Mavis Dearden Supplementary County Championship

A team from the Isle of Man have been invited to take part in the Mavis Dearden Supplementary County Championship which takes place at Winnington Park, near Northwich, this coming Sunday, 20 August.

The competition is open to the teams that finish second and third in the four sections of the ladies’ County Championship, and is played as a round-robin in two groups, the two group winners going forward to contest the final. The Isle of Man has been included this year to make up eight teams, the round-robin stage consisting of two groups of four.

The nine ladies representing the island will be, in alphabetical order, Lynda Cadamy, Joyce Kelly, Jayne Kneen, Debbie Leece, Ann Maddrell, Mary Moffatt, Jenny Moore, Heike Perry and Chris Price with Elaine Moore going along as team manager.

It is to be hoped that Cheshire is ready for this invasion and wish the girls the best of luck.