JMS Veteran’s Shield Semi-finals

Mooragh Park’s terrific run in the JMS Veteran’s shield finally came to an end when they faced a rampant Marown on Thursday 3 August. They did deny their opponents a full house as Peggy Freeman edged out Shirley Whelan 21-20, but although they fought well, with three of their players reaching double figures, they did not amass sufficient points for their handicap to pull them through .
Things were much closer in the other semi-final. Port Erin won four of the six games, but there were some very close games. Lin Ruscoe lost out 18-21 to Phil Dobson, while two games went all the way with Carol Kaye edging out Pat Dacre 21-20 and in reply Shirley Fargher coming through against Voirrey Curphey by the same score. The final score of 117-107 to the home side was not enough to see them through once Nobles’ 15 point advantage on handicap kicked in.
SEMI-FINAL: MOORAGH PARK 124, MAROWN 150: Handicap 50, Handicap 25; Peggy Freeman 21, Shirley Whelan 20; Moira Anderson 10, Mary Alderson 21; Ellie Cowell 15, Margaret Scarffe 21; Anne Kean 7, Philippa Taylor 21; Linda Morgan 9, Mair Moore 21; Frances Radcliffe 12, Celia Joughin 21;
PORT ERIN 127, NOBLES 132: Handicap 10, Handicap 25; Carol Kaye 21, Pat Dacre 20; Phil Dobson 21, Lin Ruscoe 18; Mavis Franks 21, Sylvia Kennaugh 15; Voirrey Curphey 20, Shirley Fargher 21; Sylvia Shelbourne 13, Viv Cook 21; Jacqui Elliott 21, Flo Price 12;

The final of the JMS Veteran’s Shield will take place at Finch Hill on Thursday 17 August starting at 10.30am, with both teams playing off their home handicaps.
Marown (+20) v Nobles (+20)