Pre-Festival Singles

There was an entry of 38, including 10 visitors over for the Festival, at Mooragh Park on Sunday June 16 for the Pre-festival ladies’ singles open. The green was heavy after recent rain, but running true, and the weather stayed fair although unfortunately bringing out the midgies.

Quarter-finals;- Viv Grills 21, Chris Hardman (Tottington Con) 8; Ronnie Lyon (West Derby Recs) 21, Rosemary Quirk 19; Shirley Jones (Wrockwardine Wood) 21, Lin Ruscoe 16; Lyn Bolton 21, Elaine Moore 20.

Semi-finals:- Ronnie Lyon 21, Viv Grills 17; Lyn Bolton 21, Shirley Jones 18.

Lyn set off like a rocket, reaching 18 before Ronnie had a chance to blink !.Two 2’s from Ronnie looked as if a come-back might be on the cards, but Lyn got in again on the next end for a single which was followed by two more, giving her the match 21-10.

The presentation was made by Association vice-president, Pat Robertson, who thanked all those who had helped in any way with the smooth running of the event.