Jean Kelly Prelim Continues

Jean Kelly Prelim

Port Erin (+53) 200 V 199 Nobles (+43) The Port Erin side just managed to take the win by 1 point overall taking full advantage of that 10 point advantage. Susan Inch (Port Erin) won 21-9. Marilyn Ellison’s 21-7 and Sue Gawne’s 21-6 wins for nobles wasn’t quite enough and left them with the title of the plate in their sight.

Castletown A (+13) 196 V 158 Douglas (+57) Even with a 44 point advantage Douglas still had a lot of work to do, unfortunately for them Castletown were the much stronger team winning 8 – 1 on games. Paula Garrett took a 21-15 win for Douglas.But with Castletown winning 5 of their

 games to single figures they were always on the top.

The final prelim game was Peel Sunset (+45) 183 V 202 Ballaugh (+39) The Ballaugh team won 6-3 on games with 3 of them to single figures, giving them enough points to take them on to the next round, where the will face Marown A.