Changes in averages

There were two unusual days of action over the weekend in the Manx Petroleum sponsored Outdoor Winter Bowling League, Saturday saw averages drop for the four teams and the following day they all increased.

The leading two were participants on the first afternoon and they remain out in front after the day’s results which saw two victories for Mooragh Lakers and one defeat, followed by a maximum win for Seven-Up.

Unstopabowls were also playing and they began with a successful outing against Seven-Up, winning 113 to 98; this while Lakers dropped six points in a comfortable victory over Castletown Cannons.

Seven-Up then rallied to record their fourth full-house to date, whilst their southern opponents Castletown Cannons slipped into the bottom two.

The session concluded with another big fixture, when leaders Lakers got the better of third placed Unstopabowls by the close margin of six, both teams dropping valuable points.

Match details being as follows (Lakers first): Jenny Moore 21, Alan Moore 18; Adrian Skinner 11, Glynn Hargraves 21; Steve Parker 21, Stefan Kelly 9; Rob Monk 21, Elaine Moore 17, Brian Kelly 21, Steve Waters 19; Steve Moore and James Teare 16, Kim Hargraves and Glen Boland 21. Lakers 111 (4), Unstopabowls 105 (2).

Remaining results for Saturday, November 12: Castletown Cannons 70 (1), Lakers 120 (5); Unstopabowls 113 (4), Seven-Up 98 (2); Seven-Up 126 (6), Cannons 81 (0).

Sunday had four teams from the bottom half of the table competing and they all went home with a win apiece and improved averages for their endeavours.

Govags racked up 119, the highest total, with a good win over Erin Porters, whilst Castletown Corkers recorded their first win of the season and dropped just eight points against Bits n Bobs.

Porters and Bits n Bobs then got the better of the previous two victors, Porters defeating bottom team Corkers, and Bits n Bobs getting the better of Govags.

Results for Sunday, November 13: Erin Porters 108 (3), Govags 119 (3); Bits n Bobs 107 (3), Castletown Corkers 118 (3); Corkers 95 (2), Porters 115 (4); Govags 100 (2), Bits n Bobs 112 (4).

A gang of 30 took part in the midweek round robin and after being separated into two sets of triples the winners were Alan Phair, Janet Monk and Peter Karran in the black group, and Philippa Taylor, Bob Coker and Bernard Thackrah in the yellow gang.

Runners-up being Derek Cadamy, Pauline Worrall and Jean Thackrah; along with Tom Wilson, Julie Reilly and Vicky Lloyd-West.