Winter bowlers swing into action

Well, it’s that time of year again, after the last season being shortened due to Covid we are back to playing the Outdoor Winter League bowls which for the second-year running is kindly being sponsored by Pronto Plumbing.

The schedule began with a round Robin which took place on Wednesday the 6th of October. There were 24 members taking part, eleven ladies and thirteen men took to the green. The participants were split into two groups, six pairs in each, one using yellow and the other using black jacks.

The winners of the yellow jack group by eleven points were Joyce Ogden and Alan Phair scoring 45 points, who took victory from Elaine McElroy and Terry Bates (34). Elaine and Terry took second from Caroline Whitehead and Judith Moore (33) by one point.

The black jack group was won by Mark Kelly and Kevin Firth (scoring 41), who beat Peter Kelly and Bryan Corner to 34, with third place taking 28 by Brian Colquitt and Paul Callister.

Saturday the 9th saw the Castletown Cannons, Castletown Corkers, Louie’s Angels and the newly formed team Noble Nutters on the first league fixtures. 

Nobles Nutters 4 (107) Castletown Cannons 4 (114), Castletown Corkers 1 (67) Louie’s Angels 7 (125), Louie’s Angels 8 (126) Nobles Nutters 0 (64), Castletown Cannons 7 (118) Castletown Corkers 1 (96).

The following day saw Bits n Bobs, Outsiders compete with the newly formed All But and WALOB.

All But 2 (96) WALOB 6 (119), Outsiders 7 (120) Bits n Bobs 1 (90), Bits n Bobs 3 (93) All But 5 (113), WALOB 3 (103) Outsiders 5 (111).