basis and strong wins away from home over tough opposition for Wayne Roberts (PSM C) and Ken Karran (PSM B) cement their places. David Pease (Nobles Mixed) joins them for his 21-6 win over Tom Collins (PSM C). Andy Cannell (Douglas B) is showing fine form and a win at Ramsey books his place. The final place in our line up goes to Phil Parker (Peel B) for a terrific 21-2 win.

Gordie Moore (Ballaugh B), James McNee (Onchan),  David Hollingworth (Castletown D),Wayne Roberts (PSM C), Ken Karran (PSM B), Andy Cannell (Douglas B), Phil Parker (Peel B) and David Pease (Nobles Mixed)



Division 3

Marown B won the top of the table clash over Port Erin B and as a result are rewarded with 2 places in our team. John Kelly makes it for his 21-4 demolition job whilst Eric Kelly earns a spot for battling from behind to see out the win 21-19 over Derek Cadamy.  It has been hard to pick one player from the match between North Ramsey A and Nobles Park B but Bill Jones (Nobles Park B) makes it for his 21-12 win over the experienced Maurice O’Reilly. Onchan’s Bernie McPhee makes it this week thanks to an impressive 21-4 win and is joined by Bob Callow (Douglas C) for his impressive 21-6 win in the Sunset City. Ray Shooter (PSM D) is in this week after a strong 21-4 home win and the team is completed by Tony Marley & Sid Bolton with strong wins helping South Ramsey C beat their B team.

Eric Kelly & John Kelly (Marown B), Bill Jones (Nobles Park B). Bernie McPhee (Onchan C), Bob Callow (Douglas C), Ray Shooter (PSM D), Tony Marley and Sid Bolton (South Ramsey C)


Team of the Week – Game 4

Division 1

Onchan A’s Peter Slinger is becoming a regular fixture in the team already this season and a 21-7 win over Chas Grills at Ramsey books his slot again. He is joined by Onchan team mate Jordan Cain’s with a 21-9 win over Peter Collister who, if at all, has only lost a handful of times at home on that green in three decades. Gary Merrill jumps into the team with a brilliant performance to beat last years merit winner and five times Island Champion Colin Kelly 21-8. Stuart Garrett (Douglas A) makes his first appearance after holding his nerve to see off the challenge of a battling Daniel Fenton and keep his 100% start to the season alive. Trevor Quayle (CTown A) and Ewan Cooil are in thanks to their respective wins in the same match and the team is completed by 2 Ctown C players who were not just their only winners away at Peel A but they did in style with Mark Saunders beating Frank Watson 21-4 and Phil Smith beating Harry Kelly 21-7.

Stuart Garrett (Douglas A), Trevor Quayle (C’Town A), Ewan Cooil (PSM A), Gary Merrill (N Ramsey A), Phil Smith & Mark Saunders (C’Town C) Jordan Cain and Peter Slinger (Onchan A)

Division 2

Matt Shanahan is the first name on the list in the second tier after his heroics last man on sealed his teams first win of the season and snatched the aggregate points for them. Douglas B are becoming a force and Andy Cannell’s 21-9 win sees him in the side for the first time. Nobles Park A’s Stewart Cubbon picked up a fine 21-9 away win over Bill Cairns whilst Finch Hill A’s Peter Hughes’ 21-3 in the same match books his place. There was an epic at the park between Onchan B and Nobles Mixed and Paul Bailey and Geoff Mayles are in thanks to strong wins for their respective teams over quality opposition.  Ray Skelly (N Ramsey B) secured a great scalp beating Ken Karran 21-6 on his own patch whilst PSM C’s Tom Collins’ fine 21-15 win over Alec Taylor books his place.

Matt Shanahan (C’Town D), Andy Cannell (Douglas B), Stewart Cubbon (Nobles Park A), Peter Hughes (Finch HIll A), Paul Bailey (Onchan B), Geoff Mayles (Nobles Mixed), Ray Skelly (N Ramsey B) and Tom Collins (PSM C)

Division 3

South Ramsey dominate the team with James Evans & Tony Hart in from the C thanks to both picking up 21-3 wins and Stefan Kelly from the B thanks to a great 21-9 win away at the VIlla. Les Brookes of Nobles Park B is in thanks to a great win over young Eric Kelly (Marown B), whilst Brian Kelly is in for the visitors after a ruthless 21-3 win. Ed Benson (P Erin B) produced some fine form to win away from home whilst Tim Williams (PSM D) 21-12 win away over Brian Woodall gets him in along with team mate Colin Leece for his 21-3 victory.

James Evans & Tony Hart (S Ramsey C) Stefan Kelly (S Ramsey B), Les Brookes (Nobles Park B), Brian Kelly (Marown B), Ed Benson (P Erin B), Tim Williams  and Colin Leece (PSM D)

Team of The Week – Game 3

This feature seems to be proving popular and I have been aided this week by some suggestions for our teams if anyone feels someone should be included in team of the week please let me know on facebook, by email [email protected] or text/call 410653

Division 1

Our first two players making the line up come from the match between Marown A & Castletown A with John ‘Chunky’ Gelling making it for his performance during his 21-9 win over Nathan Cooil and Mike Hargraves for a brilliant win over Neil Withers. George Peach makes it for Town B whilst Douglas Man Ian Moore Make his second apperance in the line up. Another man making his second appearance is Onchan’s Peter Slinger who makes it along with team mate Matthew Quirk for their respective hard fought wins over Peel. Juan Hargraves makes it for a 21-0 home win whilst Ballaugh’s John Keenan makes it for his 21-10 away win in the same match.

John Gelling (Marown A), Mike Hargraves, (Castletown A), George Peach (Castletown B), Ian Moore (Douglas A), Peter Slinger & Matthew Quirk (Onchan A), Juan Hargraves (PSM A) and John Keenan (Ballaugh A)

Division 2

Peel B’s Jack Lee and Gordon Corrin are first in our line up after thier teams great result over Onchan B. Despite losing out on the agregate points 2 Douglas B men have made it for great wins away from home with Pat O’Donohue & Ray Osborne making it in. Lawrence Doogan of Nobles Park A makes it thanks to a great 21-10 win. Keith Fearnley (Finch Hill A) picked up a superb 21-4 win away at the Mooragh to make ir along with Jimmy Moffatt of the homeside for his 21-6 performance. Milton Cubbon (PSM B) joins the line up which is completed by clubmate Thomas Keggen (PSM C), making his second appearance in the team, after they both picked up solid away wins.

Jack Lee & Gordon Corrin (Peel B), Pat O’Donohue & Ray Osborne (Douglas B), Keith Fearnley (Finch Hill A), Jimmy Moffatt (N Ramsey B) Milton Cubbon (PSM B) and Thomas Keggen (PSM C)

Division 3

Depsite not being the biggest winner John Kelly (Marown B) was simply on fire in his performance and is the first name on our team sheet. He is joined by Howard Corlett (Douglas C) for his 21-8 win. Young Sam Stannard (Onchan C) is the next name on our list for a great 21-12 win away at Peel. Port Erin B were unstopable against Nobles and both Peter Blower and Ben Mowle earn their place. The match between PSM D and Peel D has given us two members of our side with Tom Wilson and Ray Hardman making it for their respective teams. The final place goes to Alan Moore from South Ramsey B as he makes his first appearance in our side.

John Kelly (Marown B), Howard Corlett (Douglas C), Sam Stannard (Onchan C), Peter Blower and Ben Mowle (Port Erin B), Tom Wilson (PSM D), Ray Hardman (Peel  D) and Alan Moore (S Ramsey B)

Team of The Week – Game 2

Division 1

George Foy is the first name in our team this week after he led his side to a derby victory at the Crofts with a tremendous 21-3 win. Over at the VIlla we have 2 names who have made our line up with Ian Moore from Douglas who had a great game to beat Jerome Surridge and Tommy McMeiken who played magnificently to defeat Barney Kelly 21-19. North Ramsey A had a terrific victory over Castletown A and Brain Colquitt and Steve Parker have made our line up thanks to respective victories over Trevor Quayle and John Alderson. Port St Mary A defeated highly fancied South Ramsey A with Chris Oates laeading the way with a breathtaking 21-6 victory over Andy Kennish with Juan Hargraves also booking his place beating Chas Grills. The final spot goes to David Bradford of Onchan who had to battle his way out of a hole to win – lying 17-13 down he produced a strike which changed the game before he ran out.

George Foy (Castletown B), Tommy McMeiken (Peel A), Ian Moore (Douglas A), Brian Colquitt & Steve Parker (North Ramsey A), Chris Oates & Juan Hargraves (PSM A), David Bradford (Onchan A)

Division 2

Ballaugh B may have lost 9-1 away at FInch Hill A but their only winner Gordie Moore books himself a place in our team thanks to a 21-5 win. Onchan B had more luck against B winning 9-1 with both Mike Thomas and James McNee making our team. Young Sam Palmer (PSM B) picked up a good win away from home at Nobles Mixed and joins are line up along with Kevin Firth of the home team for a great 21-11 win over Brian Corrin. Joe Bullock (Nobles Park A) took a great scalp beating Mike Skelly 21-14 at the Mooragh and he makes the team along with Ramseys John Radcliffe who secured a 21-3 win. The final place in our team goes to Jack Lee (Peel) for his 21-8 win over Ray Osborne.

Gordie Moore (Ballaugh B), James McNee & Mike Thomas (Onchan B), Sam Palmer (PSM B), Kevin Firth (Nobles Mixed), Joe Bullock (Nobles Park A), John Radcliffe (N Ramsey B) Jack Lee (Peel B)

Division 3

Our first two team members come from the game between S Ramsey B and Onchan C with Cristian Caley making it for the home side and Phil Cain making it for the visitors thanks to a terrific 21-6 win over last weeks team of the week star Stefan Kelly. Paul Quirk (Peel C) had a strong 21-4 win over Roy Dixon and gets a spot. Two youngsters from different games make it with James Kelly (Marown B) getting in for a brilliant 21-2 win at home whilst Austin Hart (S Ramsey C) makes it for battling to 21-19 win away from home. The line up is completed by 3 big winners Jason Fenton (Ballaugh C), Ed Benson (Port Erin B) and Les Brookes (Nobles Park B)

Phil Cain (Onchan C), Christian Caley (S Ramsey B), Paul Quirk (Peel C), Jason Fenton (Ballaugh C), Ed Benson (Port Erin B), Les Brookes (Nobles Park B), James Kelly (Marown B) Austin Hart (S Ramsey C)

Team of the Week – Game 1

Welcome to a new feature where we select a team of the week for each division based on individual performance over the weeks games. Whilst score will be taken into account, the opponent, and actual performance will be the deciding factor in selecting who makes the cut. Winning 21-1 might get you in but so might coming from behind to win 21-20  or even losing 21-18 after being well down to seal the aggregate points for your side. I would also ask that home captains mark anyone that you think should be included in the comments section of the score card and send this info to the competition secretary so it can be taken into account. This weeks teams are……

Division 1

The first two players to make the inaugural team of the week come from the highly anticipated clash between highly fancied South Ramsey and reigning champions Marown, with Peter Collister making it for his breathtaking 21-8 win over Neil Withers and David Hughes who came from 14-3 down on his début to win 21-16. Onchan also got off to a great start at Castletown B with former captain Peter Slinger back to his best to earn his place.  Port Erin got off to a flyer with a win over Douglas and whilst they have a number of players who nearly made it Steve Durcan’s 21-5 win over the experienced Ian Moore has seen him pip team mate Peter Addison for a place. The final 4 all come from Port St Mary’s 7-3 win at Peel with Paul Skelly leading the way for Port with a 21-6 win over George Gadsby whilst his team mate and former Island champion Ewan Cooil also booked his berth with a strong 21-7 win. Peel can take some consolation though as new boy Nigel Thomas picked up a brilliant 21-4 win to earn his spot whilst fellow Govag Jack Beecham filled the team with a good win over Juan Hargraves.

Peter Collister & David Hughes (South Ramsey), Peter Slinger (Onchan), Steve Durcan (Port Erin), Paul Skelly & Ewan Cooil (PSM), Nigel Thomas & Jack Beecham (Peel)

Division 2

It has been just as difficult to pick TOTW for the second tier as there were some amazing stand out performances. Milton Cubbon of Port St Mary B gets the first spot with an impressive 21-4 win. The next place also goes to a PSM player this time Thomas Keggen of the C team with a great 21-16 win over Paul Bailey away at Onchan B. North Ramsey B had a strong start and Jimmy Moffatt and Stephen GIll book their places with respective 21-4 victories. Mervin Sayle & Paul Dougherty led the way for Finch Hill with 21-6 & 21-8 wins however there is a consolation place for Nobles Mixed’s Steve Cook as he beat Tony Epifani 21-10 on his own patch. Ballaugh B may have struggles at Nobles Park A however Alan Kelly grabbed a 21-4 win to complete the squad

Milton Cubbon (PSM B), Thomas Keggen (PSM C), Jimmy Moffatt & Stephen Gill (N Ramsey B), Mervin Sayle & Paul Dougherty (Finch Hill A), Steve Cook (Nobles Mixed A) and Alan Kelly (Ballaugh B)

Division 3

Probably the hardest team to pick! Its great to see Marown B back and also young Eric Kelly leading their line with 21-5 win away from home, he is simply class on his day and could cause a few surprises. South Ramsey B are littered with talent and massive away wins for Stefan Kelly and Alan Moore get them in our side. Another youngster has made the cut with Jake Cade of Douglas C making it and he is joined from the same match by Port Erin B’s Derek Cadamy. Onchan C had a strong start to the season and places go to David Higgins and Phil Cain. The final place this week goes to South Ramsey C’s Anthony Kelly for his 21-3 win.

Eric Kelly (Marown B), Alan Moore & Stefan Kelly (S Ramsey B), Jake Cade (Douglas C), Derek Cadamy (P Erin B), David Higgins & Phil Cain (Onchan C) and Anthony Kelly (S Ramsey C)



Draw & Results

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