News: Mens Over 60’s

Peel Sunset A Suffer First Defeat

Thursday 3rd October saw the Castletown A side maintain their run to win theTower Insurance Men’s Over 60’s League with a convincing 7-1 home win overBallaugh B with Paul Bradford being the only winner for the Ballaugh side. In the reverse fixture of this the Castletown B side travelled to Ballaugh and were on the receiving end of a similar 7-1 defeat with the only Castletown B winner being Dave Ali.

Marown maintained their good form with an 8-0 defeat of Nobles B while Nobles A defeated the Finch Hill team 7-1 at Nobles Park.

In the picturesque Mooragh Park the North Ramsey A Team beat Port St Mary B 7-1 with the consistent Brian Lowe being the only winner for Port St Mary B. Meanwhile in Port St Mary the North Ramsey B side were beaten 6-2 by the Southerners A Team with the only winners for the men from the Mooragh being Bryan Corner and David Lacey.

At the ‘Villa’ it was Douglas A who beat their own B Team 8-0 while in the sunny North of the Island it was South Ramsey who ran out 5-3 winners over the Port Erin team.

Peel Sunset A travelled to Onchan Park to play Onchan B and went cheerfully back to Peel with a 7-1 victory ‘under their belts’ with Roger Payne being the only winner for Onchan B. The Peel Sunset B Team hosted a strong Onchan A Team and it was the Onchan side that won 5-3.

So as we came to Game 11 on Tuesday 8th May the question was who would be the first to ‘slip up’, would it be League Leaders Castletown A or chasers Peel Sunset A?

Castletown A soon showed that they ‘were not for slipping up’ as they took an 8-0 victory over Nobles B and Peel Sunset A travelled to Ballaugh for a tricky fixture with the Ballaugh A side and it was the Ballaugh men who took the victory 5-3 therefore giving Castletown A a clear lead in the League.

In a tight match at Nobles Park the Nobles A side drew 4-4 with Castletown B while a little further down in Douglas Finch Hill ran out 6-2 winners over Port Erin.

In a an equally close match at the Mooragh Park, North Ramsey A and Douglas A fought out a close battle that resulted in a 4-4 draw while back in Douglas the North Ramsey B side won the match without losing a game.

Peel Sunset B took a 7-1 home win from Balaugh B with Bobby Clayton taking the only win for Ballaugh B while at Onchan Park the Onchan B Team were beaten  6-2 by their A Team.

And finally South Ramsey beat Port St Mary B Team 6-2 with Brian Lowe and Ashley Qualtrough being the winners for Port St Mary B.

So at the conclusion of play on 8th May we see Castletown A still in the lead having played 11 games for 22 points followed by Peel Sunset A with 18 points from 10 games and Marown with 16 points from 9 games and in fourth place Ballaugh A with 16 points from 11 games.





Tight At The Top Of The Over 60’s Men’s League.

Game 7 on Tuesday 24th April once more saw wet weather clothing being almost as important as the woods themselves this season with persistent rain through most of the afternoon.

This did not dampen the spirits of League Leaders Castletown A though as they travelled to Douglas B and came away with an 8-0 win. The Castletown B side hosted Douglas A and it was the Douglas side that got off to a great start and were 4-0 up after the first half but the Southerners fought back and the game ended in a 5-3 victory for the men from the ‘Villa’.

Peel Sunset A travelled to Port St Mary B and achieved a 6-2 success with Brian Lowe and Chris Oates taking the wins for the Port St Mary side. Meanwhile back in Peel the Peel Sunset B team lost 5-3 to a strong Port St Mary A side and  Peel Sunset C travelled to Onchan Park where they lost 6-2 to Onchan A with Leslie Halsall and Brian Lindsey taking the two wins for the Westerners.

Ballaugh A had a very successful ‘day out’ in Douglas where they beat Nobles Park A 5-3 while the Ballaugh B Team stayed at home and had a 6-2 win over Nobles B with Terry Bates and Brian Atherton being the two winners for the Nobles Park men.

Finch Hill A found the visiting North Ramsey A side too strong as the Northerners beat them 6-2 but the North Ramsey B side went down 7-1 to Marown at Crosby with David Thompson being the only winner for the North Ramsey B Team.

And finally at Port Erin there was a close battle between the home side and Onchan B which resulted in a 4-4 draw with some close hard fought games.

Game 8 on Thursday 26th April saw the Castletown A Team being pushed very hard by a  strong Onchan A side at Castletown but the home men ran out 5-3 winners in a match that could quite easily have gone either way as there were some very close games. The Castletown B side travelled to Onchan Park where they were beaten 5-3 by the Onchan B Team also in a close match which could easily have gone either way.

Peel Sunset A who are the second placed team in the League played their own B Team and it was the A Team who ran out 7-1 winners with Phillip Clarke being the only winner for the B Team. Peel Sunset C meanwhile held North Ramsey B to a 4-4 draw in a match that saw the Westerners score their first point of the season.

Douglas A took a good 7-1 win from Port St Mary A at the Villa with Team Captain Colin Leece being the only winner for the Southerners. Douglas B travelled South to play Port St Mary B and this time the scores were reversed with Bob Banning being the only winner for Douglas B defeating Mike Skelly 21-16.

Ballaugh A showed great form beating Finch Hill A 8-0 at Ballaugh with the Finch Hill Team scoring only 70 chalks but unfortunately for Ballaugh their B Team were beaten 7-1 by Marown at Crosby with Ray Parry being the only

Nobles A hosted South Ramsey and it was the home side that took a 7-1 win with the only winner for South Ramsey being Chas Grills.

In the South of the Island Port Erin hosted North Ramsey A in a match that ended in a 4-4 draw.

So as Game 8 drew to an end we still had Castletown A topping the League having played 8 games for 16 points closely followed by Peel Sunset A who have played 7 games for 14 points. In third place are Marown who have played 8 games for 14 points and in fourth are Douglas A who have played 7 games for 12 points and in fifth place are Port St Mary A who have played 8 games for 12 points.



Andy is handy in the Vet’s Merit Qualifier

The qualifier for the Vet’s Merit (Jack and Jean Isherwood Trophy) was played at Douglas Bowling Club on Wednesday 25th April and saw some excellent bowls from the Over 60’s taking part in this Mixed Singles Competition.

In the Quarter Finals we saw one of the great games of the day with Stuart Garrett and Janet Monk both playing excellent bowls and Stuey built up an early lead only to be overhauled by Janet in the later stages with Janet winning 21-18.

Frank Watson ran out 21-9 winner over Lil Smith and Phillipa Taylor lost 21-12 to Jimmy Sansom.

In the remaining Quarter Final Andy Kennish showed good form and Ron Williams who did little wrong lost out 21-13 to Andy.

In the Semi Finals we once more saw Andy play well to beat Frank Watson 21-15 and Janet Monk showing that the Ladies can play as well as the Men battled hard in the game with some great bowls but eventually Jimmy Sansom won 21-17.

So Andy and Jimmy promised to be a great Final but Andy got on his ‘mark’ and no matter how hard Jimmy tried he couldn’t match him so Andy won 21-10 and will now go on to represent the ‘Island’ in the Final Stages of this Competition in Shropshire.


Peel Sunset A are pushing to take the lead in the Over 60’s.

As we came to Game 5 on Tuesday 17th April we were asking ourselves whether or not Castletown A could maintain their early season form as they travelled to South Ramsey and their 6-2 win in the North of the Island showed us that they certainly could. The two winners for the South Ramsey side were Chas Grills and Robert Callister.

The Castletown B side hosted Onchan A and it was only fitting that in a match with a number of very close games that the end result would be a 4-4 draw.

Ballaugh A had a visit from Peel Sunset B and after a strong attempt from the men from the Sunset City to take the honours it ended in another 4-4 draw.

Douglas A hosted Port St Mary A at the ‘Villa’ and this resulted in a 7-1 win for the home side but it has to be said that the Southerners made them battle for every game with some very close results. In what could only be described as an epic game Stuart Garrett eventually managed to pip Bernard Thackrah 21-20 and Pat O’Donohue also had a 21-20 win over Ken Karran.

The Douglas B side travelled the short distance to Nobles Park to play a strong Nobles A team and it was the Nobles side who took the points here with a 6-2 victory with the winners for the Douglas B side being Bob Banning and Arthur Ashcroft.

Finch Hill A had a 6-2 home win over Nobles B with Brian Atherton and Chris Duggan being the winners for the Nobles B side in a match that also had some close battles with John Harris for the home side edging Tony Jones 21-18 and Peter Woods and Brian Cain of Nobles B also just going down 21-18.

Onchan B hosted a good Marown side and it was the Crosby men who took the honours 5-3 at Onchan Park in what appears to have been a competitive match.

Port Erin had a visit from Ballaugh B in what would seem to have been a really tough match with some close results and at the end it was the home side that run out as 5-3 winners.

North Ramsey B travelled to Port St Mary B and the Southerners won this 6-2 with the winners for North Ramsey B being David Lacey and David Thompson.

Game 6 saw Castletown A once more putting on a good show in beating Ballaugh A 7-1 at Castletown. Bob Unsworth being the only Ballaugh A winner in this one as he beat George Peach 21-16. The Castletown B side who are currently only three places behind the A Team in the League also managed a good win beating Nobles B 5-3 at Nobles Park.

Peel Sunset A who are serious challengers for the ‘League’ this season travelled to Onchan Park and came away with a good 5-3 win over Onchan A which keeps them in contention for a high League position. The Peel Sunset B Team also had a good 5-3 win over North Ramsey A in the Sunset City while the Peel Sunset C men lost 6-2 to Douglas A.

Port St Mary A got back to winning ways with a 6-2 win over Finch Hill A with Billy Long and Arthur Halsall picking up wins for the Finch Hill side. Port St Mary B travelled to Ballaugh where the home side took a 6-2 win with Colin Leece and Brian Lowe picking up wins for the Southerners.

Douglas B hosted Onchan B at the ‘Villa’ and despite good wins from David Galbraith and the consistent Bob Banning the Douglas men lost 6-2.

In  a close match  at Crosby South Ramsey put up a spirited fight but lost out 5-3 to a good Marown side.

So at the end of another week of Over 60’s Bowls we have Castletown A holding the lead with 12 points but Peel Sunset A who have a game in hand are only 2 points behind them and are level on points with Marown on 10 poiints. Only 1 point separate’s the next five Teams which in order are Castletown B, Nobles A, Douglas A, Onchan A and Port St Mary A.











Peel Sunset A and Castletown A Set The Pace

Tuesday 10th April saw the third series of Over 60’s Games again troubled by very heavy rain which again led to some postponements.

Castletown B hosted Ballaugh B and the home side took a 7-1 victory with Bobby Clayton being the only winner for the Ballaugh squad with a good 21-14 win over Mark Saunders.

Douglas A welcomed Onchan A to the Villa with a slightly delayed start time which had been agreed to allow one corner of the Green to drain after some severely heavy rain. It proved to be quite a battle with some very close games but Onchan A eventually ran out 6-2 winners with Douglas A actually gaining the most chalks which goes to show how close the Match was.

Castletown A got permission from the Fairies to cross the Fairy Bridge to travel to Nobles Park A and the Southerners proved to be too strong for the Nobles A side with a 6-2 win. Stewart Cubbon and Kevin Firth were the two winners for the home side.

Peel Sunset A played North Ramsey B in the West of the Island and it was the home side who ran out 6-2 winners but once more it was a shame to see that the Northerners were unable to field a full team.

Port Erin hosted Douglas B in the scenic South of the Island and it was a close match which ended in a 4-4 draw.

Marown travelled from the Central Valley to the South to play Port St Mary B in a match that produced some close games but it was the Marown side that were 7-1 winners with Andy Sykes being the only winner for the Port St Mary Team as he beat Arnie Withers 21-18.

North Ramsey made a worthwhile trip to Douglas to take a 5-3 win from Nobles B although this Nobles side is proving to be a tough one to beat and certainly gave the North Ramsey side a good game.

Onchan B had a good home win over Peel Sunset B with a 6-2 win with only John Lightfoot and Phillip Clarke getting the required 21 chalks for the Westerners.

South Ramsey beat Peel Sunset C  6-2 with Lesley Halsall and Michael Callin getting the Peel wins in this one.

Game 4

Castletown A still look a formidable team and on this occasion they beat Onchan B 6-2 with Gary Lee and Peter Wallis picking up the wins for the men from Onchan.

Port Erin hosted North Ramsey B and despite the Northerners being three players short on the day they still managed a 4-4 draw.

Onchan A took a 7-1 victory in their match against Finch Hill A with the one Finch Hill win going to Arthur Halsall 21-17.

Douglas A went just up the hill to play Nobles B in what proved a tough match with the Douglas A side taking a 5-3 win and it was nice to see old campaigner Roy Williams playing his first game for some time and coming away with a 21-12 win over Peter Woods.

Port St Mary A hosted North Ramsey A and a strong performance from the Northerners saw them take a 6-2 win with only Ron Maycox and Doug McFarlane picking up wins for the home side.

Port St Mary B meanwhile travelled to the Villa to play Douglas B and here it was the Southerners who took a 6-2 win with the home team winners being Bob Banning and Tony Creer.

At Crosby there was a very tight match between Marown and Nobles A and in a match where there were three 21-20 scores the Marown side managed to take the honours 5-3.

Finally Peel Sunset B battled out a 4-4 draw with South Ramsey and Peel Sunset A tok a 7-1 win from Ballaugh B with Ray Parry being the only winner for the Ballaugh side.

So after the first four matches of the Season Peel Sunset A lead the League from Castletown A but with both being on 8 points. It is however early days yet and I am sure that there will be many twists and turns and changes before the end of the Season.





Weather disrupts the start of the Over 60’s Men’s Season.

GAME ONE, The talking point of the opening day of the 2018 Over 60’s Men’s Crown Green Bowling Season was undoubtedly the weather with heavy rain causing a lot of cancellations.

Those games that were played however failed to provide any surprises with all going to form and we start with Castletown B who had a good 6-2 win over Douglas B at Castletown. The highlight of this match was a great battle between Castletown’s Terry Jackson and Tony Creer with the latter man taking the win 20-21.

In  a match at the Villa where the Home Green was running superbly well despite all the rain Douglas A took a 7-1 win over Ballaugh B in a match played in great spirit and in warm sunshine which we hope will continue for the Season.

Onchan B hosted Port St Mary A at Onchan Park and here it was the visitors who came away with a 5-3 win despite a spirited effort from the Onchan side who had Gary Lee and Kelvin McNicholl showing good early season form.

Last Season’s League Champions Castletown A travelled just down the road to Port Erin and immediately posted ‘a statement of intent’ as they came away with a convincing 6-2 win with perhaps the performance of the day being the 21-7 win by Derek Allen over Mike Hargraves.

South Ramsey who have gained some new players this season had a 5-3 win over Nobles B in a match that saw some very close games.

Nobles A hosted Peel Sunset C and this resulted in an easy 8-0 win for the men from Nobles Park.

Because of the weather the Ballaugh A match against Onchan A took place on Friday 6th April and this was a tough battle which ended with a 4-4 scoreline.

GAME TWO. The second fixtures of the new season started in much better weather with the players enjoying bright sunshine .

Castletown A continued their good opening form with a 7-1 home win over Port St Mary B with the only winner for the Port St Mary side being Brian Lowe who beat Derek Lewney 21-19. The Castletown B side also had success with a 5-3 victory over North Ramsey B in a strange match where the North Ramsey side actually won one more game than Castletown B but then had to give away three walkovers because of a shortage of players for the Ramsey side.

Douglas B hosted Peel Sunset A and it was the Westerners who showed that they will be a force to reckon with this season as they came away with a 7-1 win. Bob Banning was the only winner for Douglas B with a fine performance in his 21-9 defeat of Alec Taylor.

Marown played Port Erin at Crosby and showed fine form in a 5-3 defeat of Port Erin and I feel that the Marown Team could well be in the mix for the League Title this time.

Ballaugh A, a team that I think could cause a few surprises this season travelled into Douglas to play Nobles Park B and returned home with a 5-3 victory after a playing a good Nobles B team.

Onchan A hosted North Ramsey A in what promised to be a very close match and although the home side ran out 6-2 winners the scoreline could be regarded as being a little deceptive as their were some very close games which could have gone either way.

Peel Sunset B lost 3-5 to Nobles A in the Sunset City despite a very spirited effort and some close games and the Peel Sunset C side went down 7-1 to Onchan B with Eddie McAvoy being the only winner for the Westerners.

South Ramsey had one of the longest treks in Manx Bowls as they travelled to play Port St Mary A and it was the Port St Mary side that won 6-2 with Robert Callister being the only winners for the Northerners.

So after the opening week of the 2018 Season there have been no great shocks and although some Teams have only played one match the League Table does not give a true picture but of those who have played two we still have four unbeaten with those being, Castletown A, Nobles A, Castletown B and Port St Mary A.

Mens Over 60’s Season Preview

Tuesday 3rd April sees the start of the Men’s Over 60’s Season with last years Champions Castletown A opening with a short trip to Port Erin which could see them having to dig deep to come away with a win. At this time of the year all Greens will be slightly slow and with Port Erin never being the quickest the Castletown men may find themselves under pressure from the home team.

Last seasons runners up Port St Mary A may find themselves with the same difficulties in their trip to Onchan B, again on a Green which is not the quickest and may suit the home team although I do expect the Southerners to come away with a win.

Onchan A travel to Ballaugh A for what could be a very close game and with Ballaugh having a couple of new players I will tip this one for a draw.

Peel Sunset A host Marown A and again I anticipate a tight match here but would expect home advantage to swing things in Peel’s favour but I wouldn’t be confident enough to bet on it.

Nobles A host Peel Sunset C and although the Westerners finished bottom of the table last year I expect them to do much better this term although on this occasion I would expect Nobles to get the win.

Douglas A host Ballaugh B at the ‘Villa’ and although the Douglas side look favourites on paper I think the men from Ballaugh will give them a tough battle.

Castletown B have a home match against Douglas B and again on paper the Castletown Team should be favourites. I expect the Douglas lads will be looking to improve on last years position and will give them a close game.

Port St Mary B host Peel Sunset B which will once again be a tough match and here we have two teams who are used to playing on a challenging Green so this will add to the interest and I am going to sit on the Fence and predict a draw here.

South Ramsey have a visit from Nobles B and I am not sure of the strength of either of these teams this season but will go for South Ramsey to use home advantage and take the points.

Finch Hill A see North Ramsey B coming into Douglas for a game which once again it is difficult to predict because although it is rumoured that Finch Hill have a number of new players we will have to wait and see who turns out on the day.

The last match of the opening Day will actually be played on the Wednesday as the North Ramsey Club are having to play all of April’s matches away from home due to difficulties with their Green at the Mooragh Park. This then sees North Ramsey A travelling to Finch Hill B and I really can’t see the home side being strong enough to beat the Northerners although I am sure that they will give it their best shot.

So that covers the first day of the new season which I think will see an intriguing battle for the League Championship and I think that this time Castletown A may well struggle to hold of the challenge that will be put up by a number of other teams.

I see a much closer battle with Port St Mary A, Peel Sunset A, Onchan A and North Ramsey A all being capable of posing a tough challenge to Castletown A.

Time will tell as to how bad my predictions are so for now polish up your bowls, pray for sunshine and enjoy your bowling.

‘Town’ are ‘Kings of the Castle’.

Game 37 of the Tower Insurance over 60’s League saw League Leaders Castletown A  play the second of two games in a week against close rivals Peel Sunset A  with a win for the Southerners making it almost impossible for anyone to displace them at the top.

Right from the start Castletown A put their stamp on the match and they ran out 6-2 winners with only Tony Carroon and Jeff Oates picking up points for the Peel side.

The Castletown B side travelled to Marown and found themselves on the wrong side of a 7-1 score line with only Billy Jones picking up a win for the Castletown team.

Port St Mary A had a 5-3 home win against Nobles Park A while the Port St Mary B lads had a 5-3 away win against Peel Sunset C.

North Ramsey A travelled a few miles down the road to beat Ballaugh B 5-3 while the North Ramsey B men had possibly one of their best results of the season beating Douglas A 5-3.

Douglas B lost 6-2 to Finch Hill at the Villa with the two winners for Douglas being Bob Banning and Tony Creer.

Onchan A were held to a 4-4 draw by South Ramsey at Onchan Park with the Onchan Club’s B Team also playing out a draw against Nobles Park B.

Port Erin travelled to the Sunset City where they were beaten 5-3 by Peel Sunset B.

So as we came to Game 38 on Tuesday 29th August Castletown A needed to win their  match against their own B Team and they would achieve enough points to win the League with no other Team being able to catch them.

As is often the case in games between two teams of the same Club this was going to be a tough battle but the Castletown A men eventually won 5-3 after a close match which meant that they had now built up an unassailable lead in the League.

Ballaugh A hosted North Ramsey A with the men from the Mooragh Park running out as 5-3 winners while North Ramsey B had an identical score when beating Ballaugh B 5-3.

Douglas B drew 4-4 with Nobles Park B at the Villa Marina and just a little way across the Town Finch Hill also played out a draw against Peel Sunset A.

Peel Sunset B had a good 5-3 home win against Marown while the Peel Sunset C side were beaten 8-0 in the South of the Island by Port St Mary A.

Port Erin beat Port St Mary B 6-2 and finally on the day South Ramsey drew 4-4 with Onchan B.

Finally in Game 38 Nobles Park A beat Douglas A 5-3 in a close match at Nobles Park.

Game 39 on Thursday 31st August we saw Castletown A play out a tough 4-4 draw with Port St Mary A at Castletown with the reverse fixture seeing the same result between the B Teams at Port St Mary.

There was a third 4-4 draw of the day between Ballaugh B and Ballaugh A while a bit further up the road at the Mooragh Park we saw North Ramsey A get an 8-0 win over South Ramsey.

At the Villa Marina Douglas A had a good 7-1 win over Finch Hill with Arthur Halsall being the only winner for the Finch Hill side.

The Douglas B side travelled to Marown and were beaten 6-2 by the strong Marown side with Vic Sewell and Tony Creer being the winners for Douglas B.

At Nobles Park Lawrence Doogan and Brian Atherton were the only winners for Nobles B in their 6-2 defeat by Onchan A and at Onchan Park the Nobles A side were 5-3 winners against Onchan B.

Peel Sunset A beat Port Erin 7-1 with the winner for Port Erin being Seamus Whelan and Peel Sunset C were beaten 6-2 by Peel Sunset B with the C Team winners being Bert Quayle and Ray Hardman.

So as we come to the break for the September Bowls Festival we have Castletown A having already having sealed the League victory on 67 points and they are followed by Port St Mary A on 57 points with Peel Sunset A, Nobles A and Onchan A all on 56 points.

In  the Individual Merit we have Peter Kelly of Marown and Peter Oates of Castletown A both with 32 wins followed by Dave Faragher of Castletown A with 31 wins and Mike Thomas of Onchan A with 30 wins.







Castletown A consolidate their League lead.

Thursday 10th August saw the League Leaders Castletown A travel to Nobles Park to play the Nobles B Team in a match that went as the formbook would suggest with the Castletown men taking a 6-2 win with only Tony Birch and Lawrence Doogan achieving the magic 21 for the Nobles side.

Back at Castletown the ‘Towns’ B Team was having a battle for the win with Nobles A and it was the Douglas based side who took a 5-3 victory.

Peel Sunset A pulled no punches in their match with Ballaugh A taking an 8-0 victory in the West of the Island while the Peel Sunset B Team lost 6-2 to Ballaugh B.

Douglas A had a solid match at the ‘Villa’ to beat North Ramsey A 5-3 whilst the Douglas B Team  lost 6-2 to North Ramsey B at the Mooragh Park with Alan Robertson and Paddy Kinsella being the two winners for Douglas B.

Marown has an 8-0 win over Peel Sunset C at Crosby and in the South of the hi

Onchan A played the Onchan B Team and came this also went to form with Onchan A winning 6-2 while in the ‘deep South’ Port St Mary B beat South Ramsey 6-2.

So as we came to Tuesday 15th August the question was whether a strong Marown Team could halt Castletown A’s run of victories and their were some very close games in this match but Castletown A ran out 6-2 winners with Steve Bridson and Ian Kissack being the only winners for Marown.

Castletown B travelled to Finch Hill and came back with a 5-3 win and a little further up the road at Nobles Park the Nobles A side beat Port St Mary B 7-1 with Peter Collins being the only winner for the Southerners.

Ballaugh A hosted Douglas A and despite the Douglas side being short two regular ‘first teamers’  they managed a 5-3 win while back at the Villa Ballaugh B reversed that result by taking a 5-3 victory over Douglas B.

In the ‘battles of the Parks’ North Ramsey A beat Onchan B 7-1 at the Mooragh Park while in Onchan Park it was Onchan A who beat North Ramsey B 6-2.

Port Erin beat Peel Sunset C 6-2 with Bert Quayle and Clyde Quine winning for the Westerners and just around the corner at Port St Mary the Port St Mary A Team beat Nobles B 7-1 with Brian Atherton winning for Nobles B.

South Ramsey put up a strong performance against Peel Sunset A but eventually went down 5-3 .

So after Game 34 we now have Castletown A consolidating their lead on 58 points with Port St Mary A second on 52 points closely followed Peel Sunset A and Onchan A who are both on 51 points.


Castletown A take the ‘Ismay Cup’.

On Wednesday 16th August Castletown A and North Ramsey A met at the ‘Villa’ to play the 2017 Men’s over 60’s Ismay Cup Final.

It was North Ramsey A who took the early lead with a strong performance from John Cannan giving him a 21-1 win over Jimmy Young.

Games 2,3 and 4 however saw a spirited comeback from Castletown A with Peter Oates beating Tony Smart 21-9, Ron Williams beating Brian Colquitt 21-13 and Mike Hargraves despatching Ray Skelly 21-9 making the score 3-1 to the Southerners.

Steve Gill chalked up a win for North defeating George Peach 21-18 however, Mike Skelly battled lost out to George Foy 21-17 leaving the Northerners needing to win all the remaining games to lift the Cu.

Geoff Porter dug deep to take a 21-20 victory from Dave Faragher and it looked possible but a competent show from Colin Holland to beat George Monk 21-13 gave the Match to Castletown A.

In the last remaining game Jimmy Moffat of North Ramsey beat Derek Lewney 21-20 to give an overall score of 5-4 to Castletown A.

Many thanks to the Host Club, Douglas Bowling Club for all their help, especially Malcolm Black and Paula Garrett for their excellent measuring and to John Ryder, Jeff Wilson and Ken Karran from the Over 60’s League for their help.