1) Members may form league teams, which will consist of seven players.
2) All games 21 up off six.
3) Team captains to make a draw to select opponents. The match to commence at the time indicated on the fixture list. Any team member not present within 15 minutes of the start time must be replaced with a substitute. If no substitute is available then the game is forfeit; however, the teams will be awarded a six-point handicap for each game not played.
4) All matches are to be played in the form of five singles and one doubles. Captains to choose who is to play in singles and doubles and submit cards for the draw accordingly. If any team is short of players they must fill the doubles in the draw first.
5) Team Players and Reserves
a) Team Players: Team captains must submit names of seven players to the Club Secretary before their first fixture, those players may ONLY play for their nominated team and NOT used as a reserve for any other team. Any team who has not submitted their team, the first seven players used will form the Team Players for that team.
b) Reserves: Reserves are any player not nominated as a Team Player and who have not played more than four games for another team.
6) No player can play for more than one team during a session. A member once having played for a team in four fixtures, is restricted to that team and is not permitted to play for any other team in this competition.
7) Away team has first cast of the jack.
8) Teams MUST do their own measuring during league games.
9) Any player awarded a walkover in the first set of fixtures at a session may have four ends practice before they play in the second set of games. This rule does NOT apply to any player who chooses or is chosen to play in the second set of games only.
10) Match results to be determined by the process of one point for each game won, plus two for the highest aggregate chalks score or in the event of this being equal, one point each. In the event of two or more teams being equal after completion of all fixtures the team with the highest points for games will be placed above the others, if still equal the team with the highest chalks total. If still equal the team with least chalks against, if still equal the team with best chalks total in a head-to-head matches, if still equal committee to organise a play-off.
11) Merit Table ranked by total chalks scored. If players are tied the player with the least chalks against will be ranked higher, if still tied the player with the most games won, followed by least games lost are ranked higher.
12) Whenever possible each team will play two league games during their allocated match day.
13) If no official referee is appointed, the team captains will decide any points at issue.
14) Result sheets of matches to be signed by both captains and immediately forwarded to the competition organiser by the captain of the team first named on the fixture list.
15) The Committee shall have the power to decide any matter not provided for in these rules.
16) In the event of bad weather the decision to play will be taken by the captains and any committee members present who are not involved in the games due to take place.
These rules were altered and approved at an Annual General Meeting of the Club held on 18th September 2021