Maximum Points for Ballaugh O60’s

Ballaugh received a full house against Castletown B who were 1 player short.

All games were won to singles figures leaving an overall score of Ballaugh 126 V Castletown B 28 (6-0)

Castletown A also recorded a full sweep winning 126 V 56 Mooragh Park A (6-0) Sue Peach, Anne Oates and Kim Foy all won to single figures.

The closest game of the day was Peel Sunset 107 V 91 Douglas A (3-3) Shirley Corrin and Joyce Kelly both had single wins for the west side. As did Paula Garret for Douglas.

Other Results: Mooragh Park B 101 V 75 Port Erin B (4-2), Port Erin A 80 V 110 Nobles (2-4), Onchan A 68  V 116 Finch Hill (1-5),Port St Many A 77 V 117 Marown(1-5.

A couple of close games later in the week. The first being Port Erin B 84 V94 Peel Sunset (3-3) The other game was Douglas A 87 V 93 Onchan A (3-3)  Douglas A were a player short so they had to give away a 0-21 game, But Paula Garrett scored a 21-1 win to keep the scores even.

Other Results: Marown 123 V 87 Ballaugh (5-1), Castletown B 106 V 89 Mooragh Park B (4-2), Nobles 99 V 124 Castletown A (1-5), Finch Hill 122 V 91 Port Erin A (4-2), Port St Mary A 94 V 106 South Ramsey (2-4)