News: Mens Over 60’s

‘Town’ are ‘Kings of the Castle’.

Game 37 of the Tower Insurance over 60’s League saw League Leaders Castletown A  play the second of two games in a week against close rivals Peel Sunset A  with a win for the Southerners making it almost impossible for anyone to displace them at the top.

Right from the start Castletown A put their stamp on the match and they ran out 6-2 winners with only Tony Carroon and Jeff Oates picking up points for the Peel side.

The Castletown B side travelled to Marown and found themselves on the wrong side of a 7-1 score line with only Billy Jones picking up a win for the Castletown team.

Port St Mary A had a 5-3 home win against Nobles Park A while the Port St Mary B lads had a 5-3 away win against Peel Sunset C.

North Ramsey A travelled a few miles down the road to beat Ballaugh B 5-3 while the North Ramsey B men had possibly one of their best results of the season beating Douglas A 5-3.

Douglas B lost 6-2 to Finch Hill at the Villa with the two winners for Douglas being Bob Banning and Tony Creer.

Onchan A were held to a 4-4 draw by South Ramsey at Onchan Park with the Onchan Club’s B Team also playing out a draw against Nobles Park B.

Port Erin travelled to the Sunset City where they were beaten 5-3 by Peel Sunset B.

So as we came to Game 38 on Tuesday 29th August Castletown A needed to win their  match against their own B Team and they would achieve enough points to win the League with no other Team being able to catch them.

As is often the case in games between two teams of the same Club this was going to be a tough battle but the Castletown A men eventually won 5-3 after a close match which meant that they had now built up an unassailable lead in the League.

Ballaugh A hosted North Ramsey A with the men from the Mooragh Park running out as 5-3 winners while North Ramsey B had an identical score when beating Ballaugh B 5-3.

Douglas B drew 4-4 with Nobles Park B at the Villa Marina and just a little way across the Town Finch Hill also played out a draw against Peel Sunset A.

Peel Sunset B had a good 5-3 home win against Marown while the Peel Sunset C side were beaten 8-0 in the South of the Island by Port St Mary A.

Port Erin beat Port St Mary B 6-2 and finally on the day South Ramsey drew 4-4 with Onchan B.

Finally in Game 38 Nobles Park A beat Douglas A 5-3 in a close match at Nobles Park.

Game 39 on Thursday 31st August we saw Castletown A play out a tough 4-4 draw with Port St Mary A at Castletown with the reverse fixture seeing the same result between the B Teams at Port St Mary.

There was a third 4-4 draw of the day between Ballaugh B and Ballaugh A while a bit further up the road at the Mooragh Park we saw North Ramsey A get an 8-0 win over South Ramsey.

At the Villa Marina Douglas A had a good 7-1 win over Finch Hill with Arthur Halsall being the only winner for the Finch Hill side.

The Douglas B side travelled to Marown and were beaten 6-2 by the strong Marown side with Vic Sewell and Tony Creer being the winners for Douglas B.

At Nobles Park Lawrence Doogan and Brian Atherton were the only winners for Nobles B in their 6-2 defeat by Onchan A and at Onchan Park the Nobles A side were 5-3 winners against Onchan B.

Peel Sunset A beat Port Erin 7-1 with the winner for Port Erin being Seamus Whelan and Peel Sunset C were beaten 6-2 by Peel Sunset B with the C Team winners being Bert Quayle and Ray Hardman.

So as we come to the break for the September Bowls Festival we have Castletown A having already having sealed the League victory on 67 points and they are followed by Port St Mary A on 57 points with Peel Sunset A, Nobles A and Onchan A all on 56 points.

In  the Individual Merit we have Peter Kelly of Marown and Peter Oates of Castletown A both with 32 wins followed by Dave Faragher of Castletown A with 31 wins and Mike Thomas of Onchan A with 30 wins.







Castletown A consolidate their League lead.

Thursday 10th August saw the League Leaders Castletown A travel to Nobles Park to play the Nobles B Team in a match that went as the formbook would suggest with the Castletown men taking a 6-2 win with only Tony Birch and Lawrence Doogan achieving the magic 21 for the Nobles side.

Back at Castletown the ‘Towns’ B Team was having a battle for the win with Nobles A and it was the Douglas based side who took a 5-3 victory.

Peel Sunset A pulled no punches in their match with Ballaugh A taking an 8-0 victory in the West of the Island while the Peel Sunset B Team lost 6-2 to Ballaugh B.

Douglas A had a solid match at the ‘Villa’ to beat North Ramsey A 5-3 whilst the Douglas B Team  lost 6-2 to North Ramsey B at the Mooragh Park with Alan Robertson and Paddy Kinsella being the two winners for Douglas B.

Marown has an 8-0 win over Peel Sunset C at Crosby and in the South of the hi

Onchan A played the Onchan B Team and came this also went to form with Onchan A winning 6-2 while in the ‘deep South’ Port St Mary B beat South Ramsey 6-2.

So as we came to Tuesday 15th August the question was whether a strong Marown Team could halt Castletown A’s run of victories and their were some very close games in this match but Castletown A ran out 6-2 winners with Steve Bridson and Ian Kissack being the only winners for Marown.

Castletown B travelled to Finch Hill and came back with a 5-3 win and a little further up the road at Nobles Park the Nobles A side beat Port St Mary B 7-1 with Peter Collins being the only winner for the Southerners.

Ballaugh A hosted Douglas A and despite the Douglas side being short two regular ‘first teamers’  they managed a 5-3 win while back at the Villa Ballaugh B reversed that result by taking a 5-3 victory over Douglas B.

In the ‘battles of the Parks’ North Ramsey A beat Onchan B 7-1 at the Mooragh Park while in Onchan Park it was Onchan A who beat North Ramsey B 6-2.

Port Erin beat Peel Sunset C 6-2 with Bert Quayle and Clyde Quine winning for the Westerners and just around the corner at Port St Mary the Port St Mary A Team beat Nobles B 7-1 with Brian Atherton winning for Nobles B.

South Ramsey put up a strong performance against Peel Sunset A but eventually went down 5-3 .

So after Game 34 we now have Castletown A consolidating their lead on 58 points with Port St Mary A second on 52 points closely followed Peel Sunset A and Onchan A who are both on 51 points.


Castletown A take the ‘Ismay Cup’.

On Wednesday 16th August Castletown A and North Ramsey A met at the ‘Villa’ to play the 2017 Men’s over 60’s Ismay Cup Final.

It was North Ramsey A who took the early lead with a strong performance from John Cannan giving him a 21-1 win over Jimmy Young.

Games 2,3 and 4 however saw a spirited comeback from Castletown A with Peter Oates beating Tony Smart 21-9, Ron Williams beating Brian Colquitt 21-13 and Mike Hargraves despatching Ray Skelly 21-9 making the score 3-1 to the Southerners.

Steve Gill chalked up a win for North defeating George Peach 21-18 however, Mike Skelly battled lost out to George Foy 21-17 leaving the Northerners needing to win all the remaining games to lift the Cu.

Geoff Porter dug deep to take a 21-20 victory from Dave Faragher and it looked possible but a competent show from Colin Holland to beat George Monk 21-13 gave the Match to Castletown A.

In the last remaining game Jimmy Moffat of North Ramsey beat Derek Lewney 21-20 to give an overall score of 5-4 to Castletown A.

Many thanks to the Host Club, Douglas Bowling Club for all their help, especially Malcolm Black and Paula Garrett for their excellent measuring and to John Ryder, Jeff Wilson and Ken Karran from the Over 60’s League for their help.

Howland Pairs Victory for Hargraves and Garrett.

On Friday 4th August the ‘Howland Pairs’ sponsored by Charlie Howland took place at Ballaugh Bowling Club with this event being very well hosted by the Ballaugh Club with their Ladies as ever providing great refreshments.
There was an entry of twenty nine pairs and the Trophy was won by Mike Hargraves and Stuart Garrett who beat John Keenan and John Maddrell 21-10 in the Final.
The losing semi-finalists were George Brew and Chris Penketh who lost 21-19 to the Keenan/Maddrell pairing and Arthur Halsall and Peter Hughes who lost 21-13 to Mike Hargraves and Stuart Garrett.
Many thanks to John Ryder and George Peach who ran the event for the Over 60’s League.

‘Town’ still looking good at the top.

On Thursday 3rd August League Leaders Castletown A travelled to play Ballaugh B in the Tower Insurance Over 60’s League and despite some very close games it was the Castletown men who ran out 6-2 winners with Trevor Jones and Ray Parry winning the two for Ballaugh.
Castletown B however did not do quite as well when they hosted Ballaugh A and this time it was the Ballaugh men who took a 5-3 win.
At the ‘Villa’ it was an ‘all Douglas Bowling Club’ event with the B Team taking on the A Team and the A Team took a 7-1 win with Bob Banning being the winner for the B Team.
At Finch Hill the home side lost 6-2 to Nobles Park A with Sefton Dent and Arthur Halsall getting the wins for Finch Hill. The Nobles B Team hosted Marown and the lads from Crosby went back home with a 6-2 win under their belts with Lawrence Doogan and John Clague being the winners for Nobles B.
North Ramsey B lost at home 6-2 to Port St Mary A and the North Ramsey A travelled to Port St Mary B and a very tight match ended in a 4-4 draw with two games ending 21-20 and two ending 21-19.
Onchan A hosted Peel Sunset B at Onchan Park and in another match with some tight games it was the home side that took the victory 5-3.
The Onchan B Team travelled to play Peel Sunset A and once again this match had a 5-3 score line but on this occasion it was to the Peel team.
South Ramsey took the long journey to play Port Erin at Breagle Glen and it was the Southerners who ran out 5-3 victors.
So as we came to Game 32 on Tuesday 8th August the day started wet but cleared beautifully for a sunny afternoons bowls and the sun certainly shone in more ways than one for Ballaugh A as they beat Port St Mary B 8-0.
Ballaugh B travelled South to play a very strong Port St Mary A side and they really gave the Southerners a scare before eventually losing 5-3 to them. The result of the day for Ballaugh has to be the 21-10 by Maurice O’Reilly over the individual Merit leader Chris Oates.
Douglas B lost to Onchan A 7-1 at the Villa with Vic Sewell being the solitary winner for Douglas B and the Douglas A Team went to Onchan Park where they beat Onchan B 5-3.
Finch Hill suffered a home 5-3 defeat to Marown whilst a little further up the road at Nobles Park the Nobles Park A side beat Port Erin by the same 5-3 score.
With a result that hampers Peel Sunset A’s challenge for the top they were defeated 5-3 by North Ramsey A at the Mooragh Park while Peel Sunset B and North Ramsey B played out a 4-4 draw in the Sunset City.
South Ramsey travelled to play Castletown B and the went back to Ramsey after battling to a 4-4 draw with the Castletown side.
So after Game 32 we still see Castletown A maintaining their lead in the League and looking favourites now to win but there are still enough games for the others to catch should the Southerners falter.

‘Southerners’ go to ‘town’ with their League Challenge.

Game 29 of the 2017 Over 60’s season saw League Leaders Castletown travelling to Onchan Park to take on challengers Onchan A.  This was a match that Onchan A had to win but ‘Town’ however had different ideas and came away with a 6-2 win with Robert Cowley and Colin Hinds being the only winners for Onchan A.

Onchan B however got some revenge for their Club as they travelled South to play Castletown B and got a great 7-1 victory with Billy Jones being the only winner for the Castletown team.

Ballaugh B hosted Marown and the men from Crosby took a 6-2 victory in this one with Ballaugh’s Bobby Clayton battling to a 21-20 win over Arnie Withers and Tom Lord doing well to beat Marown’s Stuey Clague to 19.

Douglas A travelled South to play Port St Mary B in a match that ended in a 4-4 draw while the Douglas B team were defeated 7-1 by a very strong Port St Mary A side with Arthur Ashcroft being the only winner for the Douglas side.

Finch Hill suffered a 3-5 home loss to Ballaugh A while a little further up the road Nobles A beat South Ramsey by the same margin.

North Ramsey A travelled to Port Erin to beat the Southerners 5-3 while North Ramsey B while the North Ramsey B side had a 5-3 victory over Peel Sunset C at the Mooragh Park.

Peel Sunset B played the Peel Sunset A team and it was the ‘high flying’ A team taking the match 6-2 with Gordon Corrin and Derek Clarke taking wins for the B team.

So as we started Game 30 it was North Ramsey B who had the unenviable challenge of slowing the League challenge of Castletown A but they found the Castletown men just too strong as they went back to Castletown with an 8-0 victory under their belts.

Castletown B hosted North Ramsey A and this match ended 4-4 with Castletown B bouncing back well from a 7-1 defeat in their previous match.

At the ‘Villa’ the match between Douglas A and Peel Sunset A literally ended ‘all square’ with the result being 4-4 and the score on chalks being 141 – 141. The Douglas B team travelled to the ‘Sunset City’ where they were beaten 7-1 by Peel Sunset B with Ray Osborne being the only winnerfor the Douglas side.

Ballaugh A had a 6-2 victory over Port Erin with Derek Cadamy and Bob Kay getting the two Port Erin wins.

Nobles A beat their B Team 5-3 while a little further North at Onchan Park Onchan B beat Port St Mary B 7-1.

For the second successive match early League Challengers Onchan A came up a against a team challenging for the League and again they lost 6-2, this time to Port St Mary A with Robert Cowley and Les Mc Clellan getting the wins for Onchan A.

South Ramsey hosted Finch Hill and the Northerners won this one 5-3 in a match with some tight games.

So after Game 30 we see Castletown A extend their lead to 6 points with them having 52 points with Port St Mary A being 6 points adrift at 46 points and Peel Sunset A a further point behind on 45 points.






Castletown maintaining top spot..

Atrocious weather on Friday 21st July saw the cancellation of two matches while the rest were playing under very trying conditions with Greens holding quite a lot of water.
Ballaugh B hosted Port Erin and on a very wet day the Southerners put a lttle sunshine into their lives by taking a 6-2 victory with Bobby Clayton and Peter Corlett being the winners for Ballaugh.
At the Villa Douglas B lost 7-1 to Nobles A with Douglas player Les Quayle getting his first win with a 21-19 victory over Joe Bullock.
Douglas A travelled to play Port St Mary A on a Green that was only just playable and the men from the South won 7-1 although this could have been much closer with both Stuey Garrett and Tommy Rougvie only losing 21-20 and Keith Fearnley 21-18. The winner for Douglas was Keith Rise who inflicted a 21-11 defeat on individual merit leader Chris Oates, this being the first loss of the season for Chris.
Marown had a 5-3 win at home against Onchan B although Moore Kelly had a great battle with Ian Kissack to only lose out 21-20.
Nobles B and Finch Hill battled to a 4-4 draw while in the Mooragh Park North Ramsey B had a good 7-1 win over Port St Mary B with Bob Talbot being the only winner for the ‘Port’.
Onchan A struggling to keep up their push for the League entertained Castletown B and in what seemed a very close encounter the result was a very fitting draw.
Peel Sunset C entertained North Ramsey A with the Northerners taking a 7-1 win with Ray Hardman being the only winner for Peel beating Brian Colquitt 21-15.
Tuesday 25th July saw Douglas B travelling to play league leaders Castletown A with the team at the top taking a 7-1 win and back in Douglas the Douglas A Team had a 5-3 victory over Castletown B.
North Ramsey A had a 6-2 win over Finch Hill while the North Ramsey B side travelled to Marown where they lost 7-1.
Peel Sunset A had a great 8-0 home win over Port St Mary B and in the reverse fixture Port St Mary A made things even by beating Peel Sunset B 8-0.
Nobles A took a 5-3 win after their travels to Ballaugh A and Nobles B played to a 7-1 win over Ballaugh B at Nobles Park.
Finally Onchan B entertained Port Erin that resulted in a 6-2 win for the men from Onchan Park.
So after these matches were played we see Castletown A still at the top with 46 points followed by Peel Sunset A and Port St Mary A on 42 points and Onchan A on 41 points.

Ray Watterson takes 2017 Over 60’s Championship Victory.

Wednesday and Thursday 13th and 14th July 2017 saw the qualifying rounds of the Over 60’s Championship held at Port Erin Bowling Green with the final 16 Qualifiers playing to an overall winner at the same venue on 19th July.

Although the weather for the ‘Finals Day’ was not as bad as expected it was still very overcast with spells of rain throughout the day which caused difficulties for some with the bowls slipping on their wet hands.

Despite this problem we saw an afternoon of good bowls and some surprise results and the two semi-final matches were between Peter Wallis and Bernie McPhee both of Onchan and Ray Watterson of Port St Mary against Peter Oates of Castletown.

Peter Wallis but up a brave fight against his club mate Bernie McPhee but eventually Bernie who was on great form all afternoon was just too good on the day and ran out with a 21-15 win.

In the other semi-final many expected Peter Oates who had been playing so well in the earlier rounds to beat Ray Watterson but Ray produced some great bowls and beat Peter 21-11.

In the Final Bernie started well against Ray and although the game was always close Bernie was never behind at any point until the game reached 14-14 and then he had two very rare loose ends which gave Ray the advantage.

This was Ray’s opportunity and he grasped it with both hands and despite a spirited effort from Bernie it was Ray who eventually won 21-18 to become the 2017 Over 60’s Men’s Bowls Champion.

In his Winners Speech Ray thanked every one involved in organising the Competition and thanked all his opponents for the sporting and friendly way that they had competed with him.

Castletown go four points clear at the top.

A very sunny Tuesday 18th July saw the Over 60’s matches start with all of the top teams being keen not to make a slip and so lose their momentum in the battle for the League Championship.

It was to be an afternoon however when two off the top teams were to be severely tested with Onchan A losing 5-3 to Port Erin in the South of the Island and the League Leaders Castletown A being given a fright by North Ramsey A at the Mooragh Park before eventually running out 5-3 winners.

Castletown’s B Team entertained Port St Mary A and the men from Port St Mary took a 5-3 win concentrating solely on the bowls and not the lovely floral displays at the Castletown Green.

Marown travelled along the T.T Course to Ballaugh where they took part in a match with some very close games before eventually returning to Crosby with a 6-2 win.

Peel Sunset B travelled to the Villa to play Douglas A and unfortunately for the men from the Sunset City they found the Douglas players on top form and the home side took an 8-0 victory on a Green that didn’t appear to suit the visitors.

There was better news for the Peel Club when their A Team faced Nobles B at Peel in a match that saw the Westerners win 7-1 with John Clague being the only winner for Nobles Park.

Back at Nobles Park the Nobles A Team inflicted a 6-2 defeat on Ballaugh B with Charlie Howland and Paul Bradford being the only winners for Ballaugh.

Finch Hill had a 6-2 win over Peel Sunset C while up at Onchan Park the Onchan B Team took a 5-3 victory from North Ramsey B.

Douglas B Team went to South Ramsey where they were beaten 5-3 by the Northerners on a tricky South Ramsey Green.

So as the days bowls came to  a close we had Castletown A now four points clear at the top with 44 points and Peel Sunset A and Onchan A still chasing hard on 40 points.



Three Teams level on points at the top.

The end of the Bowling Festival which saw a break in the Over 60’s Fixtures also ended a run of good weather with so many fixtures being affected and it has taken some time to catch up on the postponed matches.

As we went into Game 21 we saw Ballaugh A travel to play North Ramsey B and it was the team from Ballaugh that played out a 6-2 win while back in Ballaugh their B Team held South Ramsey to a 4-4 draw.

North Ramsey A took an 8-0 win away at Douglas B in atrocious conditions at the Villa.

Peel Sunset B hosted Castletown B in a close encounter and although it ended in a draw both teams had a chance to get a win in some very close games.

Douglas A travelled to Crosby to play Marown and once more this was a tight match with Marown eventually running out 5-3 winners whilst in an all South contest Port St Mary A beat Port Erin 7-1.

Onchan A hosted Nobles A and took a 5-3 win while back at Nobles Park the Nobles B Team played out a 4-4 draw with Port St Mary B.

League leaders Castletown A beat Finch Hill 7-1 and finally Peel Sunset C lost 8-0 to their Club’s A Team.

Game 22 saw the League Leaders Castletown A travel to play Onchan B and come back with an 8-0 victory whilst the Onchan A Team took a 7-1 victory at Finch Hill.

Peel Sunset A had a comfortable 6-2 win against Ballaugh B but the Peel C Team were not so successful losing 7-1 away to Ballaugh A.

North Ramsey A had a 5-3 win over a strong Port St Mary A side, a result which has to be a setback for the men from the South who have been pushing for a top position this Year.

At the ‘Villa’ Douglas A put up a strong performance to beat Nobles B 8-0 on a Green that was running well despite all the recent rain.

Peel Sunset B went down 5-3 at South Ramsey despite a great effort by Jeff Wilson for Peel who eventually lost 21-20 to Roger Thomas.

Unfortunately as we came to  July 4th and Game 23 we still had more rain but despite this only one game was postponed with this being Castletown A against Port Erin.

Onchan A hosted Ballaugh A at the Park and it was the home side that got a 5-3 win while Onchan B must have forgotten to say hello to the Fairies at the Fairy Bridge as they travelled South as they were beaten 8-0 by Port St Mary A.

Peel Sunset A had a successful trip through the Central Valley to beat Marown 5-3 while the Peel Sunset B Team had an equally successful trip to Port St Mary B where they won 6-2.

In the ‘Capital’ Douglas B lost 6-2 to Castletown B and Nobles B beat South Ramsey 5-3.

At the Mooragh Park North Ramsey B lost 5-3 to Finch Hill whilst a little farther South Ballaugh B lost 5-3 to Douglas A  in a match that saw some close games.

Game 24 saw better weather and provided better playing conditions and at a sunny Onchan Park the strong Onchan A Team beat Douglas A 7-1 to maintain their challenge for the League Title.

Both of the Ballaugh Teams played Clubs from the South and Ballaugh B beat Castletown B 5-3 at Ballaugh while their A Team drew 4-4 at Port St Mary A.

Castletown a once again sent out the message that they were strong contenders to win the League with an 8-0 victory over Nobles A at Castletown.

Douglas B hosted Port Erin in a match that ended ‘all square’ at 4-4 and at Crosby Marown beat Port St Mary B 6-2.

North Ramsey A travelled to  Nobles B where they took a 6-2 win while their B Team were beaten 6-2 at the Mooragh Park by Peel Sunset A.

Peel Sunset B were beaten 5-3 by Onchan B and the Peel Sunset C Team were also beaten 5-3 by South Ramsey.

So after Game 24 we have three Teams level on points at the top, those being Cstletown A, Peel Sunset A and Onchan A.