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C Tarleton Hodgson sponsored Ladies’ League Friday 18 August

Port St Mary finished the season in a blaze of glory when they recorded a maximum at Onchan, with seven of their nine wins being to single figures, in the C Tarleton Hodgson sponsored league on Friday 18 August. Only two of the home players put up any resistance with Jo Smith and Sue Gawne both reaching 17 against Katy Williams and Val Macfarlane respectively. Last week South Ramsey leap-frogged over Castletown for second place, and with both teams reaching the same score, 165, they remain in that order. South Ramsey travelled to Ballaugh who had two winners in Barbara Graham, to single figures, and Christine Macdonald, while Port Erin also had two winners against Castletown. Lynda Cadamy, to single figures, and Jean Thackrah won their games while Jackie Elliott almost added a third losing out 20-21 to Kath Kinley. Nobles had a 6-3 win against Peel Sunset, with two wins to single figres, the three winners for Peel being Mary Moffatt, Joyce kelly and Sarah Quirk. It was a low scoring affair at Douglas with six of the games, two to Douglas and four to Mooragh Park, being won to single figures. In contrast Rebekah Kelly and Aalish Howarth went all the way with the Mooragh player coming through 21-20.The closest match of the night was at Purt le Moirrey, where the home side won 5-4 on games, with one of their games and two of Marown’s ending 21-20. For the home side Roma Ware pipped Rosie Winckle while Elaine Dewhirst and Lil Smith came through against Linda Dawson and Brenda Hawkard by that score.
Congratulations go once again to Port St Mary for retaining the title and also to Ann Maddrell for winning the merit, just overtaking Mary Moffatt on points against.

Mavis Dearden Supplementary County Championship

A team representing the Isle of Man travelled to Winnington Park, near Northwich in Cheshire, to play in the Mavis Dearden Supplementary County Championship on Sunday 20 August.
The competition consiste of eight teams made up from the the second and third placed teams in the four sections of the county championship. A withdrawal of one of those teams led to an invitation for the Isle of Man to participate.

The eight teams were split into two groups, each group being played as a round-robin. The Isle of Man was in a group containing the holders, Burton and District, the 2013 winners North Lancashire and Fylde, and Warwick and Worcester. The green they played on was small and rectangular and it took some players a while to get used to it.
In their first game, against holders Burton and District, the team had three winners, Chris Price, Debbie Leece and Jayne Kneen, but despite creditable performances from the other five lost out 136-161 on points.

The second game, against Warwick and Worcester, was drawn on games, the four winners for the island being Mary Moffatt, Lynda Cadamy, Jayne Kneen and Joyce Kelly, but won on points 151-140.
The game against North Lancs. And Fylde was also drawn on games, but unfortunately the English side had the advantage on points 149-146. The four Manx winners were Heike Perry, Lynda Cadamy, Debbie Leece and Jayne Kneen.

With Burton and District beating North Lancs and Fylde 159-141, and Warwick and Worcester 155-149 they headed the group and progressed to the final. Warwick and Worcester beat North Lancs and Fylde 159-141 leaving the final group table:
Burton and District 461; Warwick and Worcester 448; IOM 433; North Lancs and Fylde 421.

The island girls proved that they are a force to be reckoned with, and all put up some very strong performances.

They thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and hope the opportunity to participate may come again in furture years

Port St Mary Ladies Champions Again

Port St Mary Ladies have won the league for a seventh time and the last four consecutive years. They complete the double having beaten Nobles in the final of the Jean Kelly Memorial Knockout competition earlier in the season.

Taking a 61 point advantage over South Ramsey into the last game of the season Port St Mary were ruthless in defeating Onchan 189-67 to top the table by 85 points

Ann Maddrell has won the Ladies Merit on points against following her 21-1 victory in the final match of the season. Mary Moffatt who was leading the ladies merit going into the final match won 21-18 but Ann’s larger victory means she takes the merit.

C Tarleton Hodgson Ladies’ League Friday 11 August

With the Marown v Onchan match being postponed due to Philippa Taylor being off island with Joyce Ogden to represent us in the Dorothy Piearce Pairs, there were only five matches played in the C Tarleton Hodgson sponsored league on Friday 11 August.
With only one match left to play, Port St Mary look safe in top spot, although it is still mathematically possible for them to be overtaken. The real battle is for second place where, having leap-frogged over Castletown last week, South Ramsey consolidated their lead with a maximum against Purt le Moirrey. Castletown are just 19 points behind in third place, so the minor placings are still up for grabs.
South Ramsey were taking no prisoners when they faced Purt le Moirrey, winning all nine games, five of them to single figures. Linda Dawson was top scorer for the visitors, reaching 16 against Jill Quayle. Castletown were also in strong form posting 6 wins, three to single figures and two twenties with Heike Perry losing out to Debbie Leece and Marie Ashurst to Lin Ruscoe. Nobles’ other winner was Paula Firth. Phil Dobson and Jackie Elliott were the two winners for Port Erin at Port St Mary, who won four of their seven games to single figures. Ballaugh had the better of their match against Mooragh Park, winning 6-3 on games, although it could have been closer as two of the matches went all the way with Shannon McMullen just losing out 20-21 to Jane Teare, and Madison McMullen being pipped by Ellie Faragher. Peel Sunset were, unfortunately, two players short when they came from the west to face Douglas. However the seven who did play were “magnificent.”, dropping just two points in the games played, and managing to win the match by six points.

Mavis Dearden Supplementary County Championship

A team from the Isle of Man have been invited to take part in the Mavis Dearden Supplementary County Championship which takes place at Winnington Park, near Northwich, this coming Sunday, 20 August.

The competition is open to the teams that finish second and third in the four sections of the ladies’ County Championship, and is played as a round-robin in two groups, the two group winners going forward to contest the final. The Isle of Man has been included this year to make up eight teams, the round-robin stage consisting of two groups of four.

The nine ladies representing the island will be, in alphabetical order, Lynda Cadamy, Joyce Kelly, Jayne Kneen, Debbie Leece, Ann Maddrell, Mary Moffatt, Jenny Moore, Heike Perry and Chris Price with Elaine Moore going along as team manager.

It is to be hoped that Cheshire is ready for this invasion and wish the girls the best of luck.

C Tarleton Hodgson Ladies’ League 2 August and 4 August

It is tight at the top of the table in the C Tarleton Hodgson sponsored league, and the matches on Wednesday 2 August saw non-of the top three teams gaining an advantage as they all ended with similar scores. The meeting between the top two teams saw second placed Castletown with a 5-4 advantage on games, with Kath Kinley winning to single figures, while Port St Mary had two winners to single figures in Ann Maddrell and Margaret Tasker. The rest of the games were close with Kellie Maddrell-Reeve reaching 19 against Kim Foy and Jayne Kneen reaching the same score against Sue Peach, the final score showing the home team winning by six points. South Ramsey in third place gained just one point on the leaders when they visited Port Erin, where they won six games, three to single figures. Wins by Jacqui Elliott, to single figures, Caroline Whitehead and Carol Kaye for the visitors kept the home side’s score down.Mooragh Park had a comfortable win against Onchan, who were unfortunately a player short, winning 7-2, the two winners for Onchan being Jo Smith and Sue Gawne, while Libby Andrade reached 20 against Gill Morgan. Alison Keggen and Jayne Smith were the two winners for Nobles when they visited Marown, while Sylvia Kennaugh reached 18 against Rosie Winckle. Peel Sunset had a successful journey to Ballaugh, where the home side had two winners in Pat Mason and Christine Macdonald. Sue Jones and Mary Moffatt won to single figures while Heather Horsburgh and Shirley Corrin came through 21-19 against Brenda Bowyer and Barbara Graham respectively. With three wins to single figures a 5-4 win on games saw Douglas with a comfortable victory over Purt le Moirrey. The feature game of the match saw Tracy Moore edge out Brenda Williams 21-19.
Friday 4 August
With just two games left to play after tonight, Port St Mary’ lead looks fairly safe, but not unassailable. The real battle is for second place, where South Ramsey have now leap-frogged over Castletown and have a seven point advantage over them.
South Ramsey were in determined mood when they visited Onchan, winning all nine games, three to single figures. Once again Libby Andrade lost out 20-21, this time to Lauren Groen. Port St Mary were also in ruthless form on their visit to Nobles, winning six games, five of them to single figures, Sylvia Kennaugh nearly giving Nobles a fourth game reaching 18 against Ann Maddrell. Nobles’ three winners were Jayne Smith, Alison Keggen and Lin Ruscoe. Castletown visited Peel Sunset and came away with a comfortable points win although they did not have it all their own way as the home side won four games with Mary Moffatt winning to single figures. However Castletown won three of their games to single figures. There were some close games, in particular between Pat Robertson and Hilary Kermode where Pat came through 21-20.Port Erin and Marown slugged it out in a hard fought battle where all eighteen players reached double figures. The visitors had the better of it 5-4 on games and a winning margin of one point. The game between Carole Kaye and Celia Joughin could have gone either way, Celia taking it 21-19.Douglas won 5-4 at Ballaugh with Jan Osborne and Paula Garrett winning to single figures, as did Christine Macdonald and Brenda Bowyer for the home side. Pat Mason and Sue Caley had a good tussle before Sue came through 21-20.Mooragh Park won 6-3 at Purt le Moirrey, keeping the home side’s score down with three wins to single figures. Roma Ware almost gave Purt le Moirrey a fourth game, reaching 20 against Diana White.

C Tarleton Hodgson Ladies’ League 28 July

With just four league fixtures left in the C Tarleton Hodgson sponsored ladies’ league, the position at the top of the table is by no means decided. At the moment Port St Mary have a lead of 65 points, while a disappointing week for South Ramsey means that Castletown have overtaken them for second place and Nobles are edging ever closer to the top three. South Ramsey were unfortunately a player short in a low scoring match against Nobles although Jenny Moore and Gill Dixon both won to single figures, as did Sylvia Kennaugh for the home side. Marown had three winners at Castletown, and, apart from a stellar performance from Heike Perry, made the Castletown players work hard for five of their wins. Peel Sunset were unable to match the exploits of their over 60’s team earlier in the week but fought well to take four games. Good wins to single figures by Val Macfarlane and Ann Maddrell gave the league leaders the advantage on points. Top scorers of the night were Port Erin, who won 7-2 on games with three wins to single figures. The two winners for Mooragh Park were Caroline Parker, to single figures and Vicky Lloyd-West who edged out Carol Kaye 21-20..Purt le Moirrey were not far behind winning 6-3 with three wins to single figures, Douglas had the better of Onchan 5-4 with two wins to single figures. Onchan also had two wins to single figures, but the game of the night saw Sue Gawne come through 21-20 against Muriel Cain.
Games postponed from 23 June
The two games postponed from June 23 due to the Super 32 event at South Ramsey were played on Wednesday 26 July. The matches played that night were all interrupted by a short, but very intense hailstorm, but despite players coming off the green during the worst of the weather, play resumed and all matches were completed.
Nobles travelled to Port Erin where, apart from Caroline Whitehead’s win to single figures, the games were close with three going all the way, Carol Kaye for the home side just losing out 20-21 to Lin Ruscoe while in reply Viv Cook reached 20 against Phil Dobson and Debbie Leece reached the same score against Mavis Franks. Douglas could only register two wins at South Ramsey courtesy of Harley Garrett and Paula Garrett who won to single figures. Brenda Williams came closest to adding a third game, reaching 19 against Fiona Kennish.
Games postponed from 21 July
Port St Mary won 6-3 on games in their match at Marown, the three winners for the home side being Lil Smith, to single figures, Philippa Taylor and Shirley Whelan who edged out Katy Williams 21-20.Peel came off second best in a low scoring match at Purt le Moirrey, despite winning 5-4 on games, as the home side won three of their four games to single figures.

C Tarleton Hodgson Ladies’ League Friday 21 July

The wet weather on Friday 21 July meant that two games had to be postponed in the C Tarleton Hodgson sponsored ladies’ league. Despite the miserable conditions Port Erin found their journey north to Douglas to be well worthwhile, winning 8 of the 9 games, five of them to single figures. The lone winner for the home side was Brenda Williams, although Pat Kelly nearly added a second game, reaching 20 against Carol Kaye. Castletown travelled even further north and struggled at South Ramsey, winning just three games, Hannah Drewett to single figures, while the home side won three of their six games to single figures. There was a ding-dong battle between Fiona Kennish and Ann Hollingworth, with Fiona just coming through 21-20.Nobles also won 6-3 on games, four of the wins being to single figures while the three winners for the home side were Maureen Lacey, Julie Reilly and Diana White. Things were more evenly matched at Ballaugh where the home side led 5-4 on games with Brenda Bowyer and Alison Millard winning to single figures as did Jo Smith for the visitors.

C Tarleton Hodgson Ladies’ League 12 and 14 July

Nobles had a successful trip to Ballaugh in the C Tarleton Hodgson sponsored ladies’ league on Wednesday 12 July, winning seven of the nine games. The two winners for the home side were Brenda Bowyer and Christine Macdonald, while Jane Teare and Barbara Graham reached 19 against Sylvia Kennaugh and Debbie Leece respectively. Top scorers on the night were Castletown at Douglas, the home side, in the person of Brenda Williams, taking just one game off them, Jan Osborne nearly adding a second as she reached 19 against Ann Hollingworth. South Ramsey played host to Marown, finishing with 7 games, three to single figures. The visitors two winners were Shirley Whelan, to single figures, and Philippa Taylor. Port St Mary had a tough battle at Mooragh Park, losing 4-5 on games, but winning the match by 7 points. Both sides had two wins to single figures, but the game of the match saw Vicky Lloyd- West come through 21-20 against Kellie Maddrell- Reeve. Port Erin were in ruthless form at Purt le Moirrey, winning 5 of their 6 games to single figures, while Peel Sunset had a 6-3 win over Onchan. There were some close games in this match, two going all the way as Sarah Quirk pipped Joanne Kelly 21-20 which was balanced by Jean Quine coming through against Pat Robertson by the same score.
Friday14 July
The top three teams had very similar scores on Friday 14 July, leaving the way open for Nobles to close the gap in fourth place. They dropped only one point in their match against Douglas as Lin Ruscoe lost out 20-21 to Kay McKiernan. Another game to go the full course saw Lisa Boland with a 21-20 advatage over Sue Caley. The top of the table battle at Port St Mary saw the home side win 6-3 on games, with Kellie Maddrell-Reeve winning to single figures. However wins to single figures by Elaine and Jenny Moore saw the league leaders take the match by a single point. Castletown were unable to take advantage of the situation at Mooragh Park, gaining just one point on Port St Mary. Despite winning six games, two to single figures, good wins by Caroline Parker, Ellie Cowell and Janet Monk kept the home side’s total down to 151
Elsewhere, on a miserable wet night, Port Erin had a good win over Ballaugh winning 6 games, three to single figures, Peel Sunset went down to Marown 4-5 with a deficit of nineteen points while Onchan lost on points to Purt le Moirrey, despite winning 5-4 on games. .

Ladies’ League Friday 7 July

It was a night of devastation and destruction, if not quite murder and mayhem, in the C Tarleton Hodgson sponsored ladies’ league on Friday 7 July. Douglas travelled to Port St Mary where the reigning champions, buoyed by their cup win the previous day, were in ruthless form, winning all nine games, five of them to single figures. The visitors’ main resistance came from Jan Osborne who reached 19 against Margaret Tasker. Ballaugh put up a bit more resistance on their visit to Castletown but still ended on the wrong end of a full house. Six of their players reached double figures, with Voirrey Oates reaching 15 against Kim Foy and Alison Millard taking Hannah Drewett all the way before going down 20-21.Onchan were another team who failed to pass the 100 point mark when faced by a rampant Port Erin who won seven games, five of them to single figures. Onchan avoided a white-wash with two winners in Libby Andrade and Sue Gawne. Nobles Also won 7-2 on games, with Paula Firth and Rebecca Teare winning to single figures, while Purt le Moirrey had two winners in Roma Ware and Lesley Coker and very nearly made it four as Edwina Reid and Tracy Moore both lost out 20-21 to Debbie Leece and Clare Cooper. Mooragh Park entertained Marown and won 5-4 on games with Julie Reilly winning to single figures. The closest match-up saw Aalish Hawarth just lose out 19-21 to Margaret Scarffe. Peel and South Ramsey squared up at Peel, but the visitors had the better of the encounter 5-4 on games. A win to single figures by Jenny Moore was balanced by one to Joyce Kelly, but most of the other games were more closely contested , with Jill Quayle reaching 19 against Lynda Wilson and Mary Moffatt coming through 21-20 against Fiona Kennish