League Rules

  1. The League and Players
    The League shall consist of teams of 8 (eight) players. All players and captains must be male, over 60, a paid-up member of their club and registered with the British Crown Green Bowling Association (BCGBA). Where any club has more than one team, players who have played 5 (five) or more league matches for a higher ranked team, shall not be eligible to play for a lower ranked team in any competition at the same club in the same season.
  2. The Matches
    Each team will play every other team twice, home and away, as per the Fixture List with all matches commencing at 1400rs. No player may play for more than one team in the same numbered match.
    Players from both sides may take advantage of a “roll-up” prior to the start but the green must be vacated by 1350hrs. The match draw will be made prior to the start by the team captains.
    Standard “in-date” jacks must be used and the visitors shall have first throw of the jack.
    The home captain will determine the order of play. A substitute may be allowed up to the 7th (seventh), or penultimate, player taking to the green.
  3. Games
    All games will be 21-up off scratch. Measuring will be done by the players or markers concerned. If the players fail to agree on a measure the home captain will decide.
  4. Match Results
    Match results will be determined by the number of team winners with one point being awarded to each winning player. The match result card must be signed by the away team captain and forwarded to the Competition Secretary by the home team captain on completion of the match. League points will then be awarded on the basis of 2 (two) points for a match win and 1 (one) for a draw.
    (Note: The result giving games/points scored only, should also be texted to the IOMCCBGA Competition Secretary by the home captain (425242)
  5. Re-arranged Fixtures
    If a match has to be abandoned due to inclement weather, or is postponed for any other just
    cause (see Rule 8), it must be played the next day if possible. If not the teams concerned must arrange to complete the fixture within 10 days. If this is not possible the Executive Committee will set a date and any defaulting team will be deducted 4 points. In any abandoned match the completed games will stand and the remaining games re-drawn when the match is replayed. No player with a completed card will be allowed to play again in the match although it is not compulsory to play the same players in the re-drawn games. The Competition Secretary must be informed as soon as possible if a team is defaulting on a fixture with no intention of completing the fixture at a future date. The responsibility for this rests with the captain of the defaulting team and an explanation shall be given. The home captain shall be responsible for informing the Competition Secretary when details of any re-arranged fixture are available or if the teams are unable to agree on a date for this.
  6. The Winners
    On completion of the fixtures the winning team will be presented with the Shield which it will hold for 12 (twelve) months. Prize money will be awarded to teams in accordance with the Prize List in the current fixture book. In the event of a tie for first place the winner will be determined by the total number of games won. If it is still a tie after this calculation the teams will hold the Shield for 6 (six) months each. Other places will be adjudicated using the same formula.
  7. The Executive Committee reserves the right to expel any team from the League if just cause can be shown. Note: The general principles set out in Constitution Rules 13 and 14 of the IOM Over 60s Association, in particular the right of an individual to advance a defence, shall apply to teams and clubs in these circumstances.
  8. Four points will be deducted from teams who fail to fulfil a fixture.
    Two points will be deducted from teams who play an ineligible player.
    (Note: Unless just cause can be shown e.g. a funeral, or wide-spread illness, within the club, depleted teams will be expected to honour a fixture when sufficient players are available to achieve a result other than an automatic loss)
  9. A fee for each player per match shall be set at the AGM and all such monies due shall be forwarded to the Treasurer before the start of the season. N.B. The fee for 2016 is 25p per player per match.
  10. Any team wishing to withdraw from the League shall give notice to that effect before the AGM otherwise the fees for the ensuing season shall be paid in full. If notice is given after the commencement of the season any results to date will be expunged and clubs involved shall remain liable for any match fees which would otherwise have accrued had the team not been withdrawn.
  11. Any player wishing to transfer between clubs after commencement of the season must make an application to the Executive Committee and will not be eligible to play for his proposed new club until their approval is given. A player, after such transfer, may not revert to his original club in the same season.
    (Note: Nothing in this rule shall preclude a player from changing clubs during the season, or joining other clubs, but relates only to the eligibility of that player to represent his club(s) in competitions governed by the IOM Over 60s Association. Once a player has represented his club in any such competition he remains tied to that club for that purpose, during the current season, unless the approval of the Executive Committee is granted)
  12. Any dispute shall be notified to the Competition Secretary as soon as possible. The matter will then be referred to the Executive Committee whose decision shall be final.
  13. The Executive Committee shall have the power to decide any matter not provided for in the rules.