Third time lucky

The final session of 2021 was a Round Robin on the Wednesday December 29, where 11 hardy, determined players took to the green. The decision was to play two groups of singles. The winner of the yellow jack singles being Sue Gawne who scored 27 points and Margie Tasker second with 24. The winner of the black jack group was Tricia Bull scoring 21 and a close second place was Pat Rigby scoring 19.

It was third time lucky for the first games of the New Year, as they were abandoned in October and rained off in December, but they managed to play on Sunday, January 2 2022!

Four teams took the green – Mooragh Lakers, Nobles Nutters, Parkers and Castletown Corkers.

The Lakers took four of the wins leaving the Nutters to win two. The closest scoring game for the Lakers was won by the doubles Tracey Moore and Sue Gawne who held Tina Hampson and Juan Qualtrough to 18, whereas Dave Naughton for the Nutters held Shannon McMullan likewise to 18.

Parkers had victory in five games, whilst Dave Faragher took the only win for Corkers holding Mike Thomas to 17. There were a few close scoring games with Parkers taking the win. The doubles Mike Alexander and Jo Smith holding Judith Moore and Ivor Moore to 19 and Paul Clinton keeping Grace Gawne to 18.

The Nutters then took on Parkers, and again won two of the six games. The wins for the Nutters being the doubles Juan Qualtrough and Tina Hampson, who kept Paul Clinton and Paul Callister to 19, and Sylvia Kennaugh who held Mike Thomas to 17. The closest scoring game for the Parkers was for Neil Dunwell who kept Terry Bates to 17.

The final games saw the Lakers take the match by winning all six games against the Corkers. Three of the Corkers games managed to score double figures, the closest being that by Dave Faragher who scored 16 against Walter McCarthy.

Results: Mooragh Lakers 6 (118) Nobles Nutters 2 (100); Parkers 7 (122) Castletown Corkers 1 (93); Nobles Nutters 2 (103) Parkers 6 (120); Castletown Corkers 0 (67) Mooragh Lakers 8 (126).

The dates for postponed games will be published as soon as they are known.