Marown Over 60’s stretch their top of the table lead

Marown took a trip to Nobles on 27th June, and played their usual fine form. Take the games 5-1 and only drop 1 point. Jane Robinson secured Nobles’ only win 21-20. Nobles 68- 125 Marown.

In second spot on the table saw Castletown A 126 V 44 Onchan(6-0) . Castletown Played a perfect home green taking maximum points. Winning 4 of the games to single figures. 

In current third and fourth place on the table saw South Ramsey take on Mooragh B team 126 v 40 (6-0) and winning to maximum points keeps them in reach of Mooragh A. 

Mooragh A welcomed the strong Ballaugh team where Ballagh took the games 2-4. Janet Monk (Mooragh Park) and teammate Janice Pilling both won by single figures. This gave Mooragh Park A the win 105 v 93

Port Erin A 113 v 101 Port St Mary A(3-3, Douglas A v Port Erin B (4-2)

No maximum points on the second games of the week. Castletown B hosted Douglas A with Sheila Preston Taking Castletowns only win 21-2. Castletown B 73 V 107 Douglas B (1-5). 

It was the Mooragh Park derby with the B team hosting. Mary Bruce (Mooragh Park B) took a 21-11 win. But with the A team on top form and Janice Pilling securing a 21-0 win, the final score went to the A team. Mooragh Park B 52 V 116 Mooragh Park A (1-5). 

Ballaugh 101 V 92 Nobles (3-3), Marown 121 V 52 Finch Hill (5-1), Peel Sunset 76 V 105 South Ramsey (3-3), Port Erin A 87 V 121 Castletown A (2-4).

On Friday 30th Mooragh Park A 97 V 79 Peel Sunset (4-2) Not many points were achieved in this game. For the Park side again Janet Monk and Janice Pilling won to single points. As did Sue Jones and Joyce Kelly for Peel Sunset.