Peel Sunset defeat Onchan on away game

On Tuesday 23rd May I was welcomed at Onchan to some glorious sunshine to watch Onchan take on Peel Sunset. The hosts were very welcoming and the cup of tea and biscuit was very much appreciated. The 1st 3 games showed that the green was running well, with a couple of the jacks going off the green. At half way the sunsets were leading 37-60 and winning 2 of the 3 games played. Norma Cowell (Onchan) and Terri Berry (Peel Sunset) had to be the game of the match. Playing a total of 32 ends Norma came out with the win 21-18. Norma raced ahead at the start and after just 10 ends was 11-3. Terri got a hang of the faster green and at 22 ends had levelled the game to 14-14, where with just single points awarded the game stayed level up to the 28th end at 17-17. Terri scored a single the next end, But the skilled Norma took two singles and a two on the final end to take the win. Onchan took all the other 3 wins, but with the sunset side all scoring 18, 18 and 19 this was enough to give the away team the overall match win. Onchan 100 v 115 Peel Sunset (4-2), Mooragh Park A 126 v 48 Port Erin B (6-0), Nobles 106 v 65 Douglas A (4-2), Castletown A 126 v 81 Ballaugh (6-0), Finch Hill 101 v 100 Port St Mary A (4-2), Port Erin A 126 v 50 Mooragh Park B (6-0), South Ramsey 115 v 63 Castletown B (5-1)

The second games of the week saw Onchan venture down south to take on Port St Mary A. With the Port St Mary side on good form. Only dropping 1 game and 1 point. Leslie Nicholl was the sole Onchan winner just coming through 21-20. All of the Onchan ladies fought hard and all reached double figures in their games. Final scores: Port St Mary A 125 v 80 Onchan A (5-1), Mooragh Park B 54 v 116 Castletown A (1-5), Port Erin B 71 v 109 Nobles (1-5), Marown 118 v 106 South Ramsey (4-2), Peel Sunset 104 v 103 Port Erin A (3-3), Castletown B 108 v 118 Mooragh Park A (4-2), Douglas A 86 v 100 Finch Hill (2-4).