Team of the Week – Game 7

Division 1

South Ramsey A and Marown A were both in ruthless form in the rain recording maximum 10-0 wins and their players make up a large section of our team this week. Dave Hughes and Dido Kelly both make it for South Ramsey as they were winning in the rain to single figures at Ballaugh and they are joined by the inform Mark Moorley from Marown, who has been the one to watch in recent weeks. Frank Watson led his team from the front away at Castletown A and a 21-10 win for the Govag over Michael Collister sees him earn his place. He is joined by Town’s Nathan Cooil who recorded an unbelievable 21-1 win over Harry Kelly. Douglas may have beat Castletown C at the Villa but it was the breath taking performance of Aaron Richardson from Town that caught my eye as he was simply brilliant beating Stuart Garrett 21-7. Clive McGreal of the Villa won the battle of the flat greeners as he handled the conditions admirable to beat high flying Phil Smith 21-4. There were several contenders from the rearranged game between Port St Mary A and Castletown B with super sub Wayne Roberts making for battling home 21-20 against George Foy.

Dave Hughes & Dido Kelly (South Ramsey A), Mark Moorley (Marown A), Frank Watson (Peel A), Nathan Cooil (Castletown A), Aaron Richardson (Castletown C), Clive McGreal (Douglas A) and Wayne Roberts (PSM A)

Division 2

Finch Hill A recorded a whitewash over their B team with Mervin Sayle and Keith Fearnley leading the way and earning respective places in our team for their single figures wins. Matthew Shanahan of Castletwon D helped his side to a good 8-2 victory over Ballaugh B and his 21-10 win over Bert Quayle sees him make the team for the second time this season. North Ramsey B had a great win over Nobles Mixed and Jimmy Moffatt’s single figures win over Geoff Mayles set them on their way, however there is a consolation for Mixed as David Pease was in imperious form to defeat Stephen Gill 21-9. Douglas B had to fight for everything to defeat Onchan B and team talisman Andy Cannell was again on fire with a 21-4 win over Mike Alexander. Dougie Allen of Peel B was the man of the moment against Nobles Park A and his 21-1 win sees him book a berth in our team. The final place in the team comes from the Port St Mary derby with Ray Shooter of the B making it for his 21-8 win over Peter Collins.

Mervin Sayle & Keaith Fearnley (Finch Hill A), Matthew Shanahan (Castletown D), Jimmy Moffaty (North Ramsey B), David Pease (Nobles Mixed), Andy Cannell (Douglas B), Dougie Allen (Peel B) and Ray Shooter (PSM B)

Division 3

Marown B are full of talented youngsters and starlet Harry Barton earns his first place in our team with a 21-19 win, this is particularly impressive when you realise that he had the wherewithal from 11-0 down to see out the win. He is joined by team mate Eric Kelly who is leaving a trail of devastation in his wake with devastating 21-3 win. Nobles Park B and Ballaugh C had a great match with Tony Quine form the northerners making it for his 21-8 win away from home. North Ramsey C and Peel C are both full of up and coming start with one player a piece making it with impressive wins. Paul Allison makes it for the Ramsey Men with a 21-8 win over Ray Kelly and Gordan Corrin is in for the Govags with a 21-6 win away from home. South Ramsey B are another team bursting with young talent however they were led home on this occasion by the evergreen George Brew who showed the new gaurd how it is done with a 21-6 win. Port Erin B are going well and David McCabe grabs a place in our line up with a 21-6 win against Onchan C, however although they only picked up 2 wins Onchan’s Les McLellan was man of the match with a 21-2 win.

Harry Barton & Eric Kelly (Marown B), Tony Quine (Ballaugh C), Paul Allison (Noth Ramsy C), Gordon Corrin (Peel C), George Brew (South Ramsey B), David McCabe (Port Erin B) and Les McLellan (Onchan C)