Angels continue good form

This week’s Pronto Plumbing sponsored winter league bowls got underway on Wednesday with the Round Robin attracting 32 members. The groups were split into triples and doubles, the black jacks group were doubles and the yellow triples.  The winners by nine points in the doubles were Derek Allen and David Clucas with 42, leaving Steve Parker and Brian Colquitt in second place on 33.  

The second group playing with yellow jacks was won with a 12 points margin by Alan Phair, Jane Lothian and Dougie Allan scoring 42, with Sid McKnight, Lil Smith and Terry Bates coming second with 30 points.

On Sunday the 14th of November, Mooragh Lakers took on Castletown Cannons and secured wins in all six games played. The games that were most closely fought were by Alan Phair who scored 18 against Brian Kelly and Barbara Young who also scored 18 against Janet Monk. Cannons second match was against Parkers and again the Cannons had all six games taken from them.

Louie’s Angels took on Parkers for their first match and won four out of the six games. The closest win for Angels was by Rebecca Teare who held Mike Alexander to 20, and the highest scoring game with a win for the Parkers was Neil Dunwell who kept Tricia Bull to 18.

The final match of the day was Lakers against Angels. The Angel’s managed to win five games but only dropped a point from the maximum 126 available. The closest scoring games were won by the Lakers doubles Alison Kearsley and Sue Gawne who took the win by one point from Tricia Bull and Caroline Whitehead. Margie Tasker for Angels beat Walter McCarthy to nineteen.

Castletown Cannons 0 (83) Mooragh Lakers 8 (126), Louie’s Angels 6 (122) Parkers 2 (108), Mooragh Lakers 1 (83) Louie’s Angels 7 (125), Parkers 8 (126) Castletown Cannons 0 (84).