WALOB drop just two points

Week three got under way with the round robin on Wednesday with fewer entries than the previous two weeks. There were only twelve members who played as doubles and the winners were Margie Tasker and her partner Peter Corlett, and in second place was Doug Allan and Gillian Jopson.

On Saturday the 23rd of October WALOB took on Nobles Nutters and won four out of the six games, the closest score being Sid Bolton who held Jay Elliott to twenty. Bits n Bobs won five out of the six games against Castletown Corkers the closest being won by Franz ten Donkelaar who beat Lily Gawne to nineteen. The Nutters took on Bits n Bobs for the second game, with each team winning three games, unfortunately Bits n Bobs couldn’t take a second victory as they were pipped to the post by five points. The closest win was by Jane Lothian who was helping Bits n Bobs out, she managed to take the win from Mark Bradshaw who scored twenty. When Corkers took on WALOB they were unable to win a game meaning WALOB scored the maximum 126 available. The closest scoring game being won by Kim Hargraves who kept Davey Faragher to nineteen points.

WALOB 6 (113) Nobles Nutters 2 (97), Bits n Bobs 7 (116) Castletown Corkers 1 (70), Nobles Nutters 5 (106) Bits n Bobs 3 (101), Castletown Corkers 0 (66) WALOB 8 (126).

On Sunday the 24th Mooragh Lakers took on Castletown Cannons and won five out of the six games, leading to them taking the match, the closest game being taken by Janet Monk who kept George Peach to nineteen. Parkers took two games from Louie’s Angels, although the tightest game was won by Sid McKnight of the Parkers who took the win by one point from Tricia Bull. Louie’s Angels won their second match against the Lakers, again winning four games. Matthew Keggen beat Walter McCarthy to eighteen, whilst Janet Monk of the Lakers kept Margie Tasker to nineteen. The Cannons managed to win one game against Parkers although it was Jo Smith from the Parkers who had the closest fought battle but kept Joy Stephens to eighteen.

Mooragh Lakers 7 (117) Castletown Cannons 1 (91), Parkers 2 (95) Louie’s Angels 6 (119), Louie’s Angels 6 (117) Mooragh Lakers 2 (99), Castletown Cannons 1 (88) Parkers 7 (121).