Onchan A park their challenge at the Mooragh.

The first Over 60’s Match Day after the T.T Break saw a tough match for Leagues Challengers Onchan A who were away to Marown.  Onchan A are producing a determined effort not to let Castletown A build a significant lead at the top of the League and this was clear as they defeated a strong Marown Team 5-3 at Crosby.

Castletown A showed the same determination on their Home Green as they beat a good Peel Sunset B side 8-0 which I think has to be the result of the day.

Castletown B travelled West to play Peel Sunset A and this time it was the Westerners who were the victors with a  6-2 win.

Onchan B entertained Finch Hill at the ‘Park’ and the Onchan men won 7-1 with John Harris being the only Finch Hill winner with a21-18 victory over Peter Wallis.

There were some close games at Ballaugh as Ballaugh A fought out a 4-4 draw with South Ramsey and a little further up the road North Ramsey A had a good 5-3 win over a strong Nobles A side.

Back in Douglas Nobles B beat North Ramsey B 5-3 and at the ‘Villa’ Douglas A had a 6-2 win over Port Erin.

In the deep South Port St Mary B played Port St Mary with the A Team winning 7-1 with Steve Franks being the only winner for the B Team.

So to close off Game 19 Douglas B travelled to Peel C and came away with a 5-3 win.

So at the completion of the days matches we still had a tight battle for the top position in the League with Castletown A and Onchan A both on 30 points and being chased by Peel Sunset A and Port St Mary A both on 28 points.

Game 20.

Onchan A travelled to North Ramsey A to try and maintain their League Challenge and were heavily beaten 7-1 by the men from the Mooragh Park with only Neil Dunwell winning for Onchan beating Norman Slinger 21-5.

Leaders Castletown A also had an away Match at Port St Mary B and although they were well ‘tested’ by the Port St Mary B Team the Castletown A side came away with a 5-3 win.

Castletown B had a 6-2 home win over North Ramsey B and Onchan B took a 5-3 win from Peel C.

Ballaugh A beat Nobles B 5-3 while the Ballaugh B side travelled to Finch Hill where they lost 5-3.

Nobles A shook off their defeat from earlier this week by beating Peel Sunset B 7-1 while in the West of the Island Peel Sunset A beat Douglas B 6-2.

South Ramsey hosted Port St Mary A and the men from the South took a 7-1 win with Bill Callow being the only winner for South Ramsey.

Marown travelled to Port Erin and took a 7-1 win from the Southerners with Bob Kay being the sole winner for the Port Erin side.

So after Thursdays matches Onchan A had a clear lead with 32 points followed by Peel Sunset A, Port St Mary A and Onchan A all on 30 points and Marown A on 28 points