Outsiders hold onto second

Wednesday saw 31 members take to the green for the Round Robin, meaning a split into two groups. The doubles playing with black jacks and triples playing with yellow jacks. 10 members made up the doubles and the winning pair were Derek Allen and Terry Bates who scored 38 points, whilst the runners up Lil Smith and Margie Tasker scored 32. 21 members played in the triples and Willie Corkhill, Julian Rothera and Sue Kerruish scored 41 points leaving the runners up Steve Parker, Bryan Corner and Tricia Bull in second on 32.

I have been asked why I am not reporting the scores using the new system voted in at the AGM, so from now on I will report the results with the added 2 games to the winner.

Three teams were playing on Saturday the 20th, Outsiders, All But and Seven Up.

Outsiders who are currently second in the league took on All But who are third in the league for the first game and Outsiders took four wins, with All But securing two. Brian Colquitt was one of All Buts winners who kept Frank Watson to 19.

All But then took on Seven Up who are currently fourth in the league and unfortunately did not manage a win, but the closest game again involving Brian Colquitt, but this time he was kept to 18 by Andy Kennish. 

Seven Up next took on Outsiders and won two out of the six games, the closest being that of the doubles which was Paula Firth and Dougie Allan of Seven Up keeping Kevin Firth and Tony Dugdale to 18.

Outsiders 6 (113) All But 2 (84), All But 0 (84) Seven Up 8 (126), Seven Up 2 (94) Outsiders 6 (116).

Sunday the 21st saw fifth place WALOB take on current leaders Louie’s Angels, and win two games out of the six. The doubles Joyce Ogden and Sid Bolton took victory from Tricia Bull and Caroline Whitehead by one point, whilst Lyn Bolton held Rebecca Teare to 18.

Seventh place Bits n Bobs took on ninth place Castletown Cannons and a good battle commenced, each side winning three games, but Bits n Bobs took the match by one point. Franz ten Donkelaar held Sue Kerruish to 18, Sue Collier kept Peter Curtis to 19, but likewise the Cannons took two wins by close margins. Joy Stephens holding Sue McCourt to 18 and George Peach keeping Gill Morgan to 19.

Louie’s Angels then took on Bits n Bobs, and did not get a clean sweep; Bits n Bobs took two games from them the closest score being Sue McCourt keeping Tricia Bull to 18.

Cannons then took on WALOB and won two games, it was a real family affair. The best scoring games were when Sue Peach kept Toby Hart to 18, but Tony Hart held George Peach to 17.

WALOB 2 (91) Louie’s Angels 6 (122), Bits n Bobs 5 (111) Castletown Cannons 3 (110), Louie’s Angels 6 (114) Bits n Bobs 2 (95), Castletown Cannons 2 (92) WALOB 6 (114).