C Tarleton Hodgson Ladies’ League 2 August and 4 August

It is tight at the top of the table in the C Tarleton Hodgson sponsored league, and the matches on Wednesday 2 August saw non-of the top three teams gaining an advantage as they all ended with similar scores. The meeting between the top two teams saw second placed Castletown with a 5-4 advantage on games, with Kath Kinley winning to single figures, while Port St Mary had two winners to single figures in Ann Maddrell and Margaret Tasker. The rest of the games were close with Kellie Maddrell-Reeve reaching 19 against Kim Foy and Jayne Kneen reaching the same score against Sue Peach, the final score showing the home team winning by six points. South Ramsey in third place gained just one point on the leaders when they visited Port Erin, where they won six games, three to single figures. Wins by Jacqui Elliott, to single figures, Caroline Whitehead and Carol Kaye for the visitors kept the home side’s score down.Mooragh Park had a comfortable win against Onchan, who were unfortunately a player short, winning 7-2, the two winners for Onchan being Jo Smith and Sue Gawne, while Libby Andrade reached 20 against Gill Morgan. Alison Keggen and Jayne Smith were the two winners for Nobles when they visited Marown, while Sylvia Kennaugh reached 18 against Rosie Winckle. Peel Sunset had a successful journey to Ballaugh, where the home side had two winners in Pat Mason and Christine Macdonald. Sue Jones and Mary Moffatt won to single figures while Heather Horsburgh and Shirley Corrin came through 21-19 against Brenda Bowyer and Barbara Graham respectively. With three wins to single figures a 5-4 win on games saw Douglas with a comfortable victory over Purt le Moirrey. The feature game of the match saw Tracy Moore edge out Brenda Williams 21-19.
Friday 4 August
With just two games left to play after tonight, Port St Mary’ lead looks fairly safe, but not unassailable. The real battle is for second place, where South Ramsey have now leap-frogged over Castletown and have a seven point advantage over them.
South Ramsey were in determined mood when they visited Onchan, winning all nine games, three to single figures. Once again Libby Andrade lost out 20-21, this time to Lauren Groen. Port St Mary were also in ruthless form on their visit to Nobles, winning six games, five of them to single figures, Sylvia Kennaugh nearly giving Nobles a fourth game reaching 18 against Ann Maddrell. Nobles’ three winners were Jayne Smith, Alison Keggen and Lin Ruscoe. Castletown visited Peel Sunset and came away with a comfortable points win although they did not have it all their own way as the home side won four games with Mary Moffatt winning to single figures. However Castletown won three of their games to single figures. There were some close games, in particular between Pat Robertson and Hilary Kermode where Pat came through 21-20.Port Erin and Marown slugged it out in a hard fought battle where all eighteen players reached double figures. The visitors had the better of it 5-4 on games and a winning margin of one point. The game between Carole Kaye and Celia Joughin could have gone either way, Celia taking it 21-19.Douglas won 5-4 at Ballaugh with Jan Osborne and Paula Garrett winning to single figures, as did Christine Macdonald and Brenda Bowyer for the home side. Pat Mason and Sue Caley had a good tussle before Sue came through 21-20.Mooragh Park won 6-3 at Purt le Moirrey, keeping the home side’s score down with three wins to single figures. Roma Ware almost gave Purt le Moirrey a fourth game, reaching 20 against Diana White.