Nicci Cain wins Hands Non Winners Ladies Singles

The first Ladies Association competition of the 2024 season took place today at Port Erin green, hosted by Port St Mary. With an entry of 15 Ladies, the quarter final stages were very close matches Nicci Cain (Port St Mary) overcame youngster Aalish Moore 21-14, Joy Stephens (Castletown) secured her place into the semi-final 21-18 against Jo Corkill (Peel Sunset). Alison Stockham played her home green well to take a 21-15 win over Tracy Moore (Castletown). The final spot was Charlotte Clark (Marown) 21-15 Michelle Cubbon (Ballaugh).

The semi-finals were extremely close games, with Cain and Stephens having a very competitive game. Both players were leading well and at just 8 ends in were level on 11-11 the game stayed within 2 points and at end 21 was 19-19. Cain scored two singles to take the game 21-19.

The other semi-final was Clark against Stockham, this was a game of two halves with Clark running away with a 12-6 lead. Stockham closed the gap midway to 12-15. Securing a 2 and a 1 Clark edged away to 18-12. But scoring a 1 on the next end Stockham changed the length and took Clark in the corner where she took the win 21-18.

As Port St Mary play their games at Port Erin the final was a home green clash with Cain versus Stockham. Cain continued her day of leading well and never gave Stockham easy ends to win, but with some good bowling by both players Nicci Cain was full of smiles to win her first singles competition 21-14. The Ladies Association presented the prizes and thanked Port St Mary for hosting.