The 2023 Ladies Section Leagues have Started

Wednesday 4th April 2023 saw the first of the Open Age League matches being played. Last year’s league winners were off to a flying start taking the highest score of the night with 185 away to Ballaugh, who were all playing well after their warm-up led by captain Michelle Cubbon. Michelle took one of Ballaugh’s wins against Stella Watterson 21-19. The other Ballaugh win went to Maria Dimsdale against Hilary Kermode 21-19. Alison Kearsley had the best win for Castletown against Rose Waterworth, the only game to single figures, 4-21. Match score ended 2-7, 133-185.

The revamped Marown A team paid a visit to Port St Mary. The only win for PSM was by Margaret Tasker who beat Rebekah Kelly 21-8. We saw the return of Lyn Bolton to league bowling who beat Nicola Cain 9-21. Jayne Smith clocked up the best score beating her mother, Chris Holland, 2-21. Match score ended 1-8, 95-176.

Marown B, captained by Lil Smith, hosted Port Erin. Strong performances by Marown B ladies saw four games won to single figures. One of these wins was by junior bowler Grace Cooper 21-7 against Susan Inch. Match score ended 5-4, 159-128.

Another junior bowler named Grace (Gawne) also had a win for the newly formed Nobles team against Ann Gale 5-21, when they went to South Ramsey. Nobles took another two games to make the match 6-3, 161-125 for an on form South Ramsey side.

Douglas hosted Peel and saw the first league match for Jo Masson who’s score of 5-21 against Joyce Kelly did not reflect the way she played. Strong performances also from the two juniors, Erin Quayle 7-21 against Gilly Clark and Katie Jacobs 10-21 against Shirley Corrin. Peel took the match 3-6, 122-161.

Castletown B, who unfortunately were a player short, were able to give junior Olivia Johnson 21 points. The other five juniors in the Mooragh Park team took another 88. The adults in the team did well too winning the other three games. Winners for Castletown B with Rachel Palmer against Victoria Johnson 21-18, Charlotte Peach against Bailey McMullan 21-17, and Judith Moore against Lacey McMullan 21-11. Match score ended 3-6, 105-172.

Thursday 5th April 2023 saw the first of the Over 60’s League matches being played. The newly formed Nobles teams l took the maximum points of 126 against Castletown B whose score of 39 did not reflect the performance. Finch Hill also took the maximum points available against Port Erin B who scored 62. Last year’s league winners Castletown A had a solid performance winning 4-2, 108-91 against Peel Sunset. Despite winning four games Onchan A lost out on points 100-90 against Port Erin A. Ballaugh didn’t have far to travel to South Ramsey where they took two games one being by Michelle Cubbon in her first over 60’s match. The closest match of the day was between Mooragh Park A and Marown, with Mooragh Park A winning 5-1 games but only taking an extra 5 points, 108-103.

After a four-year break Lin Ruscoe returned to play against Margaret Tasker when Port St Mary went to the Villa to play Douglas. The match score ended 1-5, 78-117.

With 15 teams in this league Mooragh B have yet to play.