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MTTV Interview

Click to watch the MTTV interview by Mark Kneen (IOMCCGBA Development Officer) on the success of our local duo and the return to terrestrial television of Crown Green Bowls

Online Entry System & Festival Helpers

The online entry system for opens is being trialled for the first time, initially using the Festival Helpers Competition and hopefully we will enable this for as many competitions as possible next season.

I encourage anyone wanting to play in this competition to use the online form and any feedback is welcome direct to

Remember to enter the Festival Helpers you must have helped during the June or September festival in 2015.

The system will allow you to enter an open competition directly from the website.

  • Goto the opens list or open page and click the green “Enter” button
  • You can enter yourself or a number of players.
  • When you complete the entry you fill out the players being entered into the competition and a contact name/email
  • As soon as the entry is submitted an email is sent to the club and to the contact entered on the form to confirm the entry
  • The contact would also be used if the club wished to notify start times for any of the entered players.
  • There is a security code field which must be completed, simply type the letters/numbers you see in the image

Essie Quayle ladies’ singles

Strong winds and a fast green made for difficult conditions for the 32 ladies who contested the Essie Quayle singles at Peel on Saturday 5 September. Although the sun shone it became very cold for the latter stages of the competition, reducing the number of spectators staying to the end.

Quarter-finals: Kim Hargraves 21, Mary Kinrade 18; Margaret Tasker 21, Shirley Corrin 16; Joyce Kelly 21, Janet Monk 19; Ann Maddrell 21, Maureen Payne 16

Semi-finals: Kim Hargraves 21, Margaret Tasker 17; Joyce Kelly 21, Ann Maddrell 16

In the final the early ends were shared to make the players level at 9-9. Joyce won the next 5 ends to lead 16-9. Although play was level after that point Kim was unable to make inroads into Joyce’s lead, the peel player coming through to win 21-14.

The presentation was made by club captain Heather Horsburgh who thanked the green keeper and everyone who had helped with the smooth running of the afternoon.

September Festival Blog

North Ramsey A Win Over 60s League

North Ramsey A have won the Men’s Over 60s League for the first time.

They held off the strong challenge from Castletown A who had closed the gap over the last couple of weeks and with North losing on Tuesday the gap was down to a single point.

North Ramsey however turned in a solid home performance today beating their B team 8-0 and ensuring their status as champions

Final League Standings

Men's Over 60s League (2018) :: League Table

1Port Erin A000000000
1Port St Mary A000000000
1Peel Sunset B000000000
1Onchan B000000000
1Peel Sunset A000000000
1Port St Mary B000000000
1Peel Sunset C000000000
1Ballaugh B000000000
1Nobles B000000000
1South Ramsey A000000000
1Nobles A000000000
1Douglas A000000000
1Douglas B000000000
1Castletown B000000000
1Ballaugh A000000000
1Castletown A000000000
1Finch Hill A000000000
1North Ramsey B000000000
1Onchan A000000000
1North Ramsey A000000000
1Finch Hill B000000000
1Marown A000000000

N.B.Some results still to come in