New leaders

Four of the leading six teams took part in the one day of action at the weekend in the Manx Petroleum sponsored Outdoor Winter Bowling League and it was all change at the top once again.

Mooragh Lakers are the new leaders after they dropped just two chalks during a session which saw them rack up their third and the campaign’s seventh maximum score.

Opponents first time out were Parkers, but they fell short as the Lakers stormed to their sixth victory, although I feel the singles games were well fought with the lowest loser reaching 15.

Also competing were Louie’s Angels, leaders on average at the start, and Seven-Up, who occupied fourth spot and it was the latter who sneaked home with a winning margin of just eight points.

Match details with Angels first: Rebecca Teare 21, Alison Keggen 10; Thomas Keggen 19, Alec Taylor 21; Tricia Bull 16, Philippa Taylor 21; Marg Tasker 18, Kevin Quirk 21; Matthew Keggen 21, Jordan Cain 18; Rita Callister and Ken Karran 9, Nigel Thomas and Steve Crampton 21. Louie’s Angels 104 (2), Seven-Up 112 (4).

Seven-Up then took on Parkers and secured a 5-1 victory, but their points total for the afternoon was not enough to see them improve their average, although they did move up one position.

This was helped by Lakers recording a full-house against an Angels team that slipped down to fourth in the standings after they struggled to a tally of 84.

Results for Sunday, October 30: Parkers 96 (1), Mooragh Lakers 124 (5); Seven-Up 123 (5), Parkers 95 (1); Mooragh Lakers 126 (6) Louie’s Angels 84 (0).

Prior to the league fixtures two round robins took place with good entries in both. The midweek session had 48 entrants, which were split into triples and doubles, with the winning pair being David Galbraith and Mike Skelly, with second going to George Brew and Vicky Lloyd-West.

Voirrey Curphey, Colin Spence and Ken Karran won the black jack triples group ahead of Jeff Wilson, George Peach and Carol Kaye; while the yellow victors were Steve Parker, Derek Clarke and Graham Ogden, second spot going to Glen Boland, Roma Ware and Tricia Bull.

Saturday saw the first weekend session with 28 competing in two groups of doubles, with yellow winners being Ken Karran and Caroline Whitehead, second went to Bernard Thackrah and James Teare, and in third it was Carol Kaye and Shirley Whelan.

Just three points separated the top four in the other group and after roll-ups for first and third the successful duos in order were Peter Hughes and Terry Bates; Janet Monk and Graham Ogden; Steve Parker and Lynda Cadamy.

Missing from Nobles 3 over the weekend, was winter club stalwart Louis Callister, who spent a couple of days in hospital; also Louie’s Angels member Debbie Leece who at the time of compiling this column was still receiving treatment. We wish them both a speedy recovery.