Nobles Over 60’s win at home to Port St Mary A

Tuesday 16th May was a perfect day for me to visit Nobles, who welcomed the southern side to their green. The weather was perfect and sitting in the sun was lovely. There were some really good games played and the green was running lovely and is a credit to the green keepers. My game of the match has to be Dee Lewis V Trisha Bull. Dee had the home green to her advantage and made a good lead on Trish. As we all know Trish, she wasn’t about to give up lightly, and managed to get her hands on the jack. But Dee had too much of a lead and finished off the game 21-15. Nobles took the win 113-79 (5-1) Wendy Kennaugh the sole Port St Mary A winner 21-8.

Second placed on the League table Ballaugh enjoyed a great visit to Onchan A. Where Ali Millard had a lovely 21-4 win to help secure her team’s win. Onchan A 88 v 112 Ballaugh (2-4)

Results: Peel Sunset 114 v 67 Mooragh Park B (5-1), Mooragh Park A 102 v 83 Finch Hill (3-3), Port Erin A 85 v 121 Marown (1-5), South Ramsey 116 v 73 Douglas A (5-1), Castletown A 126 v 49 Castletown B (6-0)

Later in the week Nobles ventured to Finch Hill. I’m disappointed that I didn’t make it to watch this close game. Finch Hill 102 v 99 Nobles (3-3) Looking at the results this was pretty even in games with 3 each and each side having a 21-9 win. But Finch Hill took the overall win by just 3 points.

The other close game of the day was Port Erin B 101 v 108 South Ramsey (3-3) Lots of close games and both sides having a 21-10 win. The Ramsey side just coming out on top by just 7 points.

Results: Marown 114 v 74 Castletown A (5-1), Mooragh Park A 79 v 117 Onchan A (1-5), Ballagh 122 v 103 Port Erin A (5-1), Douglas A 79 v 107 Mooragh Park A (2-4), Port St Mary A 89 v 114 Peel Sunset (2-4)