Ballaugh B play their 1st away game at Marown

The Night Ladies Open Age League had 2 games this week. Marown A were the only team to pick up maximum points against the newly formed Ballaugh B playing their 1st away game. All of the Ballaugh side scored points and they should be very happy as they all played extremely well playing on a new green for the 1st time. I’m sure it won’t be long before I’m recording their 1st win in my reports. 

Douglas 151-166 Castletown A (4-5)

Port St Mary 163-140 Peel Sunset (5-4)

Nobles 152-133 Port Erin (5-4)

Marown A 189-41 Ballaugh B (9-0)

Ballaugh A 165-131 South Ramsey (6-3)

Castletown B 137-154 Marown B (4-5)

The 2nd games of the week saw Mooragh Park head south to Port Erin which ended up a draw 160-160. Mooragh Park fought hard to gain the draw with a loss of 6 games to 3, there was some very close games. Jenny Cain (PE) 21-20 Pat Lenton (Mooragh) Mavis Franks (PE) 21-20 Janice Pilling (Mooragh) and Sue Wilshaw (PE) 21-19 Bailey McMullan (Mooragh).

Lets hope we manage to have some sunshine for our next set of games.

Marown B 84-187 South Ramsey (2-7)

Ballaugh B 110-170 Nobles (1-8)

Peel Sunset 179-111 Castletown B (8-1)

Castletown A 166-156 Marown A (6-3)

Douglas 135-152 Ballaugh A (4-5)

Port Erin 160-160 Mooragh Park (6-3)