Two maximums for leaders

The Pronto Plumbing sponsored Outdoor Winter League, had another full week of fixtures, starting on Wednesday with the Round Robin. 28 members took to the green and were split into two groups playing doubles.  In the first group Gillian Jopson and Bryan Corner took the win by ten points beating Lil Smith and Mark Kelly to thirty four. The second group saw a tighter scoreline with Joy Stephens and Tricia Bull taking victory from Billy Blair and Reg Temporaza by three points.

Saturday, 15 January saw three teams take to the green on what was a sunny day. Bits n Bobs, WALOB and Seven Up battled it out.

The first game was Bobs taking on WALOB, with WALOB having the jack. The games were closer than expected by Bobs captain, and some great games were played. Bobs won two games and were really close in another three games, but WALOB were the aggregate victors by three points. Bobs winners were Pauline Cowley and Andy Morgan, whilst the WALOB winners were the doubles Sid Bolton and Toby Hart, Kim Hargraves, Lyn Bolton and Steve Waters. 

The second game on the green was WALOB against Seven Up, with Seven up having the jack. WALOB won four of the games. The closest scoring games being two won by Seven Up, Kevin Quirk held Tony Hart to 19 points and Andy Kennish kept Kim Hargraves also to 19.

The last game of the day was Seven Up against Bobs, and unfortunately Bobs were only successful in one game. That was the doubles Geoff Collier and Gill Morgan held Paula Firth and Mark Kelly to 11 points.

Bits n Bobs 2 (114), WALOB 6 (117); WALOB 6 (122), Seven Up 2 (104); Seven Up 7 (116), Bits n Bobs 1 (78).

Sunday, 16th January had four teams take to the green, Castletown Cannons, Nobles Nutters, Louie’s Angels and Castletown Corkers.

Cannons took on the Nutters who had the jack first. The Cannons won four of the games with the closest win being by Sue Peach who kept Juan Qualtrough to 19. 

The Angels took on the Corkers and had victory in all games scoring the maximum 126.

Nutters next took on the Angels and also suffered at the hands of the league leaders who again took victory in all six games.

In a southern affair, Corkers took on Cannons, with the doubles for the Corkers taking their only game won in the match. Melody Marsh and Dave Faragher held Sue Peach and Pauline Moore to 18. The other close scoring game was won by Barbara Young who kept Sarah Morgan to 18. The Cannons only dropped three points in the whole match.

Castletown Cannons 6 (116), Nobles Nutters 2 (107); Louie’s Angels 8 (126), Castletown Corkers 0 (66); Nobles Nutters 0 (76), Louie’s Angels 8 (126); Castletown Corkers 1 (95), Castletown Cannons 7 (123).

Could I please advise members that there are no league fixtures this coming Saturday, 22 January, so  a Round Robin will be held, starting at 1 pm as usual.