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Current Champions Produce Impressive Win

Castletown A weathered the first of two tough fixtures by producing a fine home performance to beat South Ramsey by nine chalks and remain favourites to lift the ladies league title.

South Ramsey will take a moral victory in the match-winning more games but with the only single figure win going to Castletown as Kath Kinley beat Lyn Bolton 21-9 it made the difference on the team score. Castletown’s other wins came from Marie Ashurst 21-19 against Jill Quayle, Hilary Kermode 21-13 against Gill Morgan and Hannah Drewett 21-13 against Sue Collier. Winners for SR were Kim Hargraves 21-19 vs Kim Foy, Fiona Kennish 21-15 vs Anne Oates, Jenny Moore 21-15 over Tracey Moore and Elaine Moore who just did enough coming past Heike Perry 21-20. Final score 168-158 (4-5).

Current champions Port St Mary A gained 19 chalks on Castletown and in doing so put themselves right back in title contention following their impressive home win over Marown, dropping only two chalks across the nine games. Jayne Kneen and Chris Price both won to single figures with wins also coming from Ann Maddrell, Val Macfarlane, Katy Williams, Kellie Maddrell and Trish Bull. Marown picked up two 21-20 wins from Shirley Whelan and Philippa Taylor with PSM taking the victory 187-129 (7-2).

Ballaugh welcomed Nobles with the away team taking the victory however, Nobles would have been looking for a larger score to keep up their title race. Nobles had four winners to single figures Sylvia Kennaugh, Alison Keggen, Clare Cooper and Debbie Leece. Lin Ruscoe, Rebecca Teare and Jayne Smith also won for Nobles. Ballaugh’s two wins came from Alison Millard and Elaine Fenton with the away team running out to win 106-165 (2-7).

Port Erin faced Castletown B at Breagle Glen and comfortably won by 59 chalks. Home players Di Benson and Jenny Cain both won 21-3 with Phil Dobson, Susan Inch, Jacqui Elliott, Voirrey Curphey and Lynda Cadamy also winning. Castletown collected two wins from Barbara Young and Angela Quayle with the match ending 177-118 (7-2).

Douglas slipped to a 15 chalk loss at home against Mooragh Park with the away team also picking up five winners. Caroline Parker, Anne Kean and Helen Martin won to 21-9, 21-3 and 21-7 respectively with Aalish Haworth and Vicky-Lloyd West also picking up wins. Paula Garrett top-scored for Douglas 21-7 whilst Kay McKiernan, Pat Kelly and Wendy Cowin added to the home wins. The match finished 128-143 (4-5).

Onchan against Port St Mary B is the final match from Friday night with the home side winning six games to win by a healthy 58 chalks. Sue Gawne, Maureen Payne, Marilyn Ellison and Jo Smith won to single figures and Caroline Corlett, Dee Lewis rounded off Onchan’s winners. Chris Holland, Debra Cooper and Elaine Hawkins won for PSM with the final match score 172-114 (6-3).

With only two weeks to go Castletown A lead at the top of the league by 51 chalks from Port St Mary A. South Ramsey sit second but have played an extra match and sit out this round of fixtures and will drop to fourth position.

Nobles are 63 points behind Castletown and this week sees those two teams face off in what could be the crunch game of the season. Port St Mary A take on their B team and will look to score a maximum 189 points as they continue to chase down Castletown.

Castletown Edge Closer To Champion Status

Round 23 of the Ladies Night League produced another twist in the season as Castletown A extended their lead at the top of the league to 60 chalks as challengers Nobles dropped more points.

Castletown A took on their B team with the result ending 94-180 (1-8). Amanda Lawler, Marie Ashurst, Anne Oates, Kath Kinley and Kim Foy all won to single figures whilst Joy Stephens was the lone winner for the B team allowing them to avoid a full house.

Nobles travelled south to face Port Erin knowing they needed match as close as possible Castletown’s score. Port Erin won four games from Di Benson, Caroline Whitehead, Voirrey Curphey and Lynda Cadamy, who won 21-1 to hamper Nobles scoreline. Rebecca Teare top-scored for Nobles winning 21-3 with wins also coming from Clare Cooper, Alison Keggen, Debbie Leece and Sylvia Kennaugh. Nobles won the match by five chalks 147-152 (4-5).

Port St Mary A has closed to within 10 chalks of Nobles following a strong away win against Onchan. Chris Price and Jayne Kneen won 21-4, Katy Williams won 21-5 with Val Macfarlane, Trish Bull, Kellie Maddrell and Mavis Franks also winning for PSM. Onchan claimed two wins from Sue Gawne and Maureen Payne with the match ending 120-177 (2-7).

In the Ramsey Derby, Mooragh Park took a 7 chalk victory winning five games from Helen Martin, Janet Monk, Rosemary Quirk, Victoria Johnson and Aalish Haworth who top-scored winning 21-7. South Ramseys best performance came from Elaine Moore who won 21-4 with wins from Jenny Moore, Kim Hargraves and Gill Morgan. Final score 160-153 (5-4).

Marown welcomed Ballaugh to their green in Crosby with the matching going all the way with the visitors leaving with a two chalk victory. Rosie Winckle top performed for the home team winning 21-7 whilst Helen Withers, Mary Alderson and Pat Withers also won. The away team picked up five wins from Babara Graham, Elaine Fenton, Brenda Bowyer, Gill Dixon and Alison Millard with the match finishing 164-166 (4-5).

The final match from Friday between Port St Mary B and Peel Sunset resulted in the first draw in Ladies League bowls since May 2017. Wyn Collister, Edwina Reid, Brenda Hawkard and Linda Dawson won for PSM with Linda picking up a fine 21-4 win. Peel collected wins from Lynda Wilson, Shirley Corrin, Heather Horsburgh, Louise Horsfall and Mary Moffatt who won 21-9. The final score was honours even 155-155 although Peel claimed a small moral victory by winning more games (4-5) on the night.

Castletown A has secured a comfortable lead at the top of the league but a potential banana skin match is due in Round 24 at home against South Ramsey. On the same night, Nobles travel away to Ballaugh and Port St Mary A take on Marown at home with those teams hoping to reduce the deficit to Castletown. Should the gap reduce Round 25 could then be the last crucial week of the season as Nobles take on Castletown.

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Full House Sends Castletown A Top

Castletown A took on Onchan in their catch up game with the opportunity to chase down Nobles who held a 157 chalk advantage.

Castletown has been in formidable form at home averaging 181 in their last four home matches and made light work of Onchan winning 189-80 (9-0).

The result has pushed Castletown 32 points ahead of Nobles with the crunch match between the leading pair due to take place in a couple of weeks. Before that match, Castletown will face their B team where they will be favourites to secure another maximum before a tricky home tie against South Ramsey.

Nobles have two away games against Port Erin and Ballaugh and must look to score big to ensure the gap doesn’t widen too much before the showdown with Castletown.

Port St Mary A won’t give their status of Champions up without a fight and now only sit 67 points behind. With matches coming up against Onchan, Marown and their B team they will push the top teams all the way.

South Ramsey have played an extra game so will sit out in two weeks. Before that an away tie against Mooragh Park followed by the away match against Castletown will give SR their chance to push to finish in the top 3.

Individually Elaine Moore has been in terrific form all season having already won the Over 60s merit. Elaine is top of the night merit, with 439 chalks, having only lost a single game. Second is Jenny Moore (429) and third is Top Lady Winner Rebecca Teare on 416. Rebecca has played a game less but even with this game in hand, Elaine would remain top by two points.

It’s all to play for with only a few weeks left of the season and should be a fantastic battle for the teams and players.

Castletown & Port St Mary Close The Gap

A crucial week in the Ladies Bowling League has seen another twist in the title race.

Port St Mary faced two massive games with away ties against South Ramsey and Nobles.

PSM vs South Ramsey was a re-arranged match from earlier in the season and PSM inflicted the heaviest score SR have conceded at home this season. The overall score could have been worse was it not for Jenny Moore turning in a great performance to win 21-2. Lyn Bolton and Kim Hargraves were SR other winners. Kellie Maddrell may have top-scored for PSM winning 21-9 but the game of the match was Chris Price who won 21-19 over Elaine Moore who was undefeated before the match. Ann Maddrell, Margaret Tasker, Jayne Kneen, and Val Macfarlane also won for the away team with the match ending 156-161 (3-6).

On Friday Port St Mary A travelled away to face Nobles who haven’t lost at home this season. The match couldn’t have got much closer and with a single game left the scores were tied 126-126 (4-4). At this point Jayne Smith, Paula Firth, Debbie Leece and Rebecca Teare had won for Nobles whilst Katy Williams, Kellie Maddrell, Margaret Tasker and Mavis Franks had won for PSM. The final game on the green was Chris Price (PSM) who had a 12-4 lead against Clare Cooper. Clare fought back into the game and after a nip-tuck battle, the scores were 20-20. On the last end, Chris picked up the point she needed to win her game and give PSM a slender win on the night 146-147 (4-5).

With Nobles dropping chalks it allowed Castletown to close the gap following their 123-175 victory over Douglas.

Castletown won 5-4 on games with Paula Garrett, Harley Garrett, Wendy Cowin and Sue Caley winning for Douglas. Anne Oates, Amanda Lawler and Kath Kinley won comfortably to single figures with Kim Foy and Sue Peach also winning.

South Ramsey defeated Port Erin 187-77 (8-1) with the away side playing one short. Elaine Moore, Bethany Kennish, Ann Gale, Jill Quayle, Lyn Bolton, Jenny Moore and Fiona Kennish won for the home side with Caroline Whitehead winning for Port Erin to avoid a whitewash.

Mooragh Park beat Peel Sunset by 34 chalks collecting six wins on the night. Madison McMullan top-scored for the home team with a fine 21-9 win. Victoria Johnson, Janet Monk, Caroline Parker, Rosemary Quirk and Anne Kean also won for MP. Lynda Wilson, Pat Robertson and Heather Horsburgh won for Peel with the match ending 178-144 (6-3).

Castletown B welcomed Ballaugh and pushed Ballaugh hard in many of the matches picking up four wins from Linda Dobinson, Barbara Young, Jo Robert and youngster Charlotte Peach. Ballaugh had two wins to single figures from Pat Mason and Gill Dixon which gave them a significant points advantage. Alison Millard, Brenda Bowyer and Elain Fenton also won for Ballaugh with the match ending 138-174 (4-5).

The final match from Friday was between Marown and Onchan. The match was only separated by four chalks in favour of Onchan who also won 5-4 on games. Rosie Winckle and Philippa Taylor won to single figures for the home team who also had wins from Shirley Whelan and Joyce Ogden. Sue Gawne won 21-9 for the away team as wins from Maureen Payne, Libby Andrade, Marilyn Ellison and Jo Smith gave them the chalks they needed to win 144-148 (4-5).

After round 22 South Ramsey sit top of the league on 3432 but have played a game extra than Nobles (P20 – 3380), Port St Mary A (P20 – 3345) and Castletown A (P19 – 3223).

MGP Practice week gives the ladies a week off except for Castletown A vs Onchan which gives Castletown a chance to skip ahead of Nobles should they score more than 157 chalks.

Port St Mary A have pulled themselves back into the title race and sit only 35 chalks behind Nobles and will jump on any slip up from the teams ahead of them.

Mooragh Park Juniors Help Clinch Big Win

In round 21 of the Ladies Bowling League, it was league leaders Nobles turn to sit out giving their rivals a chance to catch up. As it happens second place Castletown A had to postpone their game due to the weather and will play their re-arranged match on Thursday 22nd August.

Douglas hosted South Ramsey with the away team taking home a deserved win by 67 chalks. Elaine Moore won 21-8, Jenny Moore 21-4, Sue Collier & Moira Anderson 21-10, Lyn Bolton 21-12, Kim Hargraves 21-15 and Fiona Kennsh 21-6. Douglas picked up two wins from Paula Garrett 21-18 and Wendy Cowin 21-19. Match score 117-184 (2-7). The result moves South into second position but Castletown A and Port St Mary A remain close and have a game in hand.

Port St Mary A took on neighbours Port Erin and dropped only 16 chalks on their way to a 173-116 (6-3) victory. Wendy Kennaugh, Jayne Kneen and Margaret Tasker performed well and won to single figures. Ann Maddell, Mavis Franks and Trish Bull also won for PSM. Port Erin’s three winners were Lynda Cadamy, Jean Thackrah and Caroline Whitehead. PSM sit fourth 197 points from the top.

Mooragh Park had a fine home performance to beat Marown by 51 chalks with some great results from their junior members. Victoria Johnson, Aalish Haworth, Vicky Lloyd-West and Rosemary Quirk all won to single figures. Janet Monk, Caroline Parker and Shannon McMullan also picked up wins on the night. Philippa Taylor and Rosie Winckle were the sole winners for Marown with the match ending 159-108 (7-2).

Ballaugh won six of the nine games against Port St Mary B with the home side only able to claim a narrow four-point win. PSM ladies score was bolstered thanks to their three winners coming through to single figures. Brenda Hawkard and Debra Cooper both won 21-9 and Edwina Reid 21-4. Ballaugh winners were Gill Dixon 21-6, Barbara Graham 21-10, Michelle Cubbon & Pat Mason 21-14, Brenda Bowyer 21-18 and Voirrey Oates 21-19. The match finished 148-144 (6-3).

The final match from last week saw Peel Sunset take on Castletown B. Peel picked up their third consecutive win following a 175-128 (6-3) win. Mary Moffatt top scored on the night winning 21-3 with Shirley Corrin, Joyce Kelly, Pat Robertson, Heather Horsburgh and Cath Parker. Jo Robert, Rachel Palmer and Linda Dobinson won for the away side.

Next week could be a defining point in the season as current champions Port St Mary A play their catch up game before their away match against Nobles on Friday. Their catch up game will prove equally as tough against South Ramsey who themselves are pushing to finish in the top three.

Castletown A also has an away match against Douglas and will look to pounce on Nobles should they drop points.

Elaine Moore remains undefeated at the top of the merit. With the merit ranked on points scored she is closely followed by Mary Moffatt (396 – W18 L2), Rebecca Teare (395 – W17 L2) and Jenny Moore (387 – W17 L2).

Leaders Drop Points Against Marown

Last week saw rounds 19 and 20 played in the Ladies Bowling League which is the last double game week of the season.  

Wednesday saw straightforward wins for the top three sides Nobles, Castletown A and Port St Mary A.  Nobles defeated Port St Mary B 189-58 (9-0) to collect their third maximum of the season. Castletown A dropped only one chalk defeating Mooragh Park 188-97 (8-1).  Port St Mary A also dropped one chalk in their win against Douglas 188-88 (8-1).

Ballaugh and Peel Sunset played out the closest match of the night with Peel coming through the close affair winning by only four chalks.  Ballaugh picked up four wins from Elaine Fenton, Alison Millard, Michelle Cubbon and Barbara Graham who won 21-4. Peel replied with five wins from Mary Moffatt, Heather Horsburgh, Joyce Kelly, Shirley Corrin who won 21-9 and Lynda Wilson who won 21-8.  The final score 154-158 (4-5).

Marown had a strong home performance against Castletown B winning seven of the nine games.  Shirley Whelan, Philippa Taylor, Helen Withers and Lil Smith all won to single figures and Pat Withers, Rosie Winckle and Margaret Scarffe also won.  Barbara Young and Joy Stephens won for the away team with the final score 182-106 (7-2).

Onchan welcomed South Ramsey with the away team taking all the spoils following a good performance.  Onchan picked up two wins from Sue Gawne and Maureen Payne but was unable to get close in the other games.  For South Ramsey, Elaine Moore, Jenny Moore, Lyn Bolton and Sue Collier all won to single figures and Kim Hargraves, Ann Gale and Fiona Kennish also won.  Final score 105-171 (2-7).

On Friday Castletown A had their sit out and South Ramsey against Port St Mary A was postponed which would allow leaders Nobles to try and increase their advantage.  However, despite Nobles winning by 33 chalks they struggled at home against Marown only winning five games and scoring 160 chalks, their second-lowest at home this season.

For Nobles Viv Cook, Jan West, Paula Firth and Debbie Leece all won to single figures to build their advantage and Sylvia Kennaugh also won for the home team.  Ceila Joughin beat the current Top Lady Rebecca Teare. Wins also for Margaret Scarffe,Phillippa Taylor and Shirley Whelan dented their overall score with the match finishing 160-127 (5-4).  The result leaves Nobles 184 chalks ahead of second-placed Castletown A who have a game in hand.

Ballaugh took on Douglas with the home team winning by just 10 chalks despite winning six games.  Brenda Bowyer top-scored winning 21-5 and Elaine Fenton, Gill Dixon, Alison Millard, Michelle Cubbon and Voirrey Oates also won for Ballaugh.  Shantelle Thorpe 21-16, Kay McKiernan 21-4 and Sue Caley 21-8 pushed the match back into the balance but Ballaugh had done enough to claim a 154-144 (6-3) victory.

Castletown B picked up their second win of the season defeating Onchan 153-121 (6-3).  Castletown’s wins came from Linda Dobinson 21-9, Elaine McElroy 21-17, Emma Hurst 21-7, Sonya Mercer 21-4, Grace Quayle 21-12, and Barbara Young 21-9.  Onchan had wins from Jo Smith 21-7, Sue Gawne 21-8 and Dee Lewis 21-12.

Port St Mary B managed to beat Mooragh Park by six chalks despite losing 4-5 on games.  Mooragh Park had two wins to single figures from Janet Monk 21-8, Rosemary Quirk 21-9. Another good win for Mooragh Park came from Helen Martin but much closers affairs came from  Ellie Cowell v Dot Mylchreest 21 -18 and Caroline Parker v Christine Holland 21-19. Single figure wins for PSM B came from Wyn Collister and Pauline Worrall. The game finish 150-144 (4-5).

Peel welcomed Port Erin in their second game of the week and it was Peel who won the match by 29 chalks. A tough battle between Joyce Kelly and Di Benson saw the away player taking a strong win 21-19. Lynda Cadamy, Jacqui Elliott and Caroline Whitehead also won for the away side. But big single figure wins from Peel saw Pat Robertson win 21-5 and Sue Jones winning 21-5 restricting Port Erin to 136. Winner for Peel was Shirley Corrin, Heather Horsburgh and Mary Moffatt. The match finished 165-136 (5-4)

Next week sees Nobles sit out and gives Castletown A the opportunity to leap over into the top spot if they score 187 in their match against Onchan.  PSM are two matches behind Nobles due to a rearranged game but should they average around the 185 mark in those games they could easily take the top spot.

Ballaugh finished 12th in the league last year and are currently sitting in 7th position. The season continues to be one of the closest seen in the last few years and no doubt will also see strong finishes from South Ramsey, Marown and Peel Sunet.

Top Two March On

Nobles extended their advantage at the top of the Ladies bowling night league following a crushing away win against Douglas. Nobles won all nine matches which saw comfortable wins for Paula Firth, Jayne Smith and Lin Ruscoe who all won to single figures. Paula Garrett nearly prevented the whitewash but Jan West got over the line 21-20. Result 106-189 (0-9).

Castletown A continues to chase Nobles and will be happy with another dominant home performance beating Ballaugh by 59 chalks. Kim Foy and Anne Oates collected fine wins to single figures with wins also coming from Ann Hollingworth, Heike Perry, Hilary Kermode, Amanda Lawler and Kath Kinley. Cath Harvey and Pat Mason won for Ballaugh with the match ending 179-120 (7-2).

South Ramsey picked up their second full house of the season with a strong home performance against Castletown B. Elaine Moore, Ann Gale, Lyn Bolton, Jenny Moore and Kim Hargraves all played well and won to single figures. Charlotte Peach came closest for Castletown and was just pipped 21-19 by Fiona Kennish. Final score 189-82 (9-0).

Port St Mary A made the trip north to face Mooragh Park. Mooragh picked up four wins from Janey Monk, Vicky Lloyd-West, Shannon McMullan and Madison McMullan with Madison winning 21-6. Port St Mary responded with five wins including Kellie Maddrell and Chris Price who won to single figures. Trish Bull, Jayne Kneen and Val Macfarlane also won to give PSM an overall 24 chalk win 134-158 (4-5).

Peel Sunset who on the back of a four-game losing streak had a tricky home tie against Marown, who had only lost twice in the last eight games. Peel controlled the match from start to finish picking up wins from Shirley Corrin, Heather Horsburgh, Joyce Kelly, Mary Moffatt, Gill Clarke, Pat Robertson and Lynda Wilson. Marown’s Helen Withers and Margaret Scarffe claimed wins for the away side with a final score for Peel 183-121 (7-2). A special mention goes to eleven-year-old Grace Cooper who made her first league appearance for Marown, it is always good to see another youngster coming through the ranks.

The final game of the week saw a southern derby between Port St Mary B and Port Erin. The match was only separated by ten chalks with PSM just falling short on the night. Rita Callister top-scored 21-8 for the home team and Edwina Reid, Pauline Worrall and Linda Dawson also won. Port Erin fought back and with Di Benson winning 21-6 and Lynda Cadamy 21-8 and with three more wins from Jacqui Elliott, Carol Kaye and Caroline Whitehead, gave them victory 141-151 (4-5).

With Round 17 done and dusted Nobles stay top holding a 23 chalk lead over Castletown A. South Ramsey sit third 110 chalks behind Castletown. Port St Mary A, who still have a game in hand, remain fourth but are 204 chalks from the top spot.

Next week Nobles travel to Castletown B and Castletown A travel to Port St Mary B with both sides looking to avoid any slip-ups. Port St Mary A face a rejuvenated Peel Sunset team and South Ramsey is home to Marown.

Elaine Moore continues to lead the way at the top of the merit having won all 16 games with Rebecca Teare two chalks behind and Jenny Moore ten chalks behind.

Low Scores Leave League Wide Open

The Ladies Night League entered round 16 with Nobles and Castletown A looking to extend their advantage over Champions Port St Mary A who sit out from this set of matches.

Castletown A travelled to Breagle Glen to face Port Erin knowing a big score could help them regain top spot in the league.  Castletown won six of the games including Anne Oates, Hilary Kermode, Sue Peach, Hannah Drewett and Kim Foy who all won to single figures.  Home players Carole Kaye along with Lynda Cadamy and Di Bendson, who won to single figures, restricted Castletown’s final tally with the match finishing 107-154 (3-6).

Nobles had a tricky encounter against South Ramsey, who had just won the Jean Kelly Competition the night before.  The match finished 5-4 on games with Elaine Moore top-scoring for the away team 21-8. Debbie Leece and Paula Firth both won to single figures helping Nobles to a 27 chalk victory 153-126 (5-4).

Onchan broke their run of eight consecutive losses by defeating Peel Sunset.  Dee Lewis won 21-3 for the home side with wins also coming from Caroline Corlett, Jo Smith, Libby Andrade, Sue Gawne and Maureen Payne.  Peel had wins from Lynda Wilson 21-18, Heather Horsburgh 21-7 and Mary Moffatt 21-3 reducing the deficit but the home side won by 13 chalks 154-141 (6-3).

Marown picked up a comfortable home win over Douglas with Rosie Winckle, Philippa Taylor and Lil Smith leading their side to victory with single figure wins.  Pat Kelly and Wendy Cowin won for the away team with Shantelle Thorpe just losing 21-20 to Ceila Joughin. Final score 166-107 (7-2).

Mooragh Park hosted Ballaugh with the away side coming away with the win despite losing 5-4 on games.  Alison Millard won 21-10, Voirrey Oates and Gill Dixon both won 21-8 and Barbara Graham won 21-5 to put the away side in control.  Helen Martin 21-8 and Vicky Lloyd-West 21-7 reduced the gap with Shannon McMullan, Janet Monk and Caroline Parker also winning. The home side, however, fell seven chalks short losing 136-143 (4-5).

Castletown B welcomed Port St Mary B with the away side leaving with the spoils claiming a 27 chalk win.  Youngster Charlotte Peach collected another win beating Lesley Coker 21-16 and teammates Barbara Young, Linda Dobinson and Joy Stephens also won.  PSM picked up five wins, Brenda Hawkard, Debra Cooper and Pauline Worrall winning 13, 10 and 11 whilst Rita Callister 21-8 and Edwina Reid 21-9 helped secure victory for PSM.  The match ended 135-162 (4-5).

At the end of the round Nobles remain top 13 chalks ahead of Castletown with South Ramsey moving into third position due to Port St Mary A sitting out.  Port St Mary have now slipped back 173 points and will look to reduce that gap in the coming weeks before their rivals sit out.

Elaine Moore remains top of the individual merit having won all 15 games.  Rebecca Teare, Jenny Moore, Clare Cooper and Mary Moffatt make up the top 5 ladies.

Success For South In Jean Kelly Competition

South Ramsey took on Port St Mary A in the final of the Jean Kelly Handicap competition which was held on Onchan Bowling Green.

South Ramsey would start the match with a five-point advantage with the handicaps based on the teams respective 2018 league position.

A success for Port St Mary would equal the record of five wins held by Castletown. South Ramsey would be chasing their second win in the competition with their first coming 17 years ago in 2002.

Elaine Moore (SR) vs Ann Maddrell was the first match off the green. Elaine started brilliantly surging into a 15-0 lead before Ann was able to get off the mark. Ann battled hard and responded with a seven-point run but was unable to prevent Elaine from running out 21-8 and guided South Ramsey off to a perfect start.

Ladies Champion Jenny Moore (SR) took on Mavis Franks with Mavis taking an early 6-3 lead before a nine-point run for Jenny took her 12-6 up. Mavis responded with three points in two ends before Jenny scored nine points without reply to win 21-9.

Girls Junior Champion Bethany Kennish (SR) took on Jayne Kneen with the youngster leading after 20 ends 13-11. Jayne then won six out of the next seven ends to clinch PSM first win on the night 21-14.

Kim Hargraves (SR) was next off in her match against Chris Price. Kim raced into an early 11-2 lead before Chris picked up some momentum to bring the match back to 11-8. Kim was able to build another run of winning five ends out of six to lead 18-9 before going 20-11 up. Chris tried to stage a comeback but the game ended with a win for Kim 21-16.

The final game from the first half saw Sue Collier (SR) take on Margaret Tasker. The game was evenly poised after ten ends with the score level at 7-7 before Margaret had a break of 10 points to take control of the game. Sue scored on a few more ends but Margaret won the game 21-12.

At the halfway stage in the match, South Ramsey held a 19 point lead.

Lyn Bolton (SR) against Trish Bull was the first game off in the second half with another strong performance from South edging them closer to victory. Lyn started the game well lying 9-1 up after nine ends. Trish was unable to break into the game but at 19-4 down picked up a couple of doubles before Lyn won 21-8, taking her team 32 points ahead.

Val Macfarlane (PSM) got off to good start in her match against Fiona Kennish leading 9-4 after ten ends and 14-5 after 15 ends. Fiona fought hard into double figures before Val won 21-13 reducing the deficit to 24 chalks.

Kellie Maddrell (PSM) gave her team hope in the match after winning her game against Jill Quayle 21-10. After a nip tuck start, Kelly broke away to lead 17-7 before winning 21-10 bringing the match score down to 13 chalks.

The final game between Gill Morgan (SR) and Wendy Kennaugh started like so many on the night, with a player racing into an early lead. Gill was leading 14-1 after eleven ends with the match now safe for South Ramsey. Wendy managed to take control of the jack and a run of 9 ends brought her back into the game at 14-11. Gill, with a run of four singles, moved 18-11 up and despite Wendy picking up a couple more doubles was unable to stop Gill who won 21-16.

South Ramsey won the final with the result finishing 159-141 giving them an 18 chalk win on the night.

Following the match, the presentation was held by Jean Kelly’s family. Thanks were given to Onchan for hosting the final, all the spectators who attended and the players for putting on a good performance.

The association would also like to thank Moore Kelly and his family for their continued generosity and providing fantastic food and refreshments for all the players and spectators.

Nobles New Leaders

A double fixtures week of ladies night bowls changed the top of the table once more with the title race taking another twist.

Wednesday evening saw a number of big wins. In the match between Castletown A and Peel Sunset, Mary Moffatt prevented a whitewash winning her game 21-14. Peel lost six games to single figures recording their lowest away performance since 2011 with the final score 182-69 (8-1).

Marown is always a tough place for teams to visit and Port St Mary B was only able to record one winner with Brenda Hawkard winning her game 21-19. The home side picking up a deserved 187-128 (8-1) win.

Port St Mary A collected their first full house of the season defeating Castletown B 189-75 (9-0).

Ballaugh slipped to a 13 chalk defeat at home to South Ramsey. Elaine Moore had the best score on the night winning 21-5. Match score 149-162 (3-6).

Douglas was a player short in their home match against Port Erin with the visitors winning 128-166 (3-6). Youngster Rebekah Kelly picked up her first league victory winning 21-5.

The final game on Wednesday saw Onchan defeated by Nobles 130-176 (3-6) with Jan West recording the biggest win on the night 21-6.

Onto Friday and match of the night, league leaders Castletown A travelling to champions Port St Mary A. The match was close on games finishing 5-4 but PSM won three games to single figures building a lead which would give them an overall victory by 21 chalks 151-130. The result pulls PSM back only 6 chalks behind Castletown A.

With PSM and Castletown taking points off each other Nobles took full advantage against Peel Sunset who were, unfortunately, a player short. Paula Firth had the standout win 21-3 whilst Shirley Corrin and Mary Moffatt won for Peel. The match finished 179-103 (7-2) and took Nobles top of the league holding a slender 14 chalk advantage over Castletown A.

South Ramsey remain fourth winning 179-101 (7-2) against Port St Mary B. SR won five games to single figures with Lyn Bolton and Jenny Moore winning 21-7 and Elaine Moore, Ann Gale and Jill Quayle winning 21-8.

Castletown B took full advantage of Douglas being a player short to record a two-point and first league win of the season. The away side won five of the nine games including Shantelle Thorpe and Paula Garrett who won 21-8 and 21-6 respectively. Jo Robert, Joy Stephens and Elaine McElroy won for CT with the match ending 137-135 (4-5).

Mooragh Park faced Onchan and it was encouraging to see so many juniors on the result card with six playing in the match. The home team won comfortably 165-126 (7-2) including wins for Junior Champion Shannon McMullan and sister Madison.

In the final game from Friday Ballaugh faced Port Erin. Both sides recorded two wins to single figures but with the home team winning the majority of the games picked up a 19 chalk victory 159-140 (6-3).

Next week Port St Mary A sit out allowing their rivals to temporarily pull away. Nobles take on South Ramsey with Castletown A looking to claw points back on the new leaders. Castletown themselves travel the short distance to Breagle Glen to face Port Erin.