Porters on a high

Erin Porters notched up the highest points total over the weekend in the Manx Petroleum sponsored Outdoor Winter Bowling League dropping just 10 as they recorded two good victories.

They began by notching up the season’s eighth maximum in their outing against Castletown Cannons, whilst Unstopabowls came close to number nine with a 123-81 success over Bits n Bobs.

Porters then won a close encounter in the battle of the two first winners, with Bits n Bobs getting the better of Cannons and improved their average in the process.

Match details (Cannons first): Joy Stephens 20, Andy Morgan 21; Alan Phair 21, Edwina Reid 19; Elaine McElroy 14, Dot Mylchreest 21; John Alderson 15, Tim Williams 21; Peter Curtis 21, Gill Morgan 11; Bob Daggett and Joyce Kiernan 6, Geoff Mayles and Allan Kennaugh 21. Castletown Cannons 97 (2), Bits n Bobs 114 (4).

Remaining results for Saturday, November 5: Erin Porters 126 (6), Castletown Cannons 72 (0); Bits n Bobs 81 (1), Unstopabowls 123 (5); Unstopabowls 108 (3), Erin Porters 116 (3).

Sunday saw another two scores very close to maximums when Louie’s Angels and Parkers dropped five points between them, but it was Outsiders who fared best as they did enough to move into fourth spot.

First up they overcame Parkers by a margin of 20, before inflicting defeat on Angels who had started the day above them in the table.

Bowl Rollers will not be happy after their afternoon out in the cold wind, recording their worst score and failing to hit the 100 point mark.

Angels beat them with a total just three short of full house, before opponents Parkers went one better and missed out by just two.

They remain ahead of Porters on an average of 105, but slip further behind Parkers who are now hunting down the Angels.

Results for Sunday, November 6: Outsiders 117 (4), Parkers 97 (2); Bowl Rollers 86 (1), Louie’s Angels 123 (5); Parkers 124 (5), Bowl Rollers 97 (1);  Louie’s Angels 98 (2) Outsiders 114 (4).

A gang of 44 attended the usual midweek round robin outing and coming out on top were Philippa Taylor and James ‘T-bag’ Teare in the red doubles; John Lightfoot, Bernard Thackrah and Peter Kelly (yellow triples), and Derek Clarke, Tricia Bull and Shirley Fargher in the black triples.

Runners-up were Jacqui Elliott and Janet Monk; Hazel and Peter Hughes, with Alec Taylor and Lil Smith, Mark Kelly and Doug Allan.