World Club Championships

South Ramsey competed in the World Club Championships at Fox Lane, Leyland for the second time on Sunday April 8th but were unable to find a way to defeat their opponents Holme (Cumbria)

The team did fare better than last year losing out by a 5-3 scoreline with the three winners being Peter Collister who just got over the line 21-20, Jenny Moore who played well to earn a 21-14 victory proving once again that she can mix it with the men and Stefan Kelly who had a good 21-10 victory over Liam Baxter who has won the Cumbria merit.

Overall the team lost out by 22 chalks.

Holme 5 (149) South Ramsey 3 (127): Daniel Varcoe 21, David Bradford 13; Mark Ashburn 21, Glynn Hargraves 16; Tom Baxter 20, Peter Collister 21; Robert Grisedale 14, Jenny Moore 21; Stephen Ashburn 21, Alan Moore 12; Callum Baxter 21, Chas Grills 8; David Grisedale 21, James Teare 15; Liam Baxter 10, Stefan Kelly 21