C Tarleton Hodgson sponsored ladies’ league

The final scheduled matches in the C Tarleton Hodgson sponsored ladies league were played on Friday 19 August and despite losing to South Ramsey Port St Mary are once again league champions. Second place still hangs in the balance as two matches postponed from earlier in the season have still to be played. The match between Peel Sunset and Mooragh Park will have little impact on the overall table, but South Ramsey need to score 163 against Nobles (not an easy task!) to overtake Castletown for second place.

With a game still to play, Jenny Moore looks to be favourite for the league merit but strange things do happen and it is not yet cut and dried.

South Ramsey and Nobles both put in strong performances this week, South having a 5-4 win over Port St Mary, with a comfortable points difference, while Nobles were ruthless against Douglas who failed to pass the 100 point mark. Brenda Williams was the only winner for the visitors, denying the home side a full house. Onchan were once again three players short, although the six they fielded fought well with four wins, a 19 and Barbara Kennaugh’s 20 against Celia Joughin. It can only be hoped that they will be able to find some new players over the winter and come back next year with all guns blazing ! Top scorers of the week were Purt le Moirrey against Mooragh Park, who were also a player short, Caroline Parker being the fly in their ointment when she denied them a full house.