Angels set the early pace

The winners of the doubles group were Derek Allen and Brian Colquitt who took the win by five points from Trish Bull and Brian Aspen. The triples winners also by five points were Dougie Allan, Paul Callister and Janet Monk who beat Billy Blair, Margie Tasker and Peter Kelly.

Saturday the 16th October saw four teams battling it out. Nobles Nutters took on Mooragh Lakers and won three out of the six games. Terry Bates held Alison Kearsley to seventeen and Mark Bradshaw took the win leaving Walter McCarthy on twenty.  Parkers took on Seven Up and managed to secure a win for two of the games, one of which Mike Thomas held Philippa Taylor to twenty. Another close game was secured by Dougie Allan of Seven Up keeping Colin Spence to twenty. Sylvia Kennaugh of the Nobles Nutters during their second match against Seven Up prevented a six game victory by taking the only win for the Nutters against Eddie Carlisle who scored seventeen. The last game of the day was Mooragh Lakers against Parkers, again one game prevented Parkers from having a clean sweep. It was Sue Gawne and Tracy Moore who took the one and only win for Mooragh Lakers in the doubles game, they kept Peter Karran and Jo Smith to seventeen.

Nobles Nutters 3 (99) Mooragh Lakers 5 (109), Parkers 2 (98) Seven Up 6 (122), Seven Up 7 (123) Nobles Nutters 1 (82), Mooragh Lakers 1 (89) Parkers 7 (122).

Sunday again saw four teams battling it out on the green. Castletown Cannons took on the newly established team All But and secured two wins, one of the closest being George Peach who held Peter Kennaugh to twenty. All But also had two very close games meaning the win to them when Brian Colquitt beat Joy Stephens to twenty and Celia Joughin did the same to Alan Phair. 

It was all even when Louie’s Angels took on Outsiders, each winning three games but Angels took victory by scoring nine points overall more than Outsiders. Jenny Moore was the closest game, leaving Trevor Quayle to score twenty. All But won two of the six games against Louie’s Angels and had a really closely fought game of doubles, with All But being the victors when Brian Aspen and Peter Kennaugh kept victory from Trish Bull and Caroline Whitehead by a point. The final match of the day was Outsiders against Castletown Cannons which saw Outsiders taking all six games of the match.  

Castletown Cannons 2 (100) All But 6 (117), Louie’s Angels 5 (118) Outsiders 3 (109), All But 2 (80) Louie’s Angels 6 (120), Outsiders 8 (126) Castletown Cannons 0 (74).