Rain stops play

Unfortunately the weather makes the headlines again this week as the wet stuff put paid to the latest three sessions planned by the Manx Petroleum sponsored Outdoor Winter League Bowling Club, so let’s hope for better conditions this Saturday when the club championship takes place with an entry of over 40.

Things will get underway at 12noon prompt, however those attending must be aware that there will be parking restrictions in Nobles with the car park being closed from 2-5pm and with a lot of games to get through in daylight it will be a busy afternoon.

The eventual winner could possibly make it into the Best team, which will be competing against the Rest when the two sides meet at the season finale on Sunday, March 24, starting at 1pm; the prize presentations to all award winners throughout the season will also take place that afternoon.

League champions Outsiders will make up the majority of the Best and although captain Ben Dugdale is still out of action, the remainder of his squad – Tony Dugdale, Mike Alexander, Frank Watson, Steve Cook, Kevin Firth, Elaine Moore, Jenny Moore and James Teare will be included.

Double merit winner, Helen Martin and two other representatives will support this eight; one of which could be the club champion if they have not already qualified.

Their challengers will be a player from each of the 11 remaining teams and subject to confirmation they will be Steve Parker (Mooragh Lakers rep); Mark Kelly (Seven-Up); Alan Moore (A-Team rep); Matthew Keggen (Louie’s Angels); Terry Moore (Parkers); Wayne Roberts (Erin Porters); Bryan Corner (Govags); Lil Smith (Bowl Rollers); Sam Aherne (Corkers); Alan Phair (Cannons) and Franz ten Donkelaar (Bits n Bobs).

In last week’s report we covered the top 10 league players in the overall merit, so here follows the next 15: 11. Bernard Thackrah (Porters), 12. Dougie Allan (Govags), 13. Jenny Moore (Outsiders), 14. Terry Moore (Parkers), 15. Rob Monk (Lakers), 16. Frank Watson (Outsiders), 17. Brian Kelly (Lakers), 18. Mark Kelly (Seven-Up), 19. Alison Keggen (Angels), 20. Lil Smith (Rollers), 21. Mike Thomas (Parkers), 22. Colin Spence (Parkers), 23. Janet Monk (Lakers), 24. Margaret Tasker (Angels), 25. Paula Firth (Seven-Up).

Some winter club facts – the winning margin between the top two in the league last year was 85, this time the leading five were separated by less than that, with the margin from first to fifth places being just 83 points.

Mooragh Lakers have been pretty consistent over the past three seasons with averages of 117.3, 117.4 and 117.1; the 135 fixtures were completed on schedule for the first time in a number of years. 

All fixtures were played with no byes recorded, perhaps testament to the rule that members could play for more than one team (on no more than six occasions); 22 people took advantage of this and turned out for more than one side, with one competing for six different teams and another for five.

The same four teams have occupied positions six to nine in the league table for the past four seasons – but not in the same order – they are Parkers, Erin Porters, Govags and Bowl Rollers.

My apologies go to Glynn Hargraves who I mentioned last week as a twice winner of the Individual merit, when in fact he is a three-time winner having also won this award back in 2004 whilst playing for league champions Cruisers.