W.A.Roberts ladies’ singles

There was a disappointing entry of 25 for the W.A.Roberts ladies’ singles, sponsored by Celtic Associates Ltd., played at Port St Mary on Wednesday 12 August. The entry may well have been affected by the men’s Ismay Cup final which was taking place at the same time.

A fast running green and fine weather enabled some enjoyable bowling.

Quarter-finals: Jayne Kneen 21, Roma Ware 6; Paula Firth 21, Mary Alderson 17; Ann Maddrell 21, Lil Smith 14; Mavis Franks 21, Win Collister 18

Semi-finals: Jayne Kneen 21, Paula Firth 17; Ann Maddrell 21, Mavis Franks 20

In the final Ann took the first two ends before Jayne won 9 of the next 10 to lead 18-9.Ann then staged a come-back making the score 15-19 after winning 5 of the next 6 ends, Jayne took the next end to reach all-but. The next two ends went Ann’s way before Jayne was able to win the game 21-18.

Lady President, Ann Maddrell, thanked everyone who had helped to make a successful afternoon, Sean and Gill for organising the competition, the green-keeper Ray, and the ladies doing the refreshments in the kitchen. She also thanked Celtic Associates Ltd. for their continued sponsorship before introducing Iain Wood to make the presentations. Iain said how much he enjoyed the event and promised continued sponsorship for next year.