News: Ladies Over 60’s

Peel Sunset Increase Lead

On Tuesday Peel Sunset pulled ahead in the league. They travelled south and had a good win against Port St Mary B 60-118(1-5).

In contrast their closest rivals, Port St Mary A, lost ground in the league when they came up against a strong Castletown side who were playing well on their own green.  Joy Stephens,  Ann Oates, Ann Hollingworth and Hilary Kermode all won their games for the home team but the visitors fought back with Ann Maddrell and Margaret Tasker both winning to single figures leaving a final score and a win for Castletown 102-84 (4-2).

Another team that lost ground in the league on Tuesday was Marown who slipped to 6th place following their result at Port Erin. Although Marowns Mia Moore, Mary Alderson and Celia Joughin all won their games, Joyce Ogden and Gwen Tuck pushed back for Port Erin B and played very well winning to single figures . It ended in a very close game with the visitors,  Marown winning by just 6 points 91-97 (2-4).

Thursdays matches produced 4 very close matches which shows how evenly balanced some of the teams are and how most of the teams have improved as the season progresses.

Ballaugh and Douglas A ended with the visitors just ahead by one point 100-101 (3-3)

South Ramsey and Castletown,  another 3-3 tally with the visitors losing by just 2 points 98-96.

Mooragh Park A, at home, losing to Marown by, again, 2 points 99-101 and finally Douglas B and Port Erin B shook hands with a 3 point win for the home side Douglas 94-91 (3-3).

Port Erin A won comfortably at home against Nobles with single figure successes for Lynda Cadamy,  Voirrey Curphy and Jacqui Elliot but Sylvia Kennaugh and Paula Firth pushed back for the visitors with convincing wins. Final score 96-70 (4-2).

In the remaining matches Peel won comfortably against Mooragh Park B in a very friendly game 126-33 (6-0) and a  home derby took place in Port St Mary with the A team winning 125-87 (5-1).

And so with Peel still to travel to play against the strong teams of Marown and South Ramsey and most teams having only 9 matches remaining, it really is still all to play for at the top.

Six Wins North And South

Perfect weather, with warm sunshine and a gentle breeze, contributed to some lovely friendly games at the start of the week.

In the south Port St Mary A were the hosts for a visit from Mooragh Park B The home team were in top form and with the sun on their backs and a fast running green they won all six games meanwhile in the north, South Ramsey romped home with 6 wins against Port St Mary B.

Marown also had a good win when they visited the Villa playing Douglas B and winning 5 games 75-123 (1-5)

Ballaugh were at home to Nobles but unfortunately were a player short, however on a tricky green Brenda Bowyer and Carol Holt won 2 games for the home side and finished with 86 chalks for Ballaugh against 115 for Nobles (2-4)

Mooragh Park A had a close match against visiting side Douglas A. 2 close games and 3 good wins gave the home side the edge with a final score of 101-84 (3-3).

In the other matches Port Erin A played Castletown but lost 88-108 (2-4) and Onchan A played Port Erin B and won 104-66 (4-2).

On Thursday a very close match took place between Marown at home to Onchan A. Philippa Taylor, Shirley Wheelan, and Margaret Scarffe all had good wins but the visitors also had 3 wins by Maureen Payne, Lynda Clarke and Marilyn Ellison, however the scales were tipped in favour of the home side who won by 6 chalks 99-93(3-3)

Following the shock defeat of Castletown at Ballaugh in the Night league last week it was a convincing win for Castletown’s over 60’s this week when Ballaugh paid them a visit. Unfortunately Ballaugh were a player short and Castletown, who are currently second in the league, gave a very strong performance and won 126-51 (6-0).

Nobles and Douglas A had a local derby with Sue Caley, Brenda Williams, Wendy Cowin and Moire Turner all winning their games for Douglas A but Viv Cook and Paula Firth won their games for Nobles with Lin Ruscoe and Sylvia Kennaugh playing to 19 and just losing out. Finally Douglas A came away with the win 97-116 (2-4).

In the remaining matches home teams battled against tough opposition with the “home team advantage “ being of little use against strong and very often more experienced opponents.

Mooragh Park B lost against South Ramsey 46-119(1-5). Port St Mary B lost against Port Erin A 87-111 (2-4). Douglas B lost against Mooragh Park A 63-125 (1-5) and Port Erin B lost to Peel Sunset 88-102 (2-4).

Come on the B’s . Onwards and Upwards.

All to Play For

We are now just two weeks into the 2019 season and Peel Sunset lead the way at the top of the league but following closely behind are Port St Mary A and South Ramsey and with less than 40 chalks separating the top three it is all to play for.

On Tuesday Port Erin A and Onchan A won all six games, on their home greens against Douglas A and Mooragh Park B. However Mooragh Park A enjoyed a better result at home to visiting team Ballaugh who unfortunately had to give a game away. Vicky Lloyd West, Julie Reilly, Ann Chapman and Maureen Lacey all won their games with a final score of 122-69 (5-1).

South Ramsey had another very close match this time at home against Nobles. Both teams won 3 of their games but the visitors lost out by 2 chalks. 94-92 (3-3).

In the other matches on Tuesday Port St Mary A won against Castletown 109-86 (4-2)

Peel Sunset won against Port St Mary B 122-92 (4-2) and Marown won against Port Erin B 122-90 (4-2).

Thursdays fixtures were played in lovely sunshine and produced another thrilling match when South Ramsey visited Castletown. The home side lost 91-102 (2-4).

Marown had another good win when visiting side Mooragh Park A made the short journey to Crosby. Mary Alderson, Philippa Taylor, Shirley Whelan, Celia Joughin and Margaret Scarffe all won their games with the final score 117-79 (5-1).

Port Erin B also had a good win against Douglas B with Joyce Ogden, Gwen Tuck, Steph Swift and Kay Primrose-Smith all winning their games. Unfortunately Douglas B were a player short . Final score was 124-56(5-1).

Port St Mary had a home derby with B playing A. Some very good players on both sides produced some good games. The B side secured 2 wins against 4 for the A side. 74-109.

The remaining matches were very close and each side won 3 games. Nobles against Port Erin A 102-95,and Douglas A against Ballaugh 103-87. Peel Sunset made the journey to Ramsey to play Mooragh Park B. The visitors won but Mooraghs Maureen Hamilton won her game for the home side giving a final score of 62-125 (1-5).

Elaine Moore had another good win, this time against Joy Stephen’s, and earlier in the week Elaine had more success in her game for South Ramsey in the match against Nobles when she won by 19 chalks. Both of these wins have secured her position at the top of the merit table but with just 5 matches played a lot can change as many top lady players settle into their games.

A Thriller at the Villa

On Thursday Douglas A played a very close match against visiting team South Ramsey.

Jan Osbourne, Elaine Vincent and Brenda Williams all won their games for Douglas A but this wasn’t enough to clinch victory as South Ramsey also had three wins by Elaine Moore, Moira Anderson and Ann Gale. The final score was a one point victory for South Ramsey 105-106 (3-3). It really doesn’t get much closer than that.

In the other results on Thursday Mooragh Park A travelled south to play Port Erin B and secured a good win 75-125 (1-5); Port St Mary B lost to Onchan A 100-114 (2-4) and Castletown won against Peel Sunset 110-90 (4-2).

Mooragh Park B were at home to Douglas B . Chris Sims and Maureen Hamilton both won their games but unfortunately Mooragh were unable to field a full team and lost 94-110 (2-4).

Nobles were at home to Port St Mary A and secured a good win against a strong side 118-100 (4-2) and Ballaugh were at home to Port Erin A, Brenda Bowyer and Barbara Graham for the home side won their games but the visitors secured 4 wins and won the match 94-116 (2-4).

Meanwhile earlier in the week Port St Mary A and Marown both had clean sweeps against visiting sides Douglas A and Mooragh B with some close games and nail biting finishes on both greens.

Castletown were away to Onchan A and just piped Onchan to the podium by 2 chalks. Clear wins by Sue Peach and Barbara Young put the visitors ahead even though Onchan’s Maureen Payne, Wendy McDowell, Dee Lewis and Jean Quine all won their games. After a very close game the final score was Onchan A 95 Castletown 97 (4-2).

Peel Sunset were at home to Nobles with the home side winning 107-82 (4-2). Port St Mary B travelled to Douglas B. The visitors winning 4 games with the final score 90-100 (2-4).

Port Erin A travelled to Ramsey and had a convincing win against Mooragh Park A 77-109 (2-4).

Ballaugh visited South Ramsey who were prevented from a clean sweep by Elizabeth Morrison of Ballaugh who won her game. The final score was a good win for South Ramsey.

With only 3 matches played so far and some very close games it’s too early to make any predictions but one thing for sure is that there will be some great bowls played this season.

Peel & Castletown Hit Maximums

The opening matches of the 2019 season were held on Thursday in cold, but dry, blustery conditions. Both Peel Sunset and Castletown got off to a flying start with both teams winning all 6 games against Douglas A and Douglas B.

South Ramsey travelled to take  on Port Erin A and had a good win with a margin of 104 to 68 chalks.

Marown also travelled south to take on Port St Mary B team who they beat by 40 chalks. Brenda Hawkard and Pauline Worrall both won their games for Port St Mary but Marown’s performance by Philipppa Taylor, Shirley Whelan, Celia Joughin and Mary Alderson tipped the scales in Marown’s favour winning 4-2 in some close games .

Ballaugh had a very friendly game against Port St Mary A . Barbara Graham playing for Ballaugh won her game against Wendy Kennaugh but Port St Mary A won the match 5-1.

Mooragh B were at home against Port Erin B and had a very close game with the home side winning on chalks 95-92.

Ladies Over 60s League Split By Chalks Against

Port St Mary A pulled off an incredible last game victory to claim the Ladies Over 60s League for a fifth consecutive season.

Trailing Peel Sunset by 120 chalks, Port St Mary won their match against Douglas 120-73 (5-1).  The result brought them level on points with Peel but crucially, having conceded less chalks during the season, Port St Mary retain the league.

Janet Monk had already been confirmed merit winner with Margaret Tasker taking second position following her win today.  Elaine Moore and Mary Moffatt finish third and fourth respectively.

Peel Sunset Capitalise To Close In On Over 60s Ladies Title

The last two matches in the Ladies Over 60s League have been played with Peel Sunset capitalising on two low scores by title rivals, and current champions, Port St Mary A.

On Thursday 13th September Port St Mary A lost ground at the top of the league against their B team.  Restricted to under 100 chalks with the B team picking up two big wins to single figures, the A team won the match 96-78 (4-2).

Peel Sunset travelled away to South Ramsey and edged a close encounter winning 96-109 (3-3).  The 13 chalk margin over Port St Mary A increased their advantage on Thursday to 93 chalks.

Marown sat out from Thursday allowing Onchan and Nobles to catch up and hunt down third position.  Onchan defeated Ballaugh 111-77 (4-2) whilst Nobles beat Mooragh Park A 102-97 (3-3).  The result left Marown over 100 chalks clear and ties up third position for the Crosby outfit.  Nobles and Onchan remain separated by 7 chalks with Tuesdays matches crucial to finalising their positions.

In the other results on Thursday Mooragh Park B lost to Castletown 101-109 (3-3); Breagle lost to Villa 88-92 (3-3) and Douglas A won 115-90 (4-2) against Port Erin.

Onto Tuesday 18th September and the final matches for nearly all of the league teams with the exception of Port St Mary A and Douglas who play their re-arranged match later in the week.

Marown who had already secured third beat Breagle 112-80 (4-2).  In the race for fourth Onchan put in a fine away performance to defeat Villa 74-122 (1-5).  Nobles weren’t to be outdone and in their match away to Ballaugh won 62-121 (2-4).  The result places Nobles in fourth 6 chalks ahead of Onchan.  Castletown finish sixth after beating South Ramsey 103-85 (4-2) and Port St Mary B finish seventh after their win against Mooragh Park B 105-73 (5-1).

Back to the race for the title.  Mooragh Park A took on Port St Mary A with the away side needing to keep up the pace set by Peel.  In a low scoring match, which saw two games won to nil, Port St Mary were restricted to scoring 89 chalks with the match ending 84-89 (3-3).

Peel Sunset did all that they could to take the title down to the wire and put in another strong home performance defeating Douglas 116-89 (5-1).

An incredible season, which has seen Peel and Port St Mary swap and change at the top, will go down to the very last match of the year.  Peel have built a 120 chalk lead and have one hand firmly  on the title.

Port St Mary are still Champions however and will not give up without a fight.  Thursdays match at home to Douglas will see 126 points up for grabs and a chance to win the league for a fifth consecutive year.

Janet Monk has won the individual merit in her first over 60s season.  Elaine Moore and Mary Moffatt currently sit second and third with Margaret Tasker able to claim either of those positions depending on her final game.

JMS Success For Peel Sunset

The JMS Veterans Shield Final took place on Thursday 16th August at Finch Hill Bowling Club with Peel Sunset facing Port St Mary B.  Port St Mary B will start with a 20 point handicap.

Peel Sunset compete in their third JMS final having won the competition once in 2014.  Port St Mary B will take part in their first final.

Peel Sunset made inroads into the handicap winning the first three games as Pat Robertson beat Chris Holland 21-11, Joyce Kelly beat Pauline Worrall 21-6 and Cath Parker defeated Edwina Reid 21-11.  Peel after these three games had wiped out their handicap deficit and built a strong lead of 15 chalks.

In the back three games Port St Mary faired better winning two of the three games as Mavis Franks beat Lynda Wilson 21-10 and Brenda Hawkard just held on to defeat Heather Horsburgh 21-20.  These wins could only reduce the gap to three points, and with Mary Moffatt dominating her game and winning 21-11 against Roma Ware the victory for Peel Sunset was sealed with an overall 11 chalk win 114-103 (4-3).

Thanks go to Finch Hill for hosting the final and to Janet Latham for her continued sponsorship of the competition.

Onchan Stall Peel’s Bid For Top Spot

Onchan produced a fine home performance on Tuesday to shock Peel Sunset and restrict them to under 90 chalks for the first time this season.  Peel have been within sight of their first Over 60s title but Onchan pulled off an 11 chalk victory which could prove costly in the title race.  In a low scoring game both teams won games to single figures with  Lynda Clarke and Libby Andrade winning 21-7 for Onchan.  Peel’s Mary Moffatt won 21-8 and Joyce Kelly won 21-4 to cancel out Onchan’s win’s.  Jean Quine held off Pat Robertson to win 21-19 but Maureen Payne proved the difference winning her game 21-12 against Lynda Wilson.  The final score finished 96-87 (4-2).

Marown defeated Port St Mary B by a comfortable 22 chalks winning five of the six games.  Mary Alderson, Philippa Taylor, Shirley Whelan, Celia Joughin and Margaret Scarffe all won for the home team.  Mavis Franks made sure there was no whitewash with a 21-13 win over Mia Moore.  The match finished 118-96 (5-1).

Nobles picked up their fourth win on the trot coming out on top by 11 chalks against Port Erin A.  In a tight game Nobles won five of the six games but were pushed all the way in the games.  Carol Kaye was Port Erin’s sole winner defeating Sylvia Kennuagh 21-16.  Final score 121-110 (5-1).

Castletown travelled to Breagle and returned home with a strong 69-124 (1-5) victory.  Breagle had to concede two games with Marie Ashurst, Barbara Young and Ann Hollingworth won for Castletown.  Breagle avoided a whitewash through Kay Primrose-Smith who beat Joy Stephens 21-19.

In the final game on Tuesday South Ramsey collected their second full house of the season with their 52-126 (0-6) defeat away to Mooragh Park B.

Thursday 9th August saw a return to form for Peel Sunet with them beating Nobles 118-86 (5-1).  Lynda Wilson won 21-9 and Joyce Kelly 21-4 to setup a big points victory for Peel with Nobles Sylvia Kennuagh preventing a full house by winning her game 21-13.

Port St Mary A made the short trip to Port Erin and despite drawing 3-3 on games returned home with a 15 chalk victory.  Ann Maddrell won 21-1 for Port St Mary giving them the foundations for their win backed up by wins for Val Macfarlane 21-11 and Margaret Tasker 21-12.  Port Erin wins came from Carol Kaye 21-9, Voirrey Curphey 21-11 and Jenny Cain 21-19.  Final score 87-102 (3-3)

Port St Mary B took on Breagle and collected a fine full house victory 126-55 (6-0).  Roma Ware and Pauline Worrall both top scored winning 21-7.

Castletown picked up their third win on the bounce beating Onchan by 19 chalks.  Ann Hollingworth won 21-4 and Anne Oates won 21-5 to build a comfortable lead for the home side with the match finishing 110-91 (3-3).

Ballaugh suffered a 17 chalk defeat at home to Villa losing four of the six games.  Muriel Cain, Mary Black, Pat Kelly and Pauline Cowley won for the away side.  Ballaugh’s two wins came from Peggy Griffin and Brenda Bowyer.  Final score 98-107 (2-4)

In the final match from Thursday Mooragh Park A produced a strong home performance to beat Marown by 17 chalks and winning five of the six games.  Janet Monk defeated merit leader Philippa Taylor 21-9 with wins also for Vicky Lloyd-West, Julie Reilly, Ellie Cowell and Maureen Lacey.  Celia Joughin claimed Marown’s only win and prevented a whitewash winning 21-3.  The final score 108-91 (5-1).

Next week the crunch tie between Port St Mary A and Peel Sunset will define the league standings.  Peel Sunset are 79 points ahead of their rivals but Port St Mary have a game in hand so Peel must look to extend their lead.

Port St Mary B humble A Team in JMS

The Semi Finals of the JMS Shield took place on Thursday with an all Port St Mary clash of A vs B and in the other semi-final Peel Sunset took on Marown.

Port St Mary B began the match with a handicap advantage of 20 points with their A team off scratch.  In their last four meetings Port St Mary A have averaged a win of over 40 chalks and despite the handicap were favourites to progress.

PSM B Player Brenda Hawkard got them off to a good start with a 21-17 win over Trish Bull with Edwina Reid coming out on top 21-20 over Wendy Kennuagh.  Ann Maddrell got the A team going with a 21-17 win over Mavis Franks meaning the B team had a lead of 21 points going into the final games.

Val Macfarlane quickly reduced the deficit for the A team to three chalks following a brilliant 21-3 win over Pauline Whorrell.  Port St Mary B weren’t done and quickly responded through Roma Ware who beat Rita Callister 21-9 to increase the margin to 15 points.  The final match saw A team player Margaret Tasker defeat Chris Holland 21-16 but it wasn’t enough to prevent the B team from progressing into the final winning by 10 chalks.  The final score 119-109 (3-3)

In the second Semi Final Peel Sunet took on Marown with these two teams occupying second and third place in the league.  Marown started with a handicap advantage of 15 chalks with Peel off scratch.  Peel have had the better of recent encounters winning four of the five games although Marown won the most recent match in July by 28 chalks.

The match kicked off with Mary Moffatt vs Mary Alderson, Cath Parker vs Shirley Whelan and Lynda Wilson vs Celia Joughin.  Mary Moffatt and Lynda Wilson both won 21-6 to put Peel in the driving seat although Marown did get on the score board as Shirley Whelan won 21-14.  Peel led at the halfway stage by 8 chalks having cancelled out the handicap.

Heather Horsburgh further extended the lead to 13 chalks with her 21-16 win over Marcia Pearson.  Margaret Scarffe gave Marown a lifeline winning 21-12 against Pat Robertson to reduce Peel’s lead to just 4 chalks.  Joyce Kelly hung on against Philippa Taylor to win 21-20 and give Peel a 5 point victory 110-105 (4-2).

Peel go into their third JMS final having won the competition once in 2014.  Port St Mary B enter their first final and will look to make history when the two teams face each other on Thursday 16th August.