Top of the table clash

It was a clash at the top of the table for last year’s league winners Castletown A. Who welcomed Marown A to their green on a midweek Battle. On paper this was always going to be a close encounter and that proved correct. There were lots of supporters around the green supporting both teams. After the first 4 games off Marown were leading by just 20 points. Castletown played the home green well and with the remaining 5 games got the points back to finish the game level 153 v 153 to receive a draw. Castletown A 153 v 153 Marown A (4-5)

Port Erin 139 v 136 Peel Sunset (6-3) After winning 6 games the Port Erin side just managed to take the win by 3 points after Peel Sunset traveled south and managed to take their 3 wins all to single figures 5-21, 5-21 and 3-21. Di Benson and Voirrey Curphey’s 21-8 wins helped the Southern side protect their win. The next games are back to Friday evening 26th May.

Results: Mooragh Park 146 v 167 Port St Mary (4-5), Ballagh 179-125 Nobles (8-1), Marown B 181 v 114 Castletown B (7-2), Douglas 105 v 185 South Ramsey (1-8)