Angels whitewash title contenders Seven Up

After the games having to be abandoned last Sunday, this week the winter league bowls got underway on Wednesday with the round robin attracting twenty-seven members. The groups were split into triples and the winners by one point in the black jacks group were Sid McKnight, Pauline Cowley and Paul Callister. The second group playing with yellow jacks was won by eight points by Margie Tasker, Bran Aspden and Derek Allen.

Saturday’s matches saw three teams battle it out. Seven Up took on Castletown Cannons and won five out of the six games played. The win by Cannons was by Alan Phair who beat Dougie Allan to eighteen. Cannons then took on Louie’s Angels and again won one game, this time it was Joy Stephens who held Caroline Whitehead to nineteen points, whilst the other close win was Margie Tasker for Angels keeping Barbara Young to eighteen. Then the final match of the day was Louie’s Angels taking on Seven Up. The Angel’s won all six games to achieve the maximum score of 126. The closest scoring games were won by Margie Tasker and Rebecca Teare, beating Mark Kelly to nineteen and Andy Kennish to eighteen respectively.

Seven Up 7 (123) Castletown Cannons 1 (84), Castletown Cannons 1 (80) Louie’s Angels 7 (124), Louie’s Angels 8 (126) Seven Up 0 (78).

Sunday saw Nobles Nutters taking on All But, and the Nutters taking two games with the closest being won by young Alex Hampson as he beat Lil Smith to eighteen. Castletown Corkers were playing Outsiders and had one win, David Faragher managed to hold Elaine Moore to twenty points. All But then took on Corkers and won five out of the six games, again a battle was fought between Willie Corkill and Sarah Morgan, with victory by three points going to Willie. Outsiders took five wins when playing the Nutters, with the doubles having the closest scoring game Elaine Moore and Frank Watson held Juan Qualtrough and Tina Hampson to nineteen.

Nobles Nutters 2 (93) All But 6 (108), Castletown Corkers 1 (77) Outsiders 7 (125), All But 7 (111) Castletown Corkers 1 (96), Outsiders 7 (122) Nobles Nutters 1 (77).

There are no fixtures on Saturday, 13th November, so there will be a round robin being held. Also, I need to mention that from now on all entries for the round robin sessions will close at 12.50.

Entries are now being taken at Nobles 3 green for the J&M Lee charity doubles, which will now take place one weekend later than originally planned, with the new dates being December 18 and 19.