Seven Up push on

Another week of winter league crown green bowls sponsored by Pronto Plumbing has taken place.

Wednesday, 19 January saw the usual Round Robin take place with twenty one members taking to the green. There were seven sets of triples battling it out. The winners being David Clucas, Reg Temporaza and Paul Callister scoring 38 points, a close second was Margie Tasker, Dougie Allan and Billy Blair scoring 36 points.

Saturday, 22 January was a free day in the calendar, so a Round Robin was held. Fifteen members took to the green for a triples event on what was a sunny but chilly afternoon.

There was a ten point difference between the first and second place, and then a further five points for third. The winners being Bryan Corner, Julian Rothera and Tricia Bull, second place was Andy Kennish, Philippa Taylor and Margie Tasker and third place was Derek Allen, Alec Taylor and Pauline Cowley.

Sunday, 23 January saw three teams take to the green, Seven Up, Parkers and Mooragh Lakers.

Parkers were first on the green playing the Lakers, there were four points difference in the final match score although the Parkers only managed to win two games. The closest scoring games were won by the Lakers. The doubles pairing of Sue Gawne and Tracy Moore held Paul Callister and Mike Alexander to 18, whilst Walter McCarthy kept Paul Clinton to 20.

Seven Up then took on Parkers, unfortunately for Parkers, Seven Up took victory in all six games taking the match with maximum 126 points. The doubles pairing of Derek Allen and Alec Taylor had the closest fought game as they managed the win by 1 point against Jo Smith and Colin Spence.

The next game of the day was Lakers against Seven Up. The Lakers won two of the games with the doubles Shannon McMullan and Brian Kelly having a close game against Derek Allen and Alec Taylor holding them to 18. Dougie Allan from Seven Up also had a close game keeping Tracy Moore to 18 points.

Parkers 2 (109), Mooragh Lakers 6 (113); Seven Up 8 (126), Parkers 0 (93); Mooragh Lakers 2 (104), Seven Up 6 (115).